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The Warehouse - Free Delivery on Essential Products


I wanted to get something from the Warehouse and thought I would try the latest free code which was meant to expire. It worked fine - thought I would let others know so you can get orders in!

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  • Whats the cheapest way to turn a non smart tv to smart and does the Warehouse sell these(or any retailers). Just looking for something to tide over this lockdown time.

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      The answer to that is a Google Chromecast

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        And I've seen that listed as an essential item too…

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      The cheapest may be to connect your smart phone to the TV if this is possible. (It may not be, but a fair few do support this.) You could probably get the adapters from AliExpress for under NZ$5. Of course by the time these arrive the lockdown might be over and it's not exactly convenient even then.

      Otherwise there are a lot of products, Chromecasts, Roku, Amazon Firesticks, etc.

    • Google Chrome ties up your smartphone, for a better experience you should look into Vodafone TV.

      • Chromecast needs a smartphone or tablet to choose what to watch, but the actual streaming doesn't touch your phone unless you're watching something which has no app (in which case your Vodafone TV probably couldn't watch it at all). You can turn your phone off and the program you're watching will carry on playing.
        Definitely if you prefer a real remote then a voda/roku/firetv box is better.

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    The Warehouse website is a joke.

    I placed in my basket a thermometer, 4 different types of treats for my dog, 2 * $4 hand sanitiser bottles, 2 bottles of handwash and 1 bottle of toilet cleaner (all it would let me add). This took about 5 minutes. When I went to checkout the hand sanitiser was out of stock and had to be removed. When the screen refreshed one of the dog treats was out of stock, then the hand wash and finally when I then went to pay, selected my payment method and the toilet cleaner and another dog treat were out of stock. My basket went from $80+ to $30.

    Is it unreasonable to expect when something is placed into your cart on The Warehouse website that it remains there until purchased or say 15 minutes have passed? At present it's grab it while you can - rubbish.

    No wonder people stockpile when we're told to shop normally and that there is plenty of everything when obviously there isn't.

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      Yeah.. there inventory management system is pretty much non existant also. Say you manage to place an order, you are just as likely to get a refund email sometimes days after the order.

      • Some of their prices have mysteriously gone up too, by about 50c on quite a few products from what I can see…

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          Don't understand why this got downvoted, I also notice some prices have gone up.

    • So true netwalk!

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    Its bizarre that their entire food category has been marked as non-essential. I'm guessing some doofus in govt decided what could and couldn't be

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      I would like to work out how to get milk delivered without having to risk the supermarket for my elderly parents. They are still having to go to the supermarket in their area, because of the long delay with supermarket deliveries.

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        Try contacting Age Concern.… They may be able to help put them in contact with someone local to help.

        You could also try The Student Volunteer Army as they are helping arrange volunteers.

        There are also groups and the Reach Out page on Neighbourly, and groups on Facebook. But although most people there mean well, I'd suggest trying the more organised options first, since they should have systems in place to ensure the people helping out know what they're doing.

      • powdered milk or brick ones

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        If you contact Countdown they can add your online login to their "special" category and you get different delivery slots to everyone else. One of my flatmates has a serious heart problem and it is too much of a risk for any of us to go out and potentially get affected so my account was upgraded and there were slots available (different dates and times to the usual ones).

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        I cannot believe how little discussion of issues like this there is at the moment. Before the lockdown we were assured by the Government there was no need to stockpile, there were no stock shortages, supermarkets would remain fully open and we should shop "normally" for food and would be able to continue to shop normally throughout any lockdown. We were encouraged to make use of home delivery services and minimise the number of visits to Supermarkets to reduce possible community transmission.

        Then as the lockdown approached we were limited by supermarkets to purchasing 2 of many essential grocery items and home delivery slots are constantly unavailable requiring more, not less, visits to supermarkets.

        Then the lockdown started, stores reduced their opening hours, specials ended i.e. prices rose, they limited the number of people in the store and many basics are still unavailable or limited supply. Our local supermarket has queues outside of at least an hour from before opening until before they close when they start to turn people away and not allow them to join the queue.

        Can someone explain how in any way this is allowing us to shop normally? Home delivery slots are still constantly booked out and instead of 1 * 30 minute supermarket trip each week we're having to make 3 * 90+ minute trips each week to ensure we have enough basics. I've not heard anyone question the Government about this.

        Sorry for the rant but where else can we discuss this? With everything else going on New Zealanders shouldn't be having to stress about planning their next grocery shop like a military operation and having to increase their exposure every time they leave the home.

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          I totally hear you. And my first trip to Pak'n'Save I experienced exactly that. Plus they strongly encouraged you to only spend 30 minutes in store… Well, shopping for a household of seven took me almost two hours from the time I parked until the time I left. And we are dairy free, so somehow we're meant to survive on two cartons of milk per shop. We go through that in a little over a day.

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            @CheapAzChips: Pacnsave don't even appear to do any delivery, at least not in my area.

            My parents were able to get their local supermarket to deliver, but they only delivered some items. Things like eggs they weren't delivered. Limited milk. They will run of of stuff before the next slot. So they are likely to have to go into the supermarket again before the next slot otherwise they will run out.

          • @CheapAzChips: I would rather pay a bit more and go to a dairy for bread and milk, rather than braving the supermarket.

            If you need more milk, grab some milk powder instead.

        • If restocking isn't an issue (shouldn't be with so few shoppers) then the supermarkets should open till midnight, or even 24 hours. I would rather shop at 3am than to stand in line for an hour.

    • Not really, they brought back these retailers to supply goods that weren't available. The idea is to keep as few people working as possible. If you want food, go to the supermarket.

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      "Orders must be for only essential non-food consumer products."

      I don't think there's any question that food is essential. It's why super markets and dairies have been allowed to stay open. But the system in place for these business selling essential non-food products are distinct from those selling food. I don't know why, but there are likely to be additional considerations for food products. E.g. I expect people are much more likely to touch their faces etc after handling the packaging of food without washing them.

      But there may also be concerns about increasing contact, as you are adding the number of supplies chains. Further you're increasing the cross-over between supply chains. It's not likely companies that supply The Warehouse will be able to dedicate delivery to only The Warehouse, they'll be using the same trucks etc that supply supermarkets and dairies.

      Except of course where they are unique products which highlights another point. When I've had a quick look at what food the Warehouse sells in store before a lot of it seems to be parallel imported or other stuff which is semi exclusive to The Warehouse. I'm somewhat doubtful there is enough stock in NZ, or will be enough arriving, for this to even last long if enough people buy them. I wouldn't be surprised if The Warehouse didn't even really push at all, both for that reason and due to the fact that they probably don't think it will add much value to them.

      But on the flip side, there's no easy way to make rules around dumb behaviour. I mean if someone is planning to buy a fridge and adds some coke and chips that seems fine, maybe even a good thing if it stops them making a trip to the supermarket for the same. (Although per my earlier point, and the fact you are also complicating and adding to staff work in their fulfillment centre, it's likely to be complicated.)

      If someone just buys chips and coke, that's probably not desirable. Maybe that person will head off to the supermarket instead for only those items. Again not a good thing. Whether it's better or worse is likely to be complicated. More hopefully, the person will just add it to the next shop. You could try making complicated rules about the need for combinations or relative values, but ultimately it seems fine to me to simply exclude them.

      If NZ was like some other countries and the hypermarket concept had succeeded here, or we had something like Amazon handling a large amount of food items, thing may be different. But neither have happened here yet. Ultimately The Warehouse being able to deliver food during this period must add very little and introduces a whole host of complexities so I'm not surprised they just didn't do it.

  • Thanks for sharing the code 🙏

  • I wasn’t able to apply that code. Has anyone else had any luck using it?

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      I just tried it again right now and it works fine. Check all the items in your cart available/are small items and not bulky?

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      not working for me too

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      Nope - no luck, not working

  • Ok

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    I dislike the way the warehouse has gone about this, they will claim they are trying to keep everyone employed and customers happy, but in reality they are endangering lives trying to make a buck.

    Now I might be wrong, but it looks like the warehouse is also selling other TWG stock. I don't remember going to a store and seeing business monitors and such an array of laptops?

    • They might just be advertising Noel Leeming stock on their website too.

    • The IT distributors - eg Ingram / Synnex have been operating as they also supply government… so the warehouse is just listing what they have in stock to drop ship. It's maybe a little opportunist but won't put any more people in danger.

  • I've just successfully used the code on essential items and completed the purchase; just not against my normal Warehouse account. I made the purchase as a guest, using the [email]+[randomstring] feature. YMMV.

  • So can we now buy items marked as "online only" for shipping from Warehouse even if not marked as "essential"? Thanks

  • Is this still valid until now? Because I tried using it again today but it says invalid. Or is it just because it can only be used once? Cheers!

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