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Ah well, hopefully someone else can benefit, still a really good deal anyway!
24/03/2023 - 22:24
Interesting... It worked for me half an hour ago, maybe you've used it before? Or maybe they've removed it. Dunno!
24/03/2023 - 22:15
WELCOME50 seems to work for an additional $50 off as well (I went trawling through all the old codes posted on here and that's the only one…
24/03/2023 - 22:04
The trade-in app wanted a 16 digit pin to start the tests - do I make the pin up or should I have received one somewhere during the…
24/03/2023 - 18:08
Yes can I get a PM for 10% as well? Chat still isn't working for me at all. Thanks!
24/03/2023 - 17:13
Any guesses on when this sale will finish? Wondering if another market code will come out anytime soon.
10/03/2023 - 17:22
Do they maybe upgrade the size automatically in store when the voucher is applied? It adds $3 for me too when I change the crust in the app.
23/02/2023 - 18:11
This sounds amazing - can you share details? Is EPP the same as the education store/can the same deal be gotten?
17/02/2023 - 12:28
My C110 (linked further down the thread) arrived today and I've managed to get it to stream to my Google hub in the kitchen. It worked…
08/02/2023 - 18:57
Are they plug in or battery powered? Would be useful to be able to move them sometimes.....
01/02/2023 - 14:51
Any idea when this sale finishes at all? I can't tell from the Fiji airways site.
16/01/2023 - 22:54
Any flights from Wellington at all?
01/01/2023 - 17:39
Where can you get this? When I briefly Google only dodgy sites seem to appear.....
30/12/2022 - 16:02
Frustratingly, the exact trimmer I'm looking at is about 30% off in Oz, and still full price here!
26/12/2022 - 10:46
Anyone used these? What's the quality like?
26/12/2022 - 10:07
They do seem to have way better deals than us - I'll be keeping an eye out at Bunnings for sure though, thanks for the tip!
18/12/2022 - 19:50
Thanks all - really helpful comments. Might just make it an early Christmas present to myself! I'll also keep an eye out on trademe.
16/12/2022 - 12:55
I've got my eyes on a Ryobi one+ hedge trimmer. It doesn't seem like Ryobi ever goes on sale according to cheapies post except for their…
15/12/2022 - 23:03
Nice - a few of the other add ons are also on steep discounts e.g. for the MX series - batteries and filters etc.
14/12/2022 - 16:56
How did you turn off ads, and how did you get live tv working? Any recommended reading?
12/12/2022 - 20:29
Anyone spotted any good deals? Wondering if it's worth wandering into the local tonight.....
08/12/2022 - 11:54
They cancelled and refunded my m&ms order overnight sadly.
08/12/2022 - 09:40
Bose QuietComfort 45 Headphones $385 + Shipping / $0 CC @ Noel Leeming (Possible Price Match + $50 AmEx Rebate at Harvey Norman)
This is the lowest price ever according to PriceSpy for these headphones. For those of you…
30/11/2022 - 17:44
Ordered, thanks OP!
28/11/2022 - 20:46
I picked the lawnmower combo kit up on Saturday. Got through my lawns, edging, and using the blower to tidy up all on one battery. The…
28/11/2022 - 10:48
From a quick google: this is $30 less than the ironclad store…
27/11/2022 - 12:51
Prices don't seem to have flowed through to the market?
25/11/2022 - 14:11