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$36 off (Min. $36.01 Spend) @ The Market (Limited to 100 Vouchers)


To celebrate TheMarket being the official retail partner and sponsor of Emirates Team New Zealand’s defence of the 36th America’s Cup – be one of the first 100 to claim a $36 voucher at 6.00pm today!
How it works
Fill your cart on TheMarket.com with a min of $36 worth of products
Visit this page at 6pm to find the coupon code
Be one of the first 100 people to check out with the coupon code
Save $36 of everything!* (minimum spend of $36.10)
The Coupon Code: [Will be released at 6:00 pm]

*Flash Sail Voucher Code Terms and Conditions:
· Discount applied code applied at checkout on TheMarket.com
· Saving of $36 off everything with a minimum spend of $36.1
· Excludes alcohol, Apple products, R18 games, PlayStation 5 consoles, Cookie Time Christmas Cookies, donations and shipping costs (if relevant).
· You may only use this code once
· The code expires midnight Thursday 19th November 2020

Referral Links

Referral:  nachos or random (133)

Both referrer and referee receive $20 off purchases of $99 or more.

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  • I'm guessing their website will crash

  • Lol taxpayers subsidizing millions for this event, good to see they're giving $3600 back.

  • Will the code be on the front page of the link or will it be one of those annoying scavenger hunts like Mighty Ape does?

  • Lol only first 100? Not enough!

  • OMG their site is SO slow right now 😂


  • FlashSail

  • Coupon is "FlashSail"

  • code: FlashSail

  • Trying to complete my order, but can't haha

  • Woo got one! PS5 remote for $19. Score! Thanks, nachos.

  • lmao at 5.59 everybody hitting refresh..

    Got mine! :D No errors, but was slow as hell

    Also, code was super obvious. Wonder if it worked earlier in the day

  • Yay I got in!

  • Thanks nachos, $12.00 Chromecast Audio coming my way.

  • I had the code applied and hit continue within 15sec of the code and site crashed lol

  • got one - Team NZ hat for my Dad for $4

  • buzzing, never expected to the end as constantly said error but it got through!!!

  • Site crashed for me :(

  • AC Valhalla for $68, cheers ya'll

  • Got it and order confirmed after refreshing checkout

  • phew that took awhile, claimed the coupon dead on 6pm, and took 4 minutes to get to the payment screen

  • Choicecheapers profit once again. Took a while for it to go through…

  • i suspect it only let 100 people add the coupon to their coupons page?

    • Yeah, I got the coupon but can't proceed to paid, refresh and checked coupon page it has the coupon there and said Already used, then have a unpaid checkout expired in 15mins so I click paid, was thinking cancel the checkout and add something else but scare the coupon will be invalid lol

      • thats what happened to me, by the sound of it, i think most of the 100 people were cheapies members!

        • Maybe we just have to claim the coupon at check out but we can proceed to pay just before the coupon expired tonight 11:59

    • Possibly but I think these kind of things are hard to get right on their back end especially since relying on a single arbiter of the results is a good way to ensure everything collapses. So you have concurrency in your database but you then have to handle race conditions which probably means the final number goes well over 100. And also I suspect it's a lot of effort for something rarely used. So I wouldn't be surprised if more than 100 were able to redeem it. It's hard to pursue them for misleading advertising if they make some attempt to limit it to 100 and at least 100 people do redeem it.

      It's even possible the way they implemented it, it was only after 100 people had checked out that they ended the coupon, but significantly more were able to add and use the coupon. However I could easily imagine that adding up to 1000 or more people using the coupon and that was somewhat predictable. So while they could chalk it up to a marketing expense, it also seems spending a few hundred people hours to make a slightly better system would probably be worth it, so don't know how likely it is that it was like that.

  • No matching Coupon found
    thats what i got

  • Managed to get one, hopefully they dont cancel haha. Had troubles in the beginning after coupon was added but then it seemed the transaction was saved and you had 15minutes to pay for it after timing out.

  • Confirmed it ended
    "The Flash Sail – Missed The Boat?
    We’re celebrating TheMarket being the official retail partner and sponsor of Emirates Team New Zealand’s defence of the 36th America’s Cup. The Flash Sail has ended, but the regatta has only just begun!

    You can still support the team and get your Christmas shopping sorted with more coupon codes below"

  • I added the voucher and then kept trying to pay but error after error kept coming up saying there was a problem processing.. tried for 10 mins and then gave up thinking I was just too late. :-(

    BUT.. I refreshed my browser page expecting it to show another error about coupon expired but instead it told me I had an item to pay for.. so I clicked the button and it took me to the payment screen with my $36 discount on my ever so exciting $45 frying pan, woohoo! :-)

  • Got a PS5 Dual Sense for my brother and Blue yeti mic for moi :D

    Enough hard work for today :P

  • two pizza stone for 40 dollar, I PAID 10.90

  • Got it after a bunch of loading

  • Also worked for me. Got a half price board game. Thanks!

  • PS5 controller for $78! Got it!

  • Out of interest, what was the latest someone was able to successfully add the coupon (and then use it)? For clarity, I don't mean when you checked out. I mean what time you added the coupon for use successfully. (It sounds like once you added it, you were able to use it even if it took a while.)

  • I wonder what the ratio of choicecheapies users to normals was who got their grubby little hands on the vouchers? It would have to be at least 2:1 wouldn't it?

  • Tried at 6:01 didn't work. Don't think I hit check coupon and it didn't apply on the next screen.

  • Got it added at 6:08 and it worked lol!

  • Also got it.

  • Got a fragrance and some boss coffee. Did have to load the site few times

  • sweet my purchase arrived today, total spend $9!