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The link now works, may be was the timing, thanks
17/10/2020 - 13:58
The links do not work, has bunning beat the price?
17/10/2020 - 12:55
i have seen a few people are selling the same headphone on trademe, around 400 dollars
01/10/2020 - 01:13
i received the code in email but it says i am not eligible when enter the code
18/09/2020 - 18:03
this does not seem to be surgical mask, if this the case i doubt these masks can provide necessary protection.
31/08/2020 - 13:33
well said, agree they should be post the masks to all household, a lot of elderly wont be able to go to test centers
28/08/2020 - 18:07
I did mention that, but the person i spoke to said the title is not the same so declined the price match, may have more luck with a...
27/08/2020 - 22:05
Thanks, physical store in Auckland is closed at the moment i think, otherwise i may have a better luck getting a price matched.
27/08/2020 - 22:03
The guy i was talking to said the header is different I also just tired noel leeming, they said they wont price match as it is a on going...
27/08/2020 - 17:53
Briscoes wont price match as they said smithscity sell just the "Clipper" and briscoes's is the the kit, cant be bother arguing with them...
27/08/2020 - 17:47
No, i dont use flash drive, i just use their 7 day free cloud storage
13/08/2020 - 13:51
The most annoying bit is when i contacted Arlo, they told me i got 2 years of use so if it stop working is completely normal. I uses wyze...
13/08/2020 - 13:50
They dont start properly, e.g power connected but the hub does not turn on hence non of the camera can connect, cant get warranty either as...
13/08/2020 - 12:59
thanks for sharing, i have two Arlo Pro system, both hub failed, one failed at 15 months, the other failed just over two years, the camaras...
13/08/2020 - 11:21
i think the issue is they listed all inventory online, but also sells at stores at the same time, when people purchase online items wont be...
23/07/2020 - 19:37
I dont need one of these, but maybe next time consider leaving some for others?
22/07/2020 - 09:23
The market's customer service is shocking, endless wait and usually take a few emails to get things sorted
08/07/2020 - 22:31
There are quite a lot of bose 700 on trademe, around 400-4500 dollars, all brandnew, personally i would rather wait for xm4
03/07/2020 - 17:26
Some even double the price, i only order if there is a valid voucher
03/07/2020 - 09:07
website showing 6.99, how is this different to Mitre10 deal last weekend?
02/07/2020 - 17:31
must be targeted, not working for me
30/06/2020 - 12:03
it is quite confusing, So can you convert existing points to Z discount?
23/06/2020 - 16:29
this can be a lot cheaper, i got it from the market too
13/06/2020 - 13:20
Thanks, i have purchased some, have not seem eye fillet at this price ever
12/06/2020 - 10:06
thats out of stock many days ago
03/06/2020 - 17:46
Not quite sure about others, from my experience with ShopRewards, i think they are scam, i made about 8 purchases using ShopRewards in...
30/05/2020 - 14:13
unless this printer is free or close to be free, there isnt much point of getting one, i had one before, it was not great
27/05/2020 - 10:35
you never know, they may honor it
26/05/2020 - 14:09
dont think these are the same as the usual one day only deal, these deals were on mitre10 website since thursday.
16/05/2020 - 13:21