This was posted 3 years 6 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$30 Coupon (Min Spend $30.10) @ The Market (Limited to 300 Coupons)


Let's go racing!
To celebrate the first time that Emirates Team New Zealand will be sailing the new AC-75 in earnest, we're releasing 300x $30 coupons at 3pm on the 17th of December.

How it works:

Get your cart ready with at least $30.1 worth of products *
Be here at 3pm to find the code
Be one of the first 300 to check out to claim $30 off your purchase!
$30 Coupon Code: [REVEALED 15:00 17 December]

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  • +1

    Odds on it being TheFlashSail?

  • To anyone who managed to grab the last one, did you have to use it straightaway or were you able to save it until the expiry?

    • I used it straight away, but I believe once you secured the coupon it had an expiry date so you didn't have it use it immediately.

      • Does "secure the coupon" mean there's a button to click at 3pm tomorrow that claims/saves one of the $30 coupons to your account for use anytime before it expires at midnight?

        • sorry, to be clear you must enter the code in the coupon field like you normally do when a coupon is not displayed for use.
          So you must have something in your cart to be able to do this, however once you have entered the coupon and it appears for you, you can take your time to process the sale.

    • +1

      Not needed to use it immediately. You can just collect and then it will show an expiry date, which can be used by then. I did it this way.

    • It says the code expires midnight Thursday 17th December 2020.

      *Flash Sail Voucher Code Terms and Conditions:

      Discount applied when code entered at checkout on
      Saving of $30 with a minimum spend of $30.1
      Excludes alcohol, Apple products, R18 games, PlayStation 5 consoles, Cookie Time Christmas Cookies, donations and shipping costs (if relevant).
      One code per person, one code per transaction.
      Total number of codes is limited to 300
      Code expires midnight Thursday 17th December 2020

      • they said a similar thing last time but i'm fairly sure the expiry date was longer, either way, you dont need to have your cart ready as they say if the expiry is midnight.

      • PlayStation no, Xbox is fine though. Weird.

  • Lol here we go again…

  • Thanks for the chance for a rebate Team Em

  • Will it stack with the Christmas50/Christmas30 coupons?

    • +1


    • No, The market only allows one coupon of any time at a time.. Which is most annoying.

  • +1

    I've come to the realization that I should have joined the Market club for free shipping about 6 purchases ago.

    • Do the vodafone deal. Only reason I have a Voda simcard.

      • +1

        Yep a basic prepay card works fine for the free market club offer

        • You don't even need to load money into the card to get the offer.

      • +1

        Just a fyi for anyone reading, applied for the Vodafone deal on Monday and still hasn't been processed. The one business day thing isn't true, so don't expect that lol.

        • Had to call vodafone reward team 0800 102 902 and it was activated in a couple of hours later.

          • @zqsn: Thanks. Will follow up. Did mine Friday and still not come through.

  • +1

    Shopping cart loaded, TheFlashSail page open. Back to work. See you guys at 3pm. May the fastest page reloaders win. All praise to the CheapGods.

  • So what do you actually do at 3pm to get the code? Just refresh the market page until the code appears?

    • Correct. Refesh TheFlashSail page at 3pm. Add coupon code to your order so that it saves into your coupon list. Played up a couple of times when The Market did this in November. Just have to persevere.

  • I have 300 devices set up all with auto refresh ready to activate at exactly 3pm πŸ˜‰

    Good luck cheapies πŸ‘

    Thanks Nachos.

    • +1

      You have 300 Market accounts? Or 300 devices logged into same account?

      • Really hope it's not the former. That would suck big time for most of us who only want one.

        • +9

          I'm sure he is joking, its prob only 299 devices.

          • +2

            @nevergofullretail: I heard it's 300 computers, and each computer has 300 accounts, and each account has 300 chimps tapping away on 300 keyboards

            • @Baagin: Pretty sure I bumped into this guy on my way to St Ives once.

    • I really hope you're joking, because otherwise that'd make you, ya know, a huge dick

    • +2

      Text on the screen really shows no emotion, even with a πŸ˜‰

      Yes, I am joking for those that didn't realise. For that that are offended, I'm joking.

      Just like the rest of you cheapies I'll be refreshing my phone in one hand while being fingers crossed on the other hand 🀞

      Good luck everyone πŸ‘

      • Alright apologies, clearly not a huge dick. Good luck with the refresh!

  • I'm guessing shipping/pickup fee doesn't count towards the $30.1?

  • What's something good under $30-50 range?

    • I'm buying x5 boxes of coffee pods.
      You could get clothes, usb hubs, printer ink, Christmas toys etc…

      • +1

        I already got coffee and clothes and no gifts because I'm alone

    • beauty products

  • I already got coffee and clothes and no gifts because I'm alone

  • +16


    • +1

      Yay! I got a voucher, thanks to you!

      • Nice!!!

      • same here, thanks

    • you legend, site broke for me and coupon redeemed in time :)


    • Thanks!

    • Cheers man, got myself an Emirates Team New Zealand shirt last time but my dad wanted one. Guess what he's getting for Christmas :)

  • +5


    • thanks! page is still reloading for me

      • Got it thanks

      • Your welcome!

  • once claimed, there is no rush to use the coupon right?

    • +2

      Mine says it expires today, so I guess we have about 9 hours (from 3pm).

  • Stock out wtf πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

  • got the coupon code too, but wont let me use it. sold out i think.

    • Worked for me about 3:04 - but I checked out straight away with something as details above said it was first 300 to checkout

      • It was first 300 people to enter the code. There are 47 people left who have claimed the code but not yet used it.

  • No matching Coupon found

  • aaand it's over.

  • lame this time there's no timer for the coupon if you moved away from checkout you lost it.

    • +1

      That sucks considering how many had issues getting to the payment screen last time.

    • I claimed the coupon then changed what was in my cart a few times, thought I may as well spend $45 to get free shipping. Then did check out with the coupon at 3.09, it worked, $30 off.

  • "Coupon added successfully"
    "This coupon is no longer available. Please remove the coupon before continuing."

    • ouch

    • Exactly same thing happened to me

  • oh well.

  • Got 10 lol.. kidding.

  • +1

    Also appexclusive coupon for $10 off is expired too

  • That went fast.

  • +1

    Yus, got in. AC Valhalla for $49 delivered.

  • No coupon found

  • what a dud

  • I got the coupon when put in the code and it added it, then it said coupon not available change coupon.

  • Thanks OP, nice saving

  • Am I too late?

  • Thanks OP and to those sending the coupon code so quickly!

  • It went sooo fast :(

  • FFS, how hard is it to score a coupon code…

  • Awesome! Managed to snag myself a PS5 controller for $68, gonna be using it for my PC

  • +1

    Logged me out of my account at 3:01 automatically and then I forgot my password, recipe for disaster haha!!

  • +1

    Seriously hope Nachos got a coupon!?

  • I tried to stack it with shoprewards.. will it work?

  • +1

    Sob story live chat failed.

    Azir: Apologies but the coupons are were take within the first few minutes.
    Be sure to keep a look out on . There will be plenty more great coupon offers to come.
    Is there anything else I can help you with?

    Me: Coupon?

    Azir: There will be other coupons in the website after this.

    Azir: Is there anything else I can help you with?

    Me: Give coupon now?

    Azir: The Flash sale coupons are taken

    Me: ;-(

    Azir: have a great day ahead!!! and keep eye out on our website for coupons after this

    Aziz left the chat

    • i spoke to Aziz yesterday, bloody useless, cant even answer a simple question

      • +1

        I wasn't expecting anything, just trolling.

  • Got it. Flash30 was the code. Thanks team

  • +1

    Got the coupon and used it to buy a Christmas present for my dad cheaper!

  • I can't believe 300 people got it in the first 2 mins. Damn!

  • Got the code loaded into my cart within 20 seconds of it going live, hit the payment button and it said the code had expired.

    Good times.

    • Last time, it said the same thing to me but the code was in the coupons section and I could apply it during check out, have a good look.

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