NordVPN: 100% Cashback + $10 Bonus Cashback via App @ ShopBack NZ


Hey there!

Enjoy 100% Cashback at NordVPN
​+ Join our challenge and earn an extra $10 bonus Cashback when you subscribe to NordVPN (for app only)
From now till 15 July 2024

In case you are unfamiliar with what VPNs are. VPN, also known as Virtual Private Network, provides safe and private access to the Internet. It can also help users bypass geo-blocking, change IP addresses, which means you can get access to the full library of movies and shows that streaming platforms such as Disney+ has. Which by the way, you can also get up to $20 Cashback when you subscribe to Disney+ via ShopBack

Here are the Terms & Conditions:
- Cashback is calculated based on the final order amount excluding any taxes, shipping fee, service charges, and discounts.
- Cashback is available only if you visit the NordVPN website via our platform.
- NordVPN can only confirm to us that an order is recorded if you accept all cookies that appear on their pages.
- Your Cashback may be tracked at a different rate initially and adjusted to the correct rate when we confirm the transaction details.
- ShopBack must be the last link you clicked in order to get Cashback.
- Cashback will be tracked within 2 days, and will be made redeemable in 75 days.
- If your Cashback doesn't track, no worries! Just submit a Missing Cashback (MCB) form on our website or app, and we'll take care of it.

If you have any questions, just drop us a message at [email protected]. We're here to help you every step of the way!

Happy saving!

Referral Links

Australia: random (38)

$40 for referrer and $10 for referee after first confirmed purchase and adding banking details.

New Zealand: random (221)

$5 for referrer and $5 for referee after accumulating $10 of confirmed cashback from purchases in 180 days

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  • Hi @gotyourback
    Several packages to choose from.
    100% cash back on all packages?
    Sometimes it's as simple as all purchases made after clicking the link?

    Other times can only apply to basic or premium? Or only specific packages e.g. 1 month to 2 years?

    Also aware some fees e.g gst do not get cashback

    Any clarification appreciated if you are not too busy :)

    • +1

      Hi @A-deals @kfr23 , the 100% upsized Cashback applies to all packages and plans on NordVPN :)

      • Are these amounts in NZ dollars? Eg: $129.36 NZD for 2 year Complete package?

        • +1

          No that's USD, so $211.72 NZD

      • @gotyourback messaged you about the cashback amount I got. :)

      • The terms on the app say “Cashback is only valid for New NordVPN Subscriptions & Standard Plan only”?

  • +1

    Does it have to be a new user of NordVPN?

    • Yes, just make a new account with another email address

    • Yes, you'll need to be a new NordVPN user to be eligible for Cashback @idotcucu

  • +1

    Can you explain how to 'join the challenge'? In the app I can tap on either the '100% cashback' to link to Nordvpn, OR the Challenge for $10 to link to Nordvpn. What do I need to do to get both? Thank you.

  • It's only showing 72% cash back when you are transferred to their website. Am I missing something here?

    • That's not cashback. That's a NordVPN product on sale.

      • But in the app it says its a 100% cashback, but when you click on the lin you can only see 72% cashback option!!

        • Are you referring to this or something else? I don't use the app so I could be missing something.

          • +1

            @Wakrak: Most likely he is confused between cashback & discount on NordVPN as per your screenshot. I can confirm App is showing 100% cashback + $10 bonus offer.

  • +1

    I ended up getting the 2 year package - yet my cashback is only currently showing as "147.85" for some reason

    edit: read the OP properly, i guess this will be something to do with "Validating the transaction" with the merchant so it's just showing an incorrect amount atm.

    • +1

      Hey there! Just FYI, Cashback only applies to the actual order value, so things like GST, delivery fees, and other extras don't count.

      But hey, if you still think something's off with your Cashback amount, shoot us an email at [email protected] and we'll be happy to investigate! @denverthedinosaur

      • I've just shot you through an email. Thank you!

        • +2

          Hey @denverthedinosaur! Thanks for reaching out! I've given our customer support crew a heads-up about your email. They'll check it out ASAP and get in touch with you once they've had a look.

          • @gotyourback: Yep, I'm having the same issue. $129.36 USD spent (212.96 NZD), 148.58 tracked. I chose a state in USA without GST/VAT so the full amount of 129.36 USD should be tracked.

            Edit: sent an email. As a suggestion, it would be SO helpful if the app showed what currency is being tracked (such as 148 USD or NZD).

            Considering its tracking a $5 referral in nzd, and the $148 with no distinction between currencies, this leads me to believe that its $148 NZD (which is incorrect).

    • +1

      got the same amount as you.

  • +1

    I grabbed my plan and the cashback has already been tracked!

    • +1

      Hey @lukeroge! Stoked your Cashback is finally showing up! Need anything else? Don't be shy - ask away in the comments or DM us. We're here for ya!

  • @gotyourback

    Have purchased it via the app but when i follow the steps on the 'tracking cashback' steps

    I can log in but next page where it says download for iOS once i click that, i get "only purchases on nordvpn website qualify for cashback" and it reverts back to step 1 where its asking me to log in

    • Hey @ashnizzle! Sounds like you having trouble redirecting to NordVPN from your App. To get you on the right track, can you shoot us a DM? That way, we can dig into this and get you where you need to be. We'll be waiting

  • 100% cashback Surfshark - July 19-25.
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