Frequently Asked Questions

Posting Deals

I want to post a deal but it says I have to wait 24 hours, What can I do?

New users are restricted from posting for 24 hours due to an influx of SPAM related posts.

If you have a very good deal and you must post it right now, you can use the Talk with a Moderator forum to request an override.

Also note that some overseas visitors will have longer cool-down period to reduce SPAM.

How do I remove my deal or can I have my deal deleted?

You can not remove the deal yourself. Please click the report button underneath your deal with an explanation and a moderator will assess your request. Please note that if the deal is popular or if the deal has important value regarding discussions, it may not be removed.

For further issues, please open a new thread on the Talk with a Moderator forum and discuss why you would want to have your deal removed, even after reading the above FAQ item. Moderators will access on case by case basis to determine whether the posted deal should be removed.


How do I format text and use hyperlinks?

See the Tips and Hints page for more information.

How do I remove my comment?

If your comment has been posted for less than an hour and there is currently no replies, you should be able to edit your comment, remove all the content, and ChoiceCheapies would prompt you whether you wish to have the comment removed. Otherwise, please hit the report link below the comment and a moderator will assist in you. Please note that if the comment is useful or is important to a conservation it may not be removed.

Why can't I edit my comment?

You can edit your comment for a short period of time after posting. You will not be able to edit your comment after a reply is made to your comment. It is important to keep original comments to ensure the conversation makes sense and stays intact.

What things can I not post?

  • Duplicate Comments
  • Personal Attacks
  • Foul Language
  • Affiliate or Referral Links
  • Links to something you are selling personally
  • Comment signatures
  • Links to illegal or inappropriate websites.

Please see the Commenting Guidelines for more details.

Searching Deals

How can I search just the forums?

Add “type:forum” to the search keywords to search just the forums. You can also go to specific forums, and type in your search keywords in the search input box directly above the topic listing table to search just within that forum.

How can I order the search result by creation date of the post?

By default search result is ordered by “relevancy” which take preference if a keyword appears in the title. If you want to all matched result to be reversely sorted by date, add “sort:created” to the search keywords.

User Accounts

How do I upload a picture for my avatar? I don't want that orange question mark!

ChoiceCheapies uses Gravatar to power profile avatars. Basically you need to

  1. Prepare a 128×128 image that you wish to use as profile avatar. (Note: with latest Gravatar you can use an image up to 512×512 although ChoiceCheapies does not yet have a plan to support profile images at that size)
  2. Sign up Gravatar using the same email address as the one you use on ChoiceCheapies.
  3. Upload your image. Done!

How can I change my username? I made a mistake...

You will be able to change your username from your account's Settings page. Please note that you can change your username no more than once every 12 months and that your username should adhere to our Username Policy.

Can I change my email address?

Yes, you can update your email address at anytime from your account's Settings page. Once the form is submitted, look out for an email from ChoiceCheapies in the mailbox of your new email address. You will need to use the confirmation link in that email message to complete the email update process.

Why am I banned on ChoiceCheapies? I cannot post deals, forum topics or comments!

See Posting Ban Explained for some explanations on the temporary ban on posting deals. You might also be in Penalty Box. If you have issues regarding the ban/penalty box, please use Talk with Moderators forum to discuss it with the moderators.

How do I delete my account?

Short answer – you cannot literally delete your account on our database. You can however “deactivate” your account. Please see this help page for more details.

ChoiceCheapies Mobile

I've clicked on the 'Full Site' link on my mobile. How do I go back to the mobile site?

You can use this URL to set it back to using the mobile site: https://www.choicecheapies.co.nz/api/mobile/setfullsite?mobile=1

Is there a ChoiceCheapies App?

There is currently no official ChoiceCheapies app.


What deals are being removed?

Removal of deals generally occur if the deal is:

  • A duplicate (deal has been posted recently)
  • SPAM or an advertisement for the store instead of a deal.
  • Better suited to the forums (e.g. Selling or swapping request, competitions)
  • Not available to New Zealand (Retailer can't ship to New Zealand.)
  • Listing issue (e.g. Lack of details for business, referrals for group buy sites.)
  • Banned items (e.g. Adult products, gambling.)
  • Sockpuppeting/Meatpuppeting (Companies falsely pretending to be customers.)

Removal of deals can only be done by moderators and not by users. Please use the report button for any removal requests.

Additionally, if enough people negative vote a deal, the post is hidden from the new deals page. You can still access the deal if you know the direct URL.

If you want to know why a deal has been removed, you can contact the mods in the forums, or if you feel that you want a public answer, post if in the site discussion.

What is the difference between the front page and the new deals page?

The new deals page has all the latest deals that have been submitted by users. They are displayed in order from most recently published. However, when a deal becomes popular (reaches a threshold based of votes), it is moved to the Front page. The number of positive votes to push a deal to the front page changes based on the sites popularity and other factors. However, you can override the settings by

  • Go to the New Deals page.
  • Click on “Preference” just under the title.
  • Adjust the “Minimum Votes” value.

How can I block seeing deals from a certain store or user?

Please see this blog post for detailed instructions.

How do I bookmark a deal to folders? How can I create a personal list of bargains?

You can do so by clicking the Add to Folders link located at the bottom of each deal. Please see this blog post for instructions.

Merchant Accounts

Do you operate a store and would like to offer your deals to the ChoiceCheapies community? Please read Frequently Asked Questions for Merchants.

How do I put a strike-through (strikeout) on a word?

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