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$15 off Your Next Two Online Orders (Min $80 Spend) @ Countdown


$15 off Your Next Two Online Orders (Min $80 Spend) at Countdown.

Looks to be targeted.

Could possibly work if you create a new account.

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  • Doesn't work for me.

    "Sorry, this code did not work, please check you have entered the correct code or check the promotional terms and conditions. Contact our Customer Care team on 0800 40 40 40 for further assistance."

  • Thankyou

  • yea no dice for me either :(

  • No go here either…

  • Didn't work either

  • Ts and cs


    They're sort of rubbish though as I come across the ad on Facebook so not sure how it should be targeted.

    Guess you coukd complain to them and say you saw the ad on Facebook


    • Junk T&C's.
      I saw the ad on Facebook too. Just so happened to work for me.

      • Ah I see the very small print on the ad that says first time shoppers only.

        • Which is funny I set a account up for the last $15 off $50 and got this also 😁😁

        • Worked here and I used the $15 off $50 from a while back. Give it a try anyway.

          Note: if you make a second account with the same address to exploit the coupon they will probably cancel the order with no explanation (happened to me last time)

  • Worked for me, thanks OP

  • Worked, thanks OP!

  • With this coupon code you need to make sure you have +$80 in your cart when you apply the code.

    I got an error when I tried it with my cart at $24. Tried again at $85 and it applied successfully.

    Not sure if it stacks with the saver deal they run for delivers.

    • Just adding that iv got an acc with countdown for years, but haven't shopped online before.

  • Works for me! Thanking you OP!

  • +1

    Should be first two orders not next two orders, if it's not working you need to make a new account.

    • The wording is an absolute mess in their T&C's. I simply copy and pasted the header.

      • The T&C's seem a bit odd, I wonder if they have mixed them up with a different offer

        • And the fact that it's being advertised on social media… A bit of a muddle.
          A promo like this should be an email, not a sponsored social media post unless the deal was open to everyone, current and new users.
          Not complaining though, happy to use the discount haha.

  • Yes, thanks!

  • Any tips on the new account creation? I’ve had my orders cancelled. Changed name slightly, address, number and email.

    • Everything needs to be different including credit card, not worth the effort i think

      • The one thing I didn’t change!

        • Pretty sure I used the same name and credit card but different address and telephone number. Worked for me.

    • I've created new accounts with everything being the same, including the one card number and it's worked fine. Maybe I just got lucky.

  • Sorry, this code did not work, please check you have entered the correct code or check the promotional terms and conditions. Contact our Customer Care team on 0800 40 40 40 for further assistance.

  • Legend. I used it with an $80+ order on my 30 days free Delivery Saver trial. Free delivery and $15 off, big win

  • Only works for new customers.
    As usual, those who have been shopping at countdown regularly for years get nothing.

  • Worked on my existing account but have not used since last deal a while ago

  • +1

    Worked on an existing acc that hadn't been used for maybe 6 months - 1 year?

    • +1

      Same with me didn't work on my account which I used for shopping few weeks ago but worked on account which was used many months ago

  • It didn't work on my regular countdown account I tried on my partner s not very active account and was able to use promo code


  • thanks op

  • I think ya'll have crashed the website, at least for now…

  • worked for me on old account 10x m80

  • Worked on my account that isn't new, and my last order was 1 or 2 months ago.

  • kiwiwallet countdown cashback is going from 1.5% to 4.5% for the next week(from 27/09/21 to 03/10/21) but that being said the terms say 'Using voucher code not listed on our website void your cashback'

    worth a try anyway

  • +1

    This has been reset by Countdown. If it didn't work the first time try it again. Fingers crossed it will second time around. The code is:

  • Just used, worked for me.