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Potential price match with Bunnings:…
02/08/2023 - 08:33
OLED is a lot better, recommend waiting a few months till the new range drops in price.
06/07/2023 - 07:30
Should be able to claim a replacement down the line under CGA (5 years at least, over 5 years would be more push back from Noel Leeming). I…
30/06/2023 - 10:34
This would pair up nicely with the [AMEX $100 cashback](https://www.cheapies.nz/node/41119), if you haven't made use of it yet
30/06/2023 - 10:30
Lynfield Vets are one of the best in Auckland (service and price). 09 218 7809
30/05/2023 - 10:32
It is still available via the entertainment book for me. The most you can save is $40 (when buying 4x $250 vouchers), it is only $28 off if…
30/05/2023 - 10:30
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17/04/2023 - 07:05
Damn that sucks, I ordered from them last month and the 18x1L I got were August 23 expiry, was gonna place another order, but gonna hold…
29/03/2023 - 09:50
70mai pro plus + rear cam definitely the best combo dash cam for under $200.
08/03/2023 - 09:01
Yeah depends what their charge is per kWh is, as Contact energy Good Nights plan was going up to 21.7c vs Mercury was charging 14.88c, so…
02/03/2023 - 09:30
Rather go for this than pay Sky $400 a year 🤮
21/02/2023 - 08:17
I remember these costing $25-$40 20 years ago! Also pairing them up with the metal rings from the Sunday market
03/02/2023 - 23:01
Order has been cancelled :( Ordered yesterday at 12:23pm
02/02/2023 - 13:00
Worth having it for the cashback offers they have been giving out, plus $5 free when using the referral code from someone.
22/12/2022 - 11:41
You can also redeem 1kg coffee beans with the purchase via the Breville promotions website: https://promotionsnz.breville.com/ Purchase the…
15/12/2022 - 16:20
I think you are providing bad information tbh
27/11/2022 - 10:18
x90 vs the x85 is quite a big jump (edge lit vs local dimming being the biggest reason), so it is reasonable to say the x85 is a midrange…
27/11/2022 - 10:18
Are you confusing local dimming with something else? As it is different tech vs edge lit TVs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjUZmaMRwtQ
27/11/2022 - 10:15
Thanks for pointing that out, I just jumped the gun, as the cost effective way to remedy a burnt in screen is a full replacement (other…
26/11/2022 - 11:23
Would recommend going OLED, even with the low risk of burn in you can claim a replacement under CGA. Worth checking out the Samsung…
25/11/2022 - 10:40
Yeah I ended up getting the 900W from Themarket for $90 (10% off $100)…
23/11/2022 - 10:07
Can get it price matched at Briscoes: https://www.briscoes.co.nz/product/1069976/nutri-bullet-original-5-piece-600-series-nbr-0507lg/ Save…
23/11/2022 - 09:59
Damn conflicting deal, rather not contribute to a party I don’t agree with.
07/08/2022 - 11:34
New tanks and refills are half price. I got two bottles refilled/swapped out for $13.49 each.
28/07/2022 - 21:01
Previous 50% thread: https://www.cheapies.nz/node/26236
25/07/2022 - 16:29
Just received my mystery bundle, I ended up getting: Almond Everything 275g ($9.95) Chocolate Almond Butter 275g ($9.95) Granola Butter…
26/05/2022 - 08:31
Last time I got it: Large crunchy almond Small everything butter Almond butter with cashew and maple Small smooth peanut butter
25/05/2022 - 13:14