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One deal a day is a web-based business model in which a single type of product is offered for sale for a period of 24 hours. Certain sites sell items uniquely by this method. Other established retailers, such as Amazon.com and Buy.com feature a “deal a day” item in addition to more conventional sales methods.

This page will list One deal a day sites in New Zealand. Most of these sites have had deals featured on ChoiceCheapies in the past. If you see a great deal please submit it!

List of One Deal A Day Sites

Dedicated Sites

Site Starting Time
1-Day 12pm NZST
Crazy Sales 12pm NZST
Deals 4 Kiwis Varies
Good Price Varies
Groupon Varies
Grab One Varies
Go Grab 12:30pm NZST
Off The Back 6:18pm NZST??
one dollar 12:30pm NZST
Treasure Box 12:30pm NZST
Free Deals 12:30pm NZST
Off The Back 6:30am NZST
Deal a Day Varies
Daily Do Varies

Retail Sites Offering Daily Deals

Site Name Starting Time
The Warehouse Red Alert Deals 10am NZST
Fishpond Today's Deals 8am NZST
Mighty Ape Daily Deals 12pm NZST
Expedia Daily Deals 12am NZST
Liquor Mart Daily Deals 12pm NZST

One Deal a Day Aggregator Sites