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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4", 64GB WiFi Tablet, US$249.99 (~NZ$382.68 approx delivered) @ Amazon US (Grey/Rose)


Currently $539-$688 in NZ

Model number: SM-P610NZBAXAR. (NZ Model is: SM-P610NZBAXNZ). Can't figure out how well it would work in New Zealand.
- 64GB storage
- S pen included
- Exynos 9611 processor
- 10.4" display size (max display resolution 2000x1200 WUXGA+)
- Audio: Dual + AKG + Dolby Atmos
- 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth
- battery life up to 13 hours (depending on usage)
- 4GB ram
- External memory; microSD up to 1TB

To get this price, you need to add the $30 coupon on the product page, and add the NZ10 coupon from a previous deal

Image of price breakdown
(NZD) $369.92 + $22.03 (shipping)
- $44.39 Samsung coupon
- $14.80 NZ10 coupon
+ $49.91 GST
= $382.69

If someone figures out that this is no good for NZ, I'll remove the deal.

Edits: available colours change as certain options sell out
20/11: changed link and title from 'blue available' to 'rose available'
21/11: changed link and title from 'rose available' to 'rose/grey available'
22/11: changed link and title from 'rose/grey available' to 'grey available'.
22/11: expired deal with coupon no longer available
23/11: Coupon is live again. Removed expiry, updated to rose & grey both available.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Just a heads up, it's a good idea to pay in USD. Pretty sure your card would always give you a better exchange rate than the Amazon Currency Converter.

    • Not always. I made a purchase of US$1473.14 last month Amazon is asking for NZ$2253.02, I paid in USD instead and my BNZ credit card charged NZ$2292.01

      • Dumb question but did you know the nz price you were paying before you proceeded with the transaction? (totally new to amazon/online purchasing)

        • Yes, Amazon can do the exchange for you and display/pay the final NZD price of your order.

      • When you do purchase using your NZ card oversea, there 1 rule that always, always settle to the local currency, not the one of your card issuing country. If you settle with NZD in US that means you are going through a foreign exchange agent like Travelex, EFTEX etc where they will put a cream on top of your transaction and merchant is able do a clip as well as the card issuer.

      • If I may ask, did you have to pay further biosecurity and import charges at the border as over the $1K threshold?

        • No, The total amount US$1473.14 includes US$215.75 "Import Fees Deposit", Amazon will deal with NZ Customs and at the end they even refunded US$20.35 back to my credit card since the "Import Fees Deposit" is more than the import duty & GST charged on my parcel. You will need to apply for a NZ Customs client code for anything above NZ$1000. If you don't have one, the courier will contact you and email you the form, which is pretty easy.

  • And its sold out.. to slow

  • Thanks for the posting! This is my summary when I order in USD

    Order Summary
    Items: $249.99
    Shipping & handling: $14.92
    Your Coupon Savings: -$30.00
    NZ $10 off: -$10.00
    Total before GST: $224.91
    Estimated GST to be collected: $33.74

    Order total: $258.65

    Around 375 NZD according to exchange rate…

  • Awesome, I managed to grab a rose one. Thanks for sharing!

  • Edit: removed expiry, changed title from 'blue only' to '(Rose available)', and updated link to the Rose version

  • dont you have to pay duties or some extras when you buy things over $350?? there was some ruling which I don't recall

  • Does samsung offer international warranty

  • Any issues shipping from Amazon US at the moment? Ie, will this arrive in time for Xmas? Estimate delivery seems to be 18 to 24 Dec - is that accurate? Thanks

  • Grabbed the rose one. Thanks for the heads up 😃

  • Another question - is it worth paying another US$5 for priority shipping v standard shipping? Seems reasonable, to possibly get it a couple of weeks earlier in time for xmas? Any experience using priority shipping?

    • I can't comment on recent times but I've ordered from Amazon before with priority and it's come within 3 days.

  • Thanks good find, order one for my daughter, she will be delighted to see the Rose color tablet. Available on 9th Dec, estimated delivery on 21-30 Dec.

  • Have ordered a rose one with priority shipping. Thanks for posting OP.

  • Good price, just bought one

    This grey one (which I think is specifically for export?) is 249.99


    In stock aswell so will arrive like 8th Dec.

  • If you make a first time order via the app you can get $15 off. You can't stack the NZ10 code but it ends up being $5 cheaper…

  • Edit: Only grey available at this price now

  • Where is the $30 coupon?

  • Looks like the 128gb version only available now, 64gb all sold out

  • my order placed yesterday hasnt been charged and no update…they're probably going to cancel.

  • Has anyone has theirs ship yet? Mine is still on ordered for status, and I used priority shipping…