Flybuys/New World Point Swap: 28 Flybuys Points for $5 New World Dollars


For one last time, Points Swap is back!

Get in quick and swap your Flybuys Points for New World Dollars to put
towards your next shop at New World.*
Or, treat yourself or someone special to a New World Gift Card **

Step 1. Go to the Flybuys Store, check your balance and swap your Points for New World Dollars which get loaded onto your Clubcard
Step 2. If you haven't already set your PIN on your Clubcard
Step 3. You're good to go! You can spend your New World Dollars instore or online

Terms & conditions

*Flybuys Points can be swapped for New World Dollars online through the Flybuys Store at 28 Flybuys Points = 5 New World Dollars. New World Dollars can be used as a form of payment for purchases at any New World in-store or online. Excludes New World fuel sites. 1 New World Dollar is equivalent in value to 1 New Zealand Dollar, when used in-store or online at New World. New World Dollars are loaded onto a New World Clubcard and you must have a registered Clubcard to swap your Flybuys Points for New World Dollars. You can sign up for a Clubcard with the New World app see here [] A maximum Clubcard limit of 2,000 New World Dollars applies, including any amount earnt through Flybuys currency conversion. You will need sufficient room on your Clubcard to be able to load the full amount of your New World Dollars purchase. Check your current Clubcard balance at before swapping your Flybuys Points for New World Dollars. Where New World Dollars are used as a payment at a New World store, no change will be given. The amount of the purchase using New World Dollars will be deducted from the available balance on your Clubcard and the balance (if any) will remain for future use. New World Dollars expire 24 months after your Clubcard was last loaded with New World Dollars. Any balance that remains on your Clubcard after expiry will not be available for use. Flybuys Store terms and conditions apply and in accordance with clause 2.2 New World Dollars conversions may be removed from the Flybuys Store at any time without prior notice. See here [] for full Flybuys Store terms and conditions. Clubcard terms and conditions apply,

**Get a $20 gift card for 150 Flybuys Points or a $50 gift card for 375 Flybuys Points online through the Flybuys Store at New World Gift Cards can be used as a form of payment at any New World store including New World Fresh Collective. Excludes New World fuel sites and online purchases. Where Gift Cards are used as payment at a New World store, no change will be given. The amount of the purchase made using a Gift Card will be deducted from the available balance on your Gift Card and the balance (if any) will remain for future use. Gift Cards are to be collected in store within 30 days from the date of redemption. Gift Cards expire 24 months from date of issue. Any balance that remains on the card after expiry will not be available for use. Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

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    If you can use 50L Z or Caltex fuel might be a beter value points exchange
    e.g. 300points will get a discount of $2.25 cents per litre ($112.5 discount if getting the maximum of 50L)
    Works out at $0.375 per point

    NewWorld deal is $0.178 per point

    • Z is definitely my preferred option but good to see they are giving people right up until the end of Flybuys to exchange their points.

    • +1

      For me, Z is 14 cents a litre more expensive than the nearby Tasman Fuels, so for me it works out a bit less at $0.35 per point but still more beneficial!

    • Thanks for this tip. From memory, don't you have to use up the Z discount within a month or so?

      • +1

        The Z fuel discount needs to be used up at the end of the following month in which you received the discount.
        ie. any discount received in July needs to be used by the end of August.

        This is not a problem now as you can convert your Flybuys at any time to fuel discount as per this post
        The conversion happens in a few minutes.

  • +1

    Thank you, had exactly 224 points which was exactly 8 lots for $40. Don't think we were going to make it to the $50 giftcard before the points were dead, so this is perfect cheers.

  • +1

    Thanks, I have exactly 28 points left, enough for $5

  • anyone who has done this - how long do they take to appear on your NW account?

    • Straight away.

      • +1

        thanks - think I have an issue then - redeemed and it is def the right clubcard on my flybuys but there is a zero balance on my NW dollars still :(
        UPDATE: contacted NW. some go through immediate - some can take a couple of hours - if they dont load in a couple of hours, contact 08003592897

  • What is the next best value for money conversion gift card or deals from Flybuys?
    Would love to do NW Clubcard however the Clubcard isn't showing up in the Flybuys account even though both cards have the same email for registration etc.

    • I would just phone them.
      There is still plenty of time and if NW dollars is what you want then may as well get them with your points.

      • +1

        Sweet, dumb question - phone Flybuys or NW to get them both linked together?
        Ignore, will call Flybuys first.

      • +1

        Looks like I can't because card is already linked to the airpoints :(

  • wow i could get $230 to new world

  • Its says "142 pts 27 expiring View Spend points"
    Shows 0 NW $, how do I action this?

  • So turns out if you have your Flybuys linked with Airpoints card, you cannot convert to NW dollars.
    I use Diesel so what would you recommend as the next best value for money purchase /conversion from Flybuys points? I have like 600!

    • Why not convert your points to Z Fuel? You can use all fuel types including diesel.
      Your 600 points is worth $4.50 per litre discount (up to 50L) but you don't need to convert it all at once - just what you need as the disocunt expires at the end of the following month.

      • Ah because NPD usually always have it way cheaper than Z and if not that I have Farmlands fuel for Diesel.
        Also, I have a funny feeling that Flybuys points cannot be 'converted' as long as my Airpoints card is connected to the Flybuys account.

        • Bugger.
          I guess you could always buy the New World cards with your points.
          It's not as good as the points swap deal but would at least get rid of them and give you something useful.
          A $50 New World Card is 375 points instead of the 280 with the swap.

    • Can't you change the rewards type on Flybuys? Or what if you link another Flybuys card and use it to convert

      • I went into ClubCard website and chose to "Change Rewards" and applied to change from Airpoints to Flybuys.
        Hopefully this links my ClubCard to Flybuys account.
        It says it takes around 5 business days to do this transfer. Hopefully this transfer goes through before some of my Flybuys points expire!

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