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SOLIDIGM 670p (Formerly Intel) 1TB M.2 NVMe Internal SSD $89 Delivered @ PB Tech


Found this SSD with a low price.

Read Speed:
3500 MBps

Write Speed:
2500 MBps

Seems like a decent W/R speed with pice 3.0.

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  • Extra $10 for Gen 4 in the Kingston. $96 delivered from Amazon AU…

    Daily Steal offer seems alright. Been thinking of getting something like this for my work laptop. Yet to look on Ali.

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      According to the specs on PB's website speeds are the same, but the SOLIDIGM has 2 years extra warranty so would rather go that over the Kingston.

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        I would pretty much ignore specs for SSD other than warranty on PB Tech.

        Both the 670p and Crucial P3 Plus are QLC. But the 670p has DRAM.…

        The Kingston NV2 is a more complicated beast. It's one of those cheap commodity SSDs made by a third party where they only really say it will be certain (useless) raw performance metrics. The hardware can vary depending on what's cheapest.

        I doubt it ever has DRAM but it can have TLC . IMO TLC without DRAM vs QLC with DRAM I'd still go with the TLC. The 2 extra years warranty is probably not that important at this price and considering the chances of it dying while under TBW in those extra 2 years probably aren't that high.

        So if you can confirm it's TLC either by physically inspecting it at PB Tech or maybe by seeing what people are currently getting from Amazon e.g. OzB might be worth going the NV2.

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          I am no expert but according to this review Kingston looks bad.

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            @ace310: That's the same thing I linked to. And as far as I can tell (I'm on mobile so it's hard to check especially with all the ads) they only reviewed the 2TB where they had a QLC. For whatever reason they didn't review their 1TB sample which had TLC. For clarity I agree the 670p is a better choice if your NV2 is QLC or likely to be. Probably even if you can't be sure. Also pretty much any SSD this low end price is going to be bad, it's just a matter of which is least bad.

            • @Nil Einne: Oops didn't see the link you mentioned.

            • @Nil Einne: Is 670p good for secondary drive for having VMs on? Or should I spend bit more and get something else?

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    I was just wondering why they would rename the brand as Intel is much better known. Googled it, Intel's SSD division was sold to SK Hynix, who make memory chips.

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    Also Crucial P3 1Tb available for the same price with 5 years warranty.…

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      The Crucial P3 drive lacks a DRAM cache.

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    Looking at reviews, Intel comes out on top compared to Crucial and Kingston mentioned above

  • all these words like QLC, TLC and DRAM floating around, whats the best bang for the buck or is it all very minute differences that won't mean much for most people

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      I bought crucial MX DRAM version to compare vs DRAMLESS BX 500gb SSD.

      BX transferring 5gb, 8 file TV show onto 980 pro = 250mb/s
      Cloned drive onto MX
      DRAM transferring exactly same 5gb, 8 file TV show onto 980 pro = 450mb/s

      I also had windows install on the BX dramless and it was starting to feel a bit sluggish, having to wait for programes to load on start up etc.

      All in all, for the extra $20 DRAM is worth it.
      Its not too impactful waiting 2-5 seconds, but add it all up over time and it started to get noticeable.

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