Rules & Guidelines

Please follow a few simple guidelines to make ChoiceCheapies a better place for both the bargain hunters and merchants.

POST a clear title including price and location. DO NOT post duplicate deals.
DECLARE if you are a merchant or have some relationship with the merchant. DO NOT sockpuppet or artificially vote for your deal.
LINK directly to the deal. NO Adult websites.
CHECK competitors prices before posting. NO Freeware or Free Websites.
MAKE sure there is sufficient quantity. NO Gambling Sites.
BE respectful to others. NO Banned Items or Websites.
REPORT any problems to a MODERATOR. NO Charity Links.
POST only active deals for group buy sites. NO Competitions or private sales.
DEALS that are available to New Zealand. NO Affiliate Links anywhere. NO Referral Links anywhere (see exception).
COMBINE deals from the same merchant. NO Price Matched or In-store negotiated deals.

These are the rules and guidelines to use ChoiceCheapies.