New Zealand Travel Tips and Advice

If you have any interesting or helpful tips for travelling into, out of, or around New Zealand, make note of them below.

Airport to City and Back


  • Travel into the city from the airport by walking to Mangere and taking the bus into the city for $6.50, saving $9.50.


  • Catch the bus from Hobart Street into the city for $5, save $4.


  • Bus into the city, from the airport, by walking to The Sudima Hotel and pay $1.80, save $3.20.

Getting from City to City


Manabus - North Island only - Prices from $1 + $1 booking fee (Can book multiple legs on a single booking fee)

Nakedbus - Nationwide - Prices from $1 + $1 booking fee + $5 per bag of stowed luggage.

Intercity - Nationwide - Prices from $1 + $3.99 booking fee.


Air New Zealand - Nationwide.

Jetstar - Nationwide - Includes $5 credit card fee per flight (return flights $10). Often a more budget airline.


KiwiRail Scenic Journeys - Nationwide - Various scenic journeys between cities. Prices from $49.