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90 Day Prepaid Voucher with 32GB Data/Month for $1 @ Kogan Mobile (Includes Existing Customers)


Looks to be a 'Black Friday' repeat of the recent 90 day 32gb/month deal. Offer ends 11:59pm NZDT 02/12/2020 unless sold out prior.

Voucher itself expires at 11:59pm NZDT on 15/01/2021. Make sure to turn off autorenew if you already have a Kogan Mobile plan going so that your existing plan does not autorenew - then you can use the voucher code to renew.

Just over 1c per day. This one isn't just a new customer offer either - existing customers can get this.

Absolutely fizzing; after I finish this deal, I'll have had six months of mobile for $2.

Plus if you have a 5G phone compatible with the Vodafone network you will likely get 5G access, although it is not advertised and might disappear at any time.

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  • Great timing.

  • Perfect! I was starting to wonder what I was going to do once my first 90 days was over.

    • Same, this is great.

    • Get a dual-SIM phone, and use the Kogan SIM for data and phone calls/texts to people outside your social circle. Keep buying those Kogan new user deals every month (which also includes a new SIM card) and throw away the old Kogan SIM cards once they expire. Tell your friends and family to contact you via Whatsapp or iMessage, which uses data instead of minutes or SMS.

      Yahoo allows you to create disposable email addresses for registration.

      • It doesn't matter how your friends call you right, there's no fee to receive a call in NZ.

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    just keep in mind you can't extend the plan, if you apply this vocher it will override whatever plan you are already on (thus nullify the previous 90 day plan if you have one)

  • Goddammit, I just upped my 2d plan to the $70 one so I can do my annual banking of data before dropping back to the 30.

  • Thanks heaps OP. Most of the deals on here result in me buying stuff I wouldn't otherwise, but you've just saved me a whole bunch of money!

  • It’s an awesome deal but just hope you don’t suffer the porting issues I did as their support is not fast to fix issues.
    I had four phones on my existing plan. 3 of them ported ok but I ported my own phone on 15th Sept, and it took until beginning of November for it to work properly
    . Went weeks without being able to make calls, respond to texts and use data despite using their live support daily.

  • Yay, thanks!

  • I'm currently using the last $1 sim they offered and works 100%. Possibly the best phone deal going. Anywhere. Current plan runs out 27th Jan so this is just so damned perfect thanks op and Kogan.

  • This should be perfect for a camping or summer mobile hotspot, right?

    Chuck the SIM inside an iPad or phone with multiple SIMs support and you’ve got 100GB available wherever Vodafone gets 3G or 4G.

  • Huh? ordered the plan today, already have a sim (made sure order selected was 'I already have a sim') and it says dispatch date 9 Dec?
    To send me an evoucher???!!

    • Mine also says estimate dispatch 9 dec, could be a mistake. On the website it says the voucher code will be sent within 24 hours. We'll see I guess.

      • Fairly sure it's just a mistake on the Kogan or Dick Smith store website (wherever you ordered). Alternatively they're still going to send you a SIM. I didn't order this, but based on all my previous orders, you should receive your Kogan voucher within 2 hours or so of ordering as an email from Kogan mobile (not the store). The SIM, if you ordered one will arrive when it does.

      • My voucher code just came through now

        • Is there any way to check whether my order placed was for a new sim or existing user? I haven't receive the voucher code yet

          • @Geoffgo: Hmm doesn't seem, like it. Only way to know is whether you selected 'Yes I am new to Kogan' or 'No I am already a Kogan Mobile Customer' when you placed the order.

          • @Geoffgo: Note that I doubt that the new SIM is making a difference to how long the voucher code takes. I'm fairly sure whatever you do it just sends a request to Kogan Mobile for a voucher to be sent to your email. I assume the lengthy delays for some people are due to the number of orders early on and/or other issues with the codes being sent.

            I checked my emails and found that mostly I've had codes within an hour, but sometimes when I ordered early in the morning (like 3 am) it took 3 hours or so. But I've never ordered just after a deal started and was posted to Cheapies.

    • Kogan/Dick Smith always send a SIM card whenever you buy a voucher, as these voucher deals are originally meant for new users only.

      However this particular voucher deal also works for existing users.

      • For these 3 month subscription deals which work for existing customers, they let you chose whether you are a new customer (in which case they send a SIM) or existing customer (in which case I'm pretty sure they don't). I don't know if this is actually new. They have those regular price vouchers which I assume almost no one uses which have the same thing but I never paid attention to them before.

        Historically, there was no sign of the SIM in your order. But they changed the way their website works nearly a year ago so instead it automatically adds a SIM to your order. (This may be related to how they forgot to send SIMs out for some orders from November last years.)

        Since the SIM shows up a separate item, you can remove the SIM and I assume they won't send one even if you're a new customer. Or add it back and the first SIM you add is free. (If you add more the extra ones are regular price.)

        I checked and you can't add a free SIM if you choose existing customer since the existing customer voucher is a separate item. Funnily enough because of that you can actually both a $1 existing customer plan and $1 new customer plan to a single order. No idea if it works.

        Note that this is all with the Dick Smith website. Never used the Kogan store one.

  • -1 vote

    Their plans aren't so amazing, cheaper with my ISP, but I'll try them out for 90 days as it's only $1.

  • Do I have to change my current Vodafone number can I not just convert it to kogan?

  • Can you activate it on 15/01/2021 (last day) and it starts the 90 days from then?

    • I did this with their previous 90 day deal. Just don't forget!

      I'd also recommend you do it earlier in the day so if their is a problem you can contact their support while it's still valid.

  • I placed the order 2 hours back ago, no voucher code mail yet. have you guys got the voucher code mail?

  • Not a mistake I've been using this offer since the last 90 day one for $1 its legit!

  • How does it ship? Standard post or courier? It comes from Australia, right?

    • Last time I got it in 3-5 days it wasn't long, voucher code emailed sim posted

    • Standard post, it's just a Kogan Mobile branded Candida NZ Post prepaid envelope, and yeah normally 3-7 days. I think they probably come from somewhere in Auckland. (At least the returns are directed at Bright Point, PO Box 91-204.) I think they only sent them from Australia for a few weeks when they first started.

      • Brightpoint = Ingram Micro - so a local distributor of IT products who do this sort of fulfillment for companies.

      • Thanks, it's just that I've had a lot of bad luck with receiving standard post so try to avoid it. I saw they had a Courierpost option so went for that.

  • Both of my voucher codes just arrived. I purchased at 2.30pm

  • So good for our upcoming camping trip with the kids. Thanks!

  • nice deal, still using the last one. used it on a spare phone and hotspot. and great for emergency calls too.

  • already bought one, going to activate today and then buy another one to activate 15 Jan :)
    With the demise of radio sport, as far as I know there is no way to listen to the cricket on the radio, soooo
    I thought why not get this sim and just stream spark sport cricket on my phone and can listen to the audio
    on the worksite. yes, I am one of those crazy people who still loves test cricket!

  • Is there a limit on these? It would only let me order one at a time but I have put in 2 separate orders

    • Put in 5 orders of 1 and all have sent. last time did 3 orders of 1 and all arrived

  • Long shot, anyone on here with a spare voucher?