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Sandisk Ultra 64GB Micro SDXC Memory Card $14.00 @ Noel Leeming


I suspect this may be an all time low… unsure.

No discounts on CSC or other platforms, so pretty good indication that it is in fact a good price.

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Noel Leeming
Noel Leeming

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    MicroSD card CSC pricing for the curious

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    Shame the 128gb is out of stock here & warehouse - needed one for my steam deck

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      I got a 256GB SanDisk from flashtrend.co.nz for my GoPro and they're cheap af. It looks like a scam website but after I checked a tonne of aussie site reviews I bit the bullet and was pleasantly surprised. Ran all the usual speed checks and storage size checks and all legit.

      • Nice, yeah I saw that website briefly during Black Friday sales and it looked borderline too good to be true, but didn't have time to investigate. Nice to know it's legit, thanks!

  • I bought 2 of these for just under $17 each a couple of weeks ago using CSC.

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    Bought a 1tb samsung evo plus micro sd on ebay $33 nz free shipping

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      Do you know how to test it for legitimacy?

      I just looked them up and super suspicious at the price. 1TB SSDs are still >$100 and SD card capacities are extremely easy to spoof.

      Looking further into it, all of the sellers are identical (same few products, same prices), but different names with feedback in the tens, I would be shocked if it weren't a scam and expect it's actually a 16GB or 8GB card, using flash they can't sell anymore.

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        If you need to know how to check if it's real, basically the address register has been expanded and told it's 1TB but the underlying flash will be significantly smaller. So when you load data onto it, once it hits the real capacity of the NAND it will still THINK it's loading the data but it will just be dumped into the void.

        So to see the real capacity (which is much harder than it used to be due to the sheer data size), simply fill the drive then try to access the data.

        EG, grab like a 30GB movie, rename it 1, copy it on, rename it 2, copy it on and do that 10 times (300GB), then try to open them all. If the first one is corrupted, then it's real capacity is less than 30GB, if the second one is corrupted, it's less than 60GB etc. If they all work, then repeat all the way up to 1TB. If all 30 odd movies instances are fully watchable, then it's a legitimate 1TB drive.

        The one advantage that modern scammers have, is if they use a real capacity that will take a couple months to fill (say, 32GB) on normal usage on an SD card, then the buyers never realise until it's too late. Back in the day when they posted 256MB cards as 16GB cards, it was rare that the corruption wasn't quickly discovered since 256MB is such a small amount of data.

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          Oh, haha, it's definitely a scam, Samsung don't yet make a 1TB Evo Plus Micro SD. Max size = 512GB.

          You got scammed.

      • Sd cards are much cheaper on ebay and amazon than in nz in general. And there's over 20 reviews from previous purchasers all saying they are genuine. Also ebay has buyer protection so im covered if they're fake. Have made a claim and was refunded 10 minutes later. But yes first thing I'll do is check it for genuine thanks

        • SD cards are cheaper than NZ, but they're not cheaper than same capacity SSDs until you get to dumping sizes (about 16GB and below these days), but they stop making SSDs when they get to dumping sizes.

      • I use hwtest, fills the drive then verify.

  • @Bargainstalker can you share the link to the $33 microsd? Thanks

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      It's a scam, "if it's too good to be true". See above.

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    Is the link If it works.
    The "move to sd card" app says the size of memory available so ill know if they're fake straight away. The sellers stats are 73 sold and 100% positive feedback so guess ill see when it arrives

    • May as well fill out the claim form now, that shit is as fake as they come. As danvelopment mentioned, that product doesn't even exist.

    • That checks the address register, which is spoofed, it doesn't directly check the NAND. If it directly checked the NAND it would take more than two HOURS before it could report the capacity (say 130MB/s reads, 1,000,000MB to read the state of every bit on the NAND)

      You won't know if it's fake by using that, and if the memory is 16-32GB then you probably won't hit that consumption and try to use the files before the buyer protection runs out.

      I mean, you already know it's fake, but if it were, say a 512GB card, or a 128GB card you wouldn't immediately know it's fake unless you were loading large movies on to go on a trip or something and suddenly find they're all corrupted.

      The seller has positive feedback because people put it in and works, no one immediately drops 500GB of files on then tries to access them unless they suspect it's fake. They only discover that later when they have to, say, travel, load on a bunch of movies/music. Hop on the plane and 90% of it doesn't work.

      It's a simple premise, you have your NAND, which is 32GB, you tell the address register (which records the blocks) it has 1000GB, then GB 31-1000 just points at GB 31-32 and constantly overwrites it. The device you plug in reads the address register, and it goes, "I have 1TB of blocks available", you copy on 100GB, the first 31GB fills the real NAND, then 32-100GB are constantly dropped onto the last blocks, so the last 1GB contains 99-100.

      Then you try to access the files that were say, at point 77GB and your device says "Can't read the files, corrupted"

      During the load process, though, since it IS actually writing NAND (albeit over and over), and since the first set of files are working, everything looks normal. EG if you load your camera photos onto it from your phone, it would take months before you hit, say 32GB of consumption whatever the real capacity is as backed up by the NAND. And you can't file a dispute months later (if the shop even existed, they'll wind up the moment some people start checking and leaving bad feedback, if you look there is a LOT of identical shops and they're all set as personal sellers)

      • Your a legend. Your advice got me the refund thank you very much. And hopefully we stopped someone else from getting scammed

  • Oh well no worries, it's quick and easy to get a refund from ebay. And maybe will get to keep whatever size it is, that's what happened with sunglasses I bought from ebay

  • And a tip for choicecheapies fans. If you pay with ping on trademe you also have buyer protection.if the goods don't arrive or aren't as described trademe will refund you. But only if you pay with ping

  • Thanks for the info about checking size. Have 80 gb of movies on my 128 gb sandisk ultra sd (Thanks to mp3 juices and 2degrees free data hour every day) so can load and check those for corruption if the card im getting is set up to fool the move to sd card app. Will keep you posted

  • Thanks for all the advice. The 1tb sd samsung evo plus cards are fake. They have been doctored so the app says 1 tb so can't say what size they actually are, but after putting 80gb of movies on most movies are corrupted. Have informed ebay and going for a return/refund, will let you know how that goes. Danvelopement knows his tech , thanks!

  • There's a lot of sellers selling these on ebay. Seems to be a huge scam. Not surprised they're on ali and amazon also.
    I was surprised about the immaculate packaging and clever programming just for a $33 nz card. I'd hazard a guess there's likely a factory mass producing them all

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