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Google Pixel 6a - Unlocked Android 5G Smartphone: Charcoal A$498, Chalk A$504 Approx. Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU


475.80 AUD about 495 NZD + price on ships from free shipping to new zealand
I use free card put money via my kiwi bank to transferwise. in aud . gives me good exchange rate ,

Lowest price ever for Pixel 6a fyi pixel 7a is about 7 months away ,

as per my testing/voting for camera quality, i seem to like images captured by pixel 6a

as per youtube reviews pixel 6a camera though very old sony sensor the quality due to google software is amazing

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Imagine this doesn't support NZ's 5G bands, like most imports? either way, great price.

    • You can enable 5G if you are comfortable with rooting, same with volte.

      • Have you got a link for that? keen to read more but a quick google didn't turn up much

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… the pixel 6 pro instructions worked for my 6a

          • @taeken: sadly I'm too stupid to understand how to do this :(

          • @taeken: If you root the phone doesn't that stop some apps from working as they check for root? e.g. Banking apps

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              @mpc: Z App / Sharetank wont work either for those wondering

            • @mpc: No issues with apps if you hide root from them, I use kiwibank and bnz no worries, Z app too

              • @taeken:

                No issues with apps if you hide root from them, I use kiwibank and bnz no worries, Z app too

                Are you able to then use mock location apps for Z? I've tried rooting with Magisk + Zygisk/LSPosed but Z picks up the device is rooted :(

                • @Moodkiller: I use Zygisk and add any app I don't want to detect root to the enforcedeny list, haven't had any issues with the Z app but I haven't tried using mock locations.

                  • @taeken:

                    I use Zygisk and add any app I don't want to detect root to the enforcedeny list, haven't had any issues with the Z app but I haven't tried using mock locations.

                    Gottcha - I just found that deny list and it does indeed solve the root detection. Unfortunately mock location is still detected. Good to know

          • @taeken: Forgot to mention 5G also works…

      • I currently have a Pixel 4xl which doesn't work with NZ Vodafone wifi-calling (which Vodafone frustratingly changed from their previous universal 'suresignal' femtocell system).

        I just picked up a 2nd hand Pixel 6 pro while visiting family here in Australia and I'm hoping it will work 'out of the box' with NZ Voda wifi-calling, would you happen to know if that's the case… or will I need to consider rooting in order to achieve this? I'm not too fussed if 5G doesn't work due to potential band incompatibility…

        Thanks for any advice/insight 🙏

        • With the volte magisk module linked above wifi calling is enabled on Kogan and works on the 6a, I assume it would be the same on vodafone as Kogan uses the vodafone network. No wifi calling without the module unfortunately.

    • I think it does.. might need someone to confirm. It's the international version and has support for 5G as per this.

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    5G is certainly not necessary for me, 4G is fast enough in most cases including Netflix streaming etc.

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    OP — can you clarify what you mean by the Wise Free card? When I look it says the Wise debit card costs $14

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      He might have got it free when they had this promo

      I got it at that time. But even without it, I would say one-off $14 investment is the best you can do. I have been using it way to often especially the random virtual cards.

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      Is your mum selling her phone

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        not anytime soon

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      What kind of phone?

      Pixel6a seems pretty good

      • "the $330nzd phone" is as close as you are gonna get.

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    Tech YouTuber MKBHD recently did a blind camera test on smartphones that came out in 2022 and the Pixel 6a was the best out of them all. Worth a watch!

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    Pixel phones are so underrated here in NZ, as we've been brainwashed with Apple and Samsung. I'd go pixel any day over anything else having used all major brands. While this isn't flagship Pixel model, still great phone for the price.

    • Shame on Google. MIA in NZ. Unavailable and unsupported.

      • Apple and Samsung own the major share here and NZ is a tiny market, not really cost viable. Also we only have 2 major Telcos here .

        You can buy new pixel phones from mighty ape since kogan took over ownership, which makes it a lot easier to buy a pixel in nz than in the past

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      marketing, samesung and apple pay alot, its just unfortunate that non tech savy people buy a cheap samsung and get all that bloatware

      • I worked for an electronics retailer (guess which one in nz hmmm) and you'd get people whose only options through that channel were samsung, oppo or iphone. We did sell much better motorolla and nokia phones but none of those brands invested in fittings so we couldn't show them the actual phones.

        Also folks, especially older folks have such silly brand loyalty sometimes, often it's fear of change or learning something new… even though they're sometimes coming from a touchwiz samsung from 2013 anyway.

        Also had lots of people ended up replacing their slow, maybe 2 year old galaxy A50s with A52 or A53 and I just grimace.

        • Yes, most people i know use samsung, a friend just got one gifted and i was reluctant to set it up knowing it will be complicated have 2 apps that do the same function and having 2 eco systems.
          Thats why i tell them to get an iphone to save me the hassle.

          • @coffeee: That makes little sense. I got my wife a Samsung s22, (the little 6.1" model as it fits her hand well and was the size she liked). There were no issues setting it up - it wasn't 'complicated' at all and I don't know what you're on about with the '2 apps that do the same function' . An Iphone has it's own issues for sure. Apple operating systems are not always the most friendly.

    • Apple and Samsung? Pshhhhhhhh here i am still using my trusty blackberry

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      I bought a pixel 7 for $1100.

      5g aside, it's the best phone i've had. Came from iphone 13… Which I had to return when exiting a job.

      I used to have a oneplus 7 pro a few years ago. Fantastic phone.

    • GrapheneOS too! (if you're privacy inclined).

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    I've been using my Pixel 4A for the last two years, it's still going strong plus it has free Google Photos upload.

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    Thank you for this post. I need to replace my prepaid phone and don't know where to start so I'm finding this post, and the comments, helpful, thanks! I don't mind which brand I replace it with (current phone iPhone 4, I've had it for nearly 10 years) just after a great buy :)

  • I placed an order like 5-6 hours ago, order still hasn’t been confirmed nor charged me. Anyone else has same issue?

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    Any other recommendations for phones in this price bracket?

    • Samsung A53 5G
      Xiaomi Poco F3
      Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G
      Realme 10 Pro+ (Did well in MKBHD blind camera standard test)
      Samsung S20 FE if you can find this on sale. It's a few years old now so you will only get updates till 2025.

      • Xiaomi especially Redmi Note 11 has the worst camera and nowhere it can compete with Pixel 6A. Sorry to say that but I am using it now and I really want to buy Pixel 6A or 7A next year after reading heaps of the reviews.

    • I'm looking for recommendations also. Need to replace my 10 year old phone, it's on its last legs.

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        This thread warrants a poll: "How old is your phone?" Mine is 5 years old.

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    blog on all the phones compared by mkbhd's survey about 20 million poeple have voted via blind test pixel 6a comes on top also top for low price phone with fantastic software and camera and also many things google not there on any other phone and flagship tensor google processor…

    next best opiton is
    realme 10 Pro plus is also 500 nzd approx in India about 25000 inr which has 67 w charging hdr 120hz screen etc not sure if it will be available in nz or au .[]=color&sattr[]=ram&st=color

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      Thanks, I need a new phone and since this post have been looking into the Pixel 6a - the only consistent negative comment I've found seems to be the battery life which many have said it doesn't last the day, unfortunately.

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        I am on vanilla Android on moto g52 it has a slightly larger battery ie 5000 mah pixel 6a has 4400 mah and i belive Google has better optimization for pixel .
        As per reviews tensor with Android had many bugs which are mostly fixed now .

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        I've had mine for a few months now. According to AccuBattery, I drain 10.4% per hour with screen on and 1.7% per hour with screen off, with a comined use of 3.4% per hour. This is mostly just browsing the internet, Google maps, and phone calls.

        I'm pretty happy with it, but I'm coming from an old S9 which definitely had some battery issues.

  • This model seems to be G1AZG which seems to use the following bands for primary 5G SA/NSA/Sub6 (1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 12, 20, 25, 28, 30, 40, 48, 66, 71, 77, 78).

    So that would be compatible with NZ I assume?

    • Lots of bands on 5 g i am on unlimited data i cap out at 250 ish kbps or around so 4 g is good enough plus 4g has 700 MHz lte which is very usefull for me in Canterbury which is very good at rural NZ i use moto g52 it has vanilla Android / india made will get pixel 7a at first deal

    • Since google does not sell pixels here they dont provide local carrier settings, you will have to unlock/root the phone to get 5g, otherwise remain on 4g.

      • So 5G needs special carrier settings unlocked on individual handsets? What is the point of that?🤔

  • @Wakrak

    The Chalk version is still available, it's just the Charcoal that has gone up in price. I clicked this listing thinking I had missed out. I just made an order for one as my wife just dropped her phone an hour ago.

    • Sweet. Edited.

  • I ordered a charcoal pixel a week ago.
    Still no confirmation of shipping.
    Anyone else had any luck?
    I see the charcoal price has dropped again.

    • I have yet to be charged and it hasn't been shipped. I ordered on the 4th.

    • I ordered on Jan 2nd and still not shipped

  • Both at a similar price now

  • Deal has expired just FYI

  • Status: Preparing for Shipment.. err.. ordered on the 29th. Anyone got theirs shipped?

    • Nope still waiting

      • Just got shipping notification. Arriving 5th Feb apparently.

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