Cheetos Flamin' Hot Crunchy Snacks 210g $2.99 at Countdown Supermarkets and New World


New world and countdown recently introduced these. New to NZ. These bags used to cost $8 from American stores.

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  • Sold out already 😅

  • Seriously $8? which store in US sells those for $8?

  • Tomorrow onwards at countdown it sells for $2.49…

    • how do u know

      • It says $2.50 on their website right now

        • I can't speak for the OP but it's in the mailer :

          Countdown often put up next week's mailer early, I think on Saturday so they have both the current mailer and next week's (clearly marked) on the main mailer page for a while Although I didn't notice Cheetos, I did see the mailer this Sunday afternoon.

          In the past they used to do their online specials starting on Saturday so it was confusing without it anyway. Even after they stopped that, they delivered the physical mailer on Saturday or Sunday so it's not like it was a secret.

          Mind you, I think they may have stopped putting next week's mailer for a while during COVID-19 but before that, it was often there on Sunday or I think Saturday when I bothered to check. (I don't mean when they stopped specials. I checked either last week or the week before when they had specials again and they only seemed to have this week's mailer either on Sunday or Saturday.)

          • @Nil Einne: They still put up next week mailer (after covid-91), you can't see it now because it's already Monday (this week), like you said check them on Sat/Sun :)

            • @Geoffgo: For clarity I did see the mailer the past weekend. But there was definitely one weekend when I checked and it wasn't there. Maybe a mistake was made, I don't know I just know one weekend I checked and it wasn't there.

  • So are these being made locally or nearby under license, or are they actually being imported?

  • Dont understand what the hell the appeal is.. they are pretty much just a sub par twisties with less flavour.

  • I've bought this 2 weeks ago from PnS.
    I used to have Cheetos when I was a child, because they pack small toys in the package. Seems this is the only flavor they got here, I won't buy this flavor again :-(

    • I had doritos wasabi edition during the first week of lockdown and almost dialled 111. I recommend eating one chip every 5 minutes and not a handful in one go.

  • Loads of them at my local countdown got 2 packs yum as

  • I bought both the flavours, the original is mild an smoking hot is hot as but I loved it. Thank you for posting the deal.

    • And they are made in Australia

      • I wonder what the rules are with some of this "Made in NZ" "Made in Oz" stuff - is it just the last manufacturing step? Is bagging the product up a manufacturing step?

        • If it says 'made in' it has to be made in that country, not simply packed there.

          If you look at say Watties products some will say 'Packed in New Zealand from imported ingredients'. In Australia they would require it to include the country of origin of the ingredients, you couldn't just say imported.

  • I got a packet from packnsave and it says made in Aussie by bluebird , they are kind of like niknaks from the south african shop, I think those are much better.

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