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ASUS RT-AX56U AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 Router $144.10 Delivered @ Amazon AU


It's back & cheaper than before

Brand ASUS
Series RT-AX56U
Special feature Access Point Mode
Frequency band class Dual-Band
Wireless Type 5 GHz Radio Frequency, 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency

About this item

  • Supporting the latest Wi-Fi standard 802.11AX (Wi-Fi 6) and 80MHz bandwidth
  • Built for multi-device households
  • Increase capacity and efficiency
  • Commercial-grade security for your home network

OzBargain version here

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Would love to get hands on AX86U for a good deal!

    • Try to get the pro version in case you are eyeing for AX86U.

      • Didn’t know there was one! But they are pretty pricey. Love my AC86u, just want the Wi-Fi 6

        • I know. I got GT-AX6000 last month from US for $450 (Friend delivered :)) and looks like AX86U pro is almost identical.

          • @ace310: I just want the OpenVPN built in server tbh, does the ax6000 have it? Skimmed the specs just now but can't find it has a openvpn server built in.

            • @mickey9876: Yes. I can see the option on my AX6000.

              • @ace310: In your opinion, how does the ax6000 compare to ax86u? I don't game at all, but a ton of streaming and more tons of usenet/direct downloads etc
                I'm wondering if the "ROG" gaming features may be wasted on me plus last time I had a gaming router, I had to turn off all the gaming features in order to get the fastest download speeds!

                • @mickey9876: I don't game either and haven't touch any gaming features on the router.

                  Both are almost identical. Main reason going with this was 2 x 2.5g ports other than it was bit cheaper then ax86u.

                  Here is the comparison

                  Edit: Better info

                  • @ace310: Pros of the AX86U apparently has "Has a dedicated smartphone app" - I thought the ROG will use the same app? I'm currently using the Asus Router app from the appstore and its a breeze.

                    • @mickey9876: Yes, using asus router app as well. Not sure what is different in that dedicated app.

                      • @ace310: Unless it is just an error by the "versus.com" site where they failed to pickup both routers use the same app? Maybe the gaming one uses ROG skinned version of the same app - maybe.

                        • @mickey9876: Yes, I have ROG skinned version in the app but changed it to old blue theme as I am used to it. But as I said haven't touch any of those gaming features. I have also disabled all rog lightings as well. It is the same app I had my old RT-AC59u router on. Both are listed there.

                          • @ace310: Same, I've turned off the lights and turned off the QoS features as well.
                            PBtech has it for $519 at the mo but might wait for someone local to sell on marketplace

                            • @mickey9876: One used on trademe for reserve $450 or $490 for a demo unit

            • @mickey9876: Don't all Asus wrt routers have that? My old ac 55 one from stuff even had it. Probably not quite as good as on the better models but I definitely used it a.lot when I had that thing. Considering getting a pair of these just to have the functionality back along with a mesh network to upgrade from my mesh in bridge mode and orbi from 2degrees.

              • @Everettpsycho: Yea totally, so love my little asus wrt. I've had other brands and maybe other than the old linksys ones, most of the new ones were a bit finnicky to use and set up. Asus been a set and forget set up for me since the AC86U.

                • @mickey9876: I had skinny, tendas and now orbi and none of them have the functionality the Asus had. I can't get the orbi VPN server working at all and their app is pretty awful.

                  Also bugs me I have my isp router running a 2.4ghz network for smart devices to keep them off the 5ghz band my phone's and laptops use, and my tendas running both 5 and 2.4 as I can't turn off the 2.4 on those. The Asus I could just set up a different ssid on each band and it would work much easier to avoid congestion on the 5ghz signal and have all my smart stuff doing its own thing down on 2.4.

                  • @Everettpsycho: Ah okay, well good to know that I should probably stick with Asus as well then.. I thought those features you mentioned regarding same ssids, should be easy enough to set up with any non-generic-brand router these days!

                    • @mickey9876: It's mainly the tendas at fault, they are fine but lack some functionality, but when I got them they were cheap for a mesh unit and I had the old Asus doing the heavy lifting to run the actual network and cover up their flaws. As a 5ghz access point they got the job done though.

                      I'm on the fence whether one good router or two if these in mesh makes the most sense now though. Our house isn't ridiculous in size but the central 5ghz channel on the last couple struggled to reach all corners of the property whole the tendas are still going full throttle at those spots.

              • @Everettpsycho: I moved from my orbi rbr20 with 1 satellite to just one of GT-AX6000 and it covers whole house and probably more then what orbi did. Plus, this is faster as well overall. Orbi was hardwired so it should have been at the maximum efficiency still asus is miles ahead.

                Also, so many options especially parental controls and profiles for Qos

                • @ace310: Bit the bullet and got the ax-6000. So far great. Much better Wi-Fi speeds than the AC86U but similar wired speeds which isn’t too bad anyway. Now just if I could figure out how to get rid of ROG theme on the app lol brb Google

                  • @mickey9876: Nice. You won't regret it. It is a great router. How much you got it for if you don't mind?

                    Click on top left 3 bar/Google icon(if linked with Google). There is theme option.

                    • +1

                      @ace310: Phew, changed it to blue and life’s back to normal! Yea sure it’s 579 from PB with free security camera which my mate bought off me for 100 so paid 479. Happy with that tbh.

                      Now wondering if
                      1. I should keep using the OpenVPN to access my server while I’m out and about or give built in Wireguard a go.

                      1. The device list when I’m renaming & updating the icons(for eg I had downloaded little icons for phones, heat pump etc) but they seem not to be sticking and not carrying over to the web version
        • Currently use AC86U too. Considering to upgrade to AX82U for future proofing although strictly not require it I guess.

          Found this: https://playtech.co.nz/products/asus-rt-ax82u-dual-band-wi-f…

          which from what I read is a stripped down version of AX86U.
          EDIT: reading more, it is a "gaming" version of AX58U, so probably AC86U is the better one to use (bar Wifi 5)

  • This might be a silly question - I need a replacement router for my 5+-year-old FritzBox, which connects to my ONT. I already have a WiFI google mesh system, but I could use this as a router for port forwarding, etc to replace my FritzBOX?

    • +1

      Should be good enough. How big is the house, wondering you can totally replace your fritzbox and google mesh with this.

      • We have a two-story house with a half level on the lower floor - So really we would need a 3-point mesh network. I was just looking at upgrading our FritzBox, which acts as a router only at the moment , and wondering if this would be a step up for general performance ?

  • How does this compare to the Netgear Orbi RBR350 modem that ElectricKiwi and Slingshot offer on their fibre packages?

    • Frankly, Asus has better functionality & app then Orbi. Saying that both are AX1800 so might be same in performance may be or Asus might be better overall. It all depends on the location of the router, house layout, type of walls and how many devices you are really looking to connect. Also, what speed you have on fibre. Not easy to compare. I moved away from orbi to Asus and wish had done sooner.

      In case you are looking for adding another node in the mesh, I would recommend go with Asus.

      • Thanks for your thoughts Ace :)

  • Anyone know if the RT-AX56U / AX1800 supports DNS over TLS (DoT) Thank you!!

  • Its live again

  • +1

    Ended up buying a pair of these and had them set up as mesh unit. So far so good it's solved all the quirks of my old set up and it's working really well on a 300/100 connection.

    Only thing in wrestling with on this is getting it's vpn server and ddns working on 2degrees. I just can't seem to get it to connect via open vpn.

    • Asus router has it's own DDNS. I believe that's what you are trying to use? I am using mine fine without any issues. Not configured vpn so no idea about it. I am with Skinny broadband.

      • Yeah so it's an asuscomm address is set up. I can see the IP address on the checker for that but the vpn just won't connect at all. I've had aniyher Asus router in the past and it worked just fine so no idea what I'm doing wrong this time around.

  • Brought the AX56U when this was on special and then got the AX6000 last week on special to use as a MESH. The AX6000 actually covers my whole property without needing the AX56U.

    Awesome - but I now have an unopened AX56U just outside the return window.

    Anyhow - so impressed with the AX6000. Great piece of kit.

    • +1

      Yup. Loving my AX6000. Wish I had done this sooner.

  • Appreciate your advice - it's how I went down this path. Thanks again.

    • How much you got it for?

  • +2

    $519 for the AX6000. There was also the $140 on the AX56U but I'll probably marketplace it or gift it to my parents.

    Still can't believe how good this thing is - all my connection issues gone.

  • hi, anyone used this router for either myrebuplic or slingshot? any problems or works fine? thanks

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