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$25 off $50 Order @ Teddy App (First Orders Only)

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  • At teddy app
  • Limited locations only
  • Coupon code entered at checkout

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  • I tried it and it is showing as “Add more to your basket to qualify for this discount” - tried with $55 total and $100, both does not work (Auckland Central)

    • Worked for me. Do you have alcohol in your cart?

  • worked for me, recommend the meat pack!

    • Where is the meat pack? can only find a small selection for my region

      • I can't find it anymore, it's called "waste sucks"

  • Happy shopper here

  • +1

    Wow expensive

    • Everything I bought ended up being significantly cheaper than any supermarket after the 50% off.

  • +3

    Great concept, but I'll be surprised if they last the year.

    • Get it while it lasts then, eh?

  • +2

    Ugh please don't put your phone number into this app. I've been trying to opt out of their incessant text messages for weeks, to no avail. Pain in the ass.

    • Sorry to hear - keen to sort this out!
      Please send the mobile number to [email protected] and we'll stop it right away.

  • +2

    Several of these startups have gone bust in Australia in the last 6 months. I dont aee Teddy lasting long.

  • Had a great experience and quick and easy to use.
    Some of the groceries are cheap but not all.

    Once ordered, recieved a phone call and within the next hour had a link sent with tracking which arrived promptly.

    Couldnt recommend enough with the discount.

  • they dont ship to my address

  • Thanks stocked up on some whittakers for $3.50 a block which isn’t bad

  • Not in Wellington.

  • +1


  • Thanks, bought x6 items all cheaper than the supermarket and they arrived at my door 2-3 hours later.

    Not bad for $58.82 worth of groceries discounted to $28.82 including delivery.

    • +1

      I've been waiting to make an order to another house but they seem to never have any eggs in stock anymore. Also they've increased prices and taken away the 2nd $2 bread and $1 milk.

      Also your maths seems wrong as you've got a $30 discount instead of $25

      • +1

        Hope you find the eggs in-stock. I managed to find a 10 pack however most were out of stock.

        And thank you good spot, it was $53.82 worth of groceries not $58.82.

  • Enjoyed the discount and certainly saved money with 50% off. Ontime delivery, great quality, really enjoyed their lamb ribs. Wouldn't be likely to use with their normal prices however I'm very price conscious. Was surprised when looking on a number of days that some 'staples' out of stock e.g. 2L milk - don't think they will do well unless they always have basics avail - at their pricing would only likely use when desperately needed something and couldn't get cheaper elsewhere in time or couldn't go to a store for some reason - not much use if basic things not in stock.

  • they dont deliver to upper hutt

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