50% off First Woop Box (New Users Only) @ Woop

50% Off Your First WOOP Box!

Code has come through to me a couple of times in email, doesn't seem to have an expiry at this stage.

Generally an expensive option compared to the likes of Hello Fresh & My Food Bag, but at 50% brings on par with the aforementioned and of better quality.

Happy cooking! 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳

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  • Thanks for the post. I checked out the foodie plan for two, and in all honesty the meals look identical to what I get in my bargain box. May give the 50% off a try for a week, but then I am also thinking is it really worth all the time, putting my current box on hold etc and making sure I cancel the Woop box in time.

    • Up to you really. I cancel my HelloFresh plan all the time so that I can use another 50% off code. Just annoying that the discount sometimes disappears if you skip a week.

      • Can you suggest how to do that successfully? We used to do it back then in my flat with the first box free but eventually they found out and cancelled our orders, cos even thought we used different names, email and contact details, it was being delivered to the same house. Are they more lenient with the 50% off the first box?

        • Sounds like we've been doing different things. You were getting the first box free over and over again whereas I've always just created new accounts and taken advantage of 40/50% off codes.

    • Woop is way faster as potatoes are pre cut etc and sauces are already made in pottles

  • +3

    Have used them all, Woop is by far the nicest and quickest to make but it does cost more.

    The time saved is worth it to me

    • Yea compared to Hello Fresh, Woop recipes are wayyyy nicer and tastier. Also easier to prepare.

  • +2

    Exactly, Woop is way more prepared and comes together faster than the others so don't compare on the dishes alone.

    Having also tried them all I'd say hello fresh is the cheapest, but also the worst.

  • Woop stillll doesn't come to Marlborough unfortunately as would be worth trying for 50% off!

  • +3

    Stunningly low on recipes! There are only 8 recipes to choose from every week, and that includes the specialty ones such as vegetarian. I absolutely won't be going past the first delivery. When I was signing up, I was under the impression that there would be more to choose from, so I went ahead and paid, but it's just 8.

    • +1

      I don't necessarily see this as a problem. Just look at Hello Fresh—they have pages of available recipes, but they don't do any of them overly well. This also leads to trouble sourcing products and ingredients for such a vast number of recipes, which surely results in all the terrible substitutions, missing items, or poor-quality ingredients I always seem to get in at least one of my meals.

      • Thank you for the information. This definitely seems to be a problem with Hello Fresh. I have never used them before, and based on what you've said, I wont.

  • +3

    $202 for 4 meals for 2 people? That's $50 a meal. For $50 I could buy a leg of lamb, a whole pumpkin, bag of spuds, gravy, carrots and broccoli, and still have enough left over for the 2 loaves of bread I'll need for all the lamb sandwiches I'll be eating for the next week!

    If you use these places you must have too much money, I envy you.

    • +1

      It's convenience for people more than anything

    • +1

      That’s why I only buy it at half price. 5 meals for 2 people $73 at HF. Enough for lunch and dinner for myself. Convenience.

    • It's $25 a meal at those prices, but your point that WOOP is incredibly expensive still stands. I'm going to try it at 50% off but it'll probably be the first and last time.

      • -1

        Yeah I can be pedantic as well, you cook a meal, you don't cook a plate. It's $25 a plate, $50 a meal.

  • +1

    My Food Bag 50% off first, 20% off second sale5020

    • As usual it works on the other MFB platforms too(ie bargainbox)

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