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Zendure Silver 4-Port 30W USB-C/USB-A Desktop Wall Charger - $5.99 with Free Shipping @ Dick Smith


Zendure 4-Port 30W Desktop Wall Charger. With 3 USB-A ports and 1 USB-C port (with PD), this wall charger can power up to four mobile devices simultaneously with up to 30W total output.

Input: 100-240~50/60Hz
Output: USB-C: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A, 18W
USB-A 1/2/3: 5V/2.4A, 12W (ZEN+)
Total Output: 30W Max

Model number: ZDAZ4PD

Note: The black variant listed here earlier that ships from Dick Smith directly has sold out, hence why that listing is now showing as $74.99 from a marketplace seller. Silver still available at $5.99.

Also available in silver and there is also a 100W Dual USB-C variant here for $25.99.

I picked up a couple of these for $9.99 the last time Dick Smith had a free shipping code and they are excellent. Well packaged, well constructed and work exactly as described. I have taken a couple pictures of the box and uploaded here.

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    Thanks picked up 1

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    Nice stocking filler … hopefully this year, but if not, then maybe next!

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    The 100w ones are sold out already.

    Might have just bought 6 of the smaller ones to dot around the house. Between Google homes, Chromecasts and controllers feels like we can't have enough usb chargers.

    • the 100w ones are still available at kogan for the same price

      • It looks like it's in stock until you hit add to basket and shows as just sold out.

  • +1

    I was trying to get free shipping on another item and it wouldn’t work until I added this to the cart! Thanks OP! :)

  • I know this is Cheapies, but I'm extremely wary of a $6 USB-C PD charger. Is this going to be one of those things that ends up in the news because the loop isolation failed and blew up devices or electrocuted someone??

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      There's a bit of feedback on these over at OzBargain.
      Seems to be a popular brand overseas too. Found reviews for some of their products on websites such as Appleinsider & The Verge. Struggling to find a review for this specific product, however.

      • +1

        I've just checked an unopened one I picked up in the last sale - the model number is 'ZDAZ4PD'. I have also taken a couple pictures of the box and uploaded here. Hope that helps!

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      If it was a $6 charger from Ebay or Aliexpress, then maybe. But considering it's sold by Dicksmith / Kogan, I would say it's probably decent enough.

      BTW, I've bought plenty of electronic stuff from Aliexpress (like 60W or 100W USB-C cables, HDMI switchers, USB-C hubs, adapters, etc) and I haven't had any issues with any of them. They work perfect and often times better than big name OEMs. Just because it's cheap, doesn't mean it's bad.

      I mean, the Poco F1 from Xiaomi came out a few years ago and it was only $300, yet it was able to compete with high-end devices like Samsung and Apple, because it actually packed really good specs. There are a ton of "cheap" devices out there that are just bang for your buck. More expensive doesn't always mean it's better.

      Lastly, always check the reviews.

      • I swear by poco had a f1 for years and the f2 pro still going strong

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    Thanks, grabbed one too.

    • Well that’s good service, just received the tracking number email from Dick Smith - delivery via Australia Post. You can even setup notifications on the AP website. Hopefully this one charger will replace the power board and 3 chargers currently sitting under our coffee table.

      • Just received a notification from Australia Post. 7 days and it hasn't left their "Export Facility" yet :o(

        • Received ‘Arrived in New Zealand’ email from Australia Post at 3.37am this morning. Still might get it by Christmas.

          • @DisabledUser8542: Mine has been "In transit to next facility in MELBOURNE AIRPORT VIC" since 10th Dec.

            • @akrotohur: I feel your pain. I ordered a TV Wall Bracket from 1-day on 6 December, and it's still showing as waiting for next courier to pick-up. I queried them about it on Friday, and their reply was it is still within their estimated delivery time frame.

              • @DisabledUser8542: Actually my query on Friday must have done the trick. I just received notification that my TV Wall Bracket is Processing at depot in Christchurch Airport.

              • +1

                @DisabledUser8542: Received mine today, they combined this with the coffee pods.

                • @akrotohur: The postie just dropped mine off too. Ring notification at 10.37am and Australia Post delivery email at 10.52am. Very happy :o)

        • Received today.

  • What is the difference between 30W and 100W? sorry not my area of expertise.

    Is it the speed of charging the devices?

    • +5

      Yes and No - it is the total amount of 'power' that can be output.

      If you have one device connected (at 5 Volts - USB is generally 5 Volts - see below for note about 'Power Delivery') and it draws, say, 2.5 Amps, then the power usage will be 12.5 Watts (if you remember your school physics - Volts x Amps = Watts).

      This charger can output up to 30 Watts, so that means that all the connected devices can only get 30 Watts (which is 6 Amps at 5 Volts) between them.

      If you had four devices wanting to draw 2.5 Amps (10 Amps total) then it won't be able to supply that to all of them (I can only guess it would supply equal current to each so they'd each get 7.5 Watts at a current of 1.5 Amps) and each would charge more slowly even though your ring-main can deliver 10 Amps of current to a wall-socket (albeit at around 240 Volts meaning maximum of about 2,400 Watts).

      If you have multiple devices connected drawing 6 Amps (or less) in total between them, they will all charge as quickly as they are able, and they won't charge any faster if you disconnected any of them.

      Hope that helps, and if anyone thinks I have that wrong, please let us know!



      NB: PD = Power Delivery which can run at higher voltages - not sure what the maximum is, but certainly at least 20V (maybe up to 100V but that might depend on sub-specs). PD is also bi-directional - if you connected two devices, they could, in theory, each charge the other (not at the same time of course!) That's why many people are hoping that USB-C / PD will become the defacto standard cable going forwards.

      • I see, thank you for that :)

      • PD and higher wattage is also good for some laptops. My Dell work laptop needs 65w to charge and it just moans at anything less. I was hoping to grab the 100w one to avoid having to plug in the dell charger and usb c dongle everytime we use the thing.

        • Dell laptop as well. I grabbed this 68w one to see if any good… worth risking for the price for me. Snowman code working on this one too.


          Edit: since buying and subsequently posting this, just saw it says in description : “ Up to 60W of Power Delivery (PD) in a single USB-C port”…. I just got me a doorstop smh

          • @cartwheelz623: What Dell do you have? Care to update here when you recieve it Was?
            Was looking at this for my Dell XPS 13.

            • +1

              @OBH: Yep - will update when I recieve. Dell 9360 here and just checked - manual says 45w phew……..

          • +1

            @cartwheelz623: I'm good for now, I did get a second hand dell usb c dock from trade me for my main desk and that works a treat on all our usb c laptops. But at the moment we have a second desk that is anarchy on the cables needing to plug in a usb c dongle, hdmi, power and 2 usb a cables every time we use it.

            Eventually planning to upgrade the small usb c dongle to a dual hdmi one with ethernet and a usb a port when I see one for a good price reducing it down to a usb c cable. Then one day get a usb c power supply so we can leave the original chargers for use elsewhere around the house if we need them as we have 3 laptops between us and 3 different power bricks.

            • @Everettpsycho: Ah yeah - got the usb-c dock as well , but wires everywhere so I feel you!! The usb-c cross functionality is the dream isnt it :)

              • @cartwheelz623: I considered a usb c monitor through work but it's hilariously expensive. The dock was enough on trade me at $80 🤣

                • @Everettpsycho: Nah we cheapies, no decent USB-C monitor deals yet ;) Jealous! I got the dock (3 years ago now so not too bad) for a couple hundred , but does the job well!

                • @Everettpsycho: Work just gave me a new laptop and usb-c monitor. Took me a minute to realise that I no longer had a dock. Very tidy.

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    Thanks, grabbed one

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    Thanks grabbed a couple. Don't need them but at that price why wouldn't you? Cheaper than AliX.

  • +1

    Thanks OP - grabbed a couple.

    • +2

      Screw it, grabbed a couple more haha… too good

  • They're $75 now waaaat

    • Lol - $5.99 in the product info, but $75 in the cart? Lucky grabbed two an hour ago or so already.

    • Showing as $74.64 for me too :(

      • Silver it is!

        • i've just bought 2 of them silver ones from dick smith website. still $5.99 each.

  • is the price still $5.99? it changes to $74.64 after I added into the cart or even payment page

    • ahh..only silver $74.64 for black now

  • +1

    Still working fine at Kogan with the code festive for delivery instead:


    Correctiin: silver is $5.99, black is $74.99, it's the same on both sites.

    • Thanks just picked up the Kogan silver one

  • Wow, looks like they screw up their pricing and free shipping code campaign, maybe forgot to up the prices before releasing the free shipping code? Fixed now? Haha…fingers crossed earlier orders don't get cancelled.

  • +1

    Good find! Bought two of them.

  • +1

    Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Sold out. Had them in my cart since morning and got busy, and now missed out.

    • There are some more back in stock :)

      • Gone again

  • +5

    Thanks to OP we got a shoutout in the big leagues!!!


  • +1

    Thanks. Ordered.

  • Guys, it’s back in stock!

  • Shipped

  • +2

    Mine just arrived - seems pretty nice quality! The unboxing was better than the PS5 lol. Plugged in my Pixel 3 and it's charging rapidly at what seems like the same rate. Thanks op!

    • Is it using the USB-C Port?

      • +1

        yep - charging my pixel 3 using the usb-c port with a usb-c to usb-c cable

  • My second order arrived today, took 23 days, not too bad.

  • Received it yesterday and the internals are crap. Voltage drops to 4.8V under light load even with no load it pumps out 4.9V.

    • Why would the voltage drop under any load (rather than just small random changes)?

      I haven't opened mine yet, so might hold off to see what you are finding.

      • Not bad as a travel charger but definitely not using it as a daily driver.

        • Interested in how the voltage would drop as the load should have no impact on voltage at all should it?

          • @Alan6984: More current drawn drops the voltage so most probably down to cheap components.

            It will drop even further under stress as I tested it for less than 10mins. Other thing that I haven't looked at is output noise.

            Looks like a real candidate for Project Meltdown.

            • @hsran: Didn't expect something that originally costs $75 to be like that.

            • @hsran: I can't really see how it will drop the voltage though?

              If I put a battery on a 1m wire loop and measure the PD it will be whatever the batter is putting out in volts.

              If I then put a resistor (anything - a bulb or whatever you like) in the wire, and measure the PD across the resistor, it will be the same as before.

              The current will be reduced of course, but the voltage should not change at all?

              What am I missing?

  • Just receive mine today, still not sure what to do with it

    • +1


      You mean you bought it on a whim, and didn't plan out in advance exactly how, where, and when you were going to make full use of it??

      I am shocked to the core, shocked I say.

      Maybe do what I've done, and put it in the Birthdays / Xmas 2022 box and see who it seems to fit along the way.

      After all, its a $75 gift :-)

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