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Crucial P5 500GB NVMe Internal SSD (up to 3400MB/s) US$59.99 (~NZ$115.20 approx. Delivered) @ Amazon US, $118.99 @ PB Tech


Model no. CT500P5SSD8

Currently [10/01]
- $158. 93 $118.99 PB Tech
- $172.32 at Paradigm PC
- $175 at ExtremePC
- $180.90 at Ascent

Brand: Crucial
Model Year: 2020
Interface: PCIe NVMe 3.0
Digital Storage Capacity: 500 GB
Hardware Interface: Solid State Drive
Read Speed: up to 3400MB/s
Write Speed: up to 3000MB/s

Price breakdown USD
$59.99 + $10.59 shipping + $10.59 GST = $81.17 (~NZ $115.20 approx.)

edit: 11/01 PB Tech changed their price.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Hopefully a deal for a Gen 4 nvme will come out soon.

  • What's people's here opinions on what sort of boot drive to get? I have a 1tb samsung 860 qvo but as far as I understand qlc is a budget high capacity storage with reduced longevity/reliability, so I plan to use the 860 qvo as a secondary storage drive.

    For a boot drive, I think random 4k/8k speeds are more important than max sequential speeds? But I haven't dug too deep into which ssd technology offers the best random read/write speeds.

    I'm a but confused about what else is important in a boot drive between 2d/3d nand, slc/mlc, and pcie 3/4.

    Looking for something somewhat future proof without breaking the bank, primarily for gaming, photo/video edits and stitching.

  • Generally.

    TLC=Importnant stuff like boot drive/important documents/video recording

    QLC= anything no important like games, scratch space, editing

  • It's great to see PB tech reacting so quickly. They must be monitoring AMAZON too lol

    • Yeah was quite surprised when I saw their price change. They've lowered the price on a few storage drives (though most have been a similar price in the past); P5 1TB $229, MX500 250GB $59, P2 500GB $89.