This was posted 1 year 6 months 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired

Maltesers 400g/M&M's Peanut 575g 2 for $14, M&M's 640g/Mars Celebration 682g 2 for $24 @ The Warehouse/Warehouse Stationery


Update - looks like only the Maltesers, M&M’s and Mars Celebration tubs are discounted. The rest have been removed.

Have added links to Warehouse Stationery products in stock as the majority of deals have been removed from The Warehouse.
As mentioned in the comments use WELCOME10 for 10% off your first order and free shipping on over $46 spend.

Good buy 2 deals to stock up on chocolates for the gifting season.
The link above takes you to the 400g Maltesers. Use the links below for other products

I’ve crossed out the items where the deal has been removed from The Warehouse. As mentioned in comments you could try your luck at Warehouse Stationery.

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    Toblerone bullion bars are BOGOF as well

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    Great deal for the 225g Roses and the Toblerone pack, never seen the Toblerone priced that cheap. Thanks Martz5

  • They patched it!

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    I was getting some Toblerone, they literally just removed the deal as I update my cart!

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    Discounts have all disappeared it seems.. :(

  • +1

    Argh, mine was in cart, saw the discount, adding other stuff, now it's all full price

    • Same happened to me as I was checking out!

  • Wth, just placed my order and got charged $70 instead of $41 as shown in cart

  • Deals no longer active it seems

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    Deals have disappeared. I was just ready to pay when i saw the price jumped up almost double. Lucky i double checked before I pressed pay.

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    Looks like a pricing error, placed 4 orders and 2 are ready for collection. Likely the other two might get cancelled!

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    Cough cough Warehouse Stationary cough cough

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      Hahaha yessir, just cancelled my order from TWH that went through at full price, and reordered from WS.

    • Thanks

    • Thanks, just ordered from Warehouse Stationary 2 roses, 2 toblerone bullion and 2 scorhed almonds for $20 ( plus the ferrero richer for earlier). Fingers crossed it's not cancelled

    • Much appreciated:)

  • You'd think after quite so many frequent pricing errors they would either look at why they keep happening or at the very least assign one full time employee to just refresh cheapies every half hour or so. No dairy for me but this has been fun to watch and imagine the scramble at head office :D

  • That's hilarious, this seems to happen a lot with TWH!!
    Just ordered from TWHS, looking forward to my ferrero :-]

  • Thanks! Just popped instore for 2 peanut buckets 🤤

  • +2

    It appears the 2 for $14 and 2 for $24 deals are still available online at The Warehouse so have unmarked expiry. The others deals ‘may’ still be available on Warehouse Stationery

    • Just ordered Scorched Almonds, Roses, and Toblerone via WHS

      Thanks for posting:)

  • What a legend OP, managed to sneak this through Warehouse Stationary and get free shipping. Fingers crossed it gets honored

  • WSL FTW :-)

    Very sure these are not errors, since the 'Two for' deals were coming up very explicitly - that is not an error, that is very purposeful.


    • @alan6984 Hey mate, How certain are you of this? Because, I ordered first from Twh with free delivery but then ordered again from WSL for the extra 10% off for pickup and really want to cancel the first order.. But too scared that the pickup order might get cancelled due to pricing error maybe?

      • Well, its only my opinion, but then again, it is only ever one party's opinion against another party, unless you pursue it further, in which case it then becomes someone else's opinion :-)

        Obviously I can't guarantee they won't cancel on you, but my statement was more that I think they would be on dodgy grounds if you (or I or someone else) wanted to pursue them on it.

      • mickey9876 how does the extra 10% off for pickup work?

        • code welcome10 takes 10% off your order. Not limited to pickup or delivery.

        • 10% is for new members.. I just did pickup for the 2nd order to see if they will honor the pickup order vs the delivery order.

  • how come delivery option is not showing for me on the warehouse stationary page?

    • It showed for me - on the first cart page, alongside each item, you could choose collection or delivery.

  • oh yeah selected and now works, cheers

  • Thanks for find OP, glad did not order last week.

  • Thanks I managed to put a order through wsl I did delivery. Hope they don't cancel it 🤞

    • Part of me (the part that is already on the wrong side of 'ideal weight') hopes they actually DO cancel my delivery :-)

      • I'm not really a chocolate person however chocolate all around for presents 🤣

        • Actually, that was, of course, exactly what I was thinking too. Definitely. No doubt about it.

          • @Alan6984: Good one….Tūī ad comes to mind though

  • +5

    I'm allergic to nuts and chocolate but scorched almonds at that price I can put up with the outbreak of hives.

  • How are you guys claiming extra 10% off and free delivery from Warehouse stationary?

    • I'm keen to know this too, I can't see it mentioned on the website.

    • +4

      Spend a certain amount, get free delivery. Use code WELCOME10, get an extra 10% off.

      Warehouse Stationery

      • WELCOME10 reduced my total < $50. So naturally I added a couple of boxes for payment by Zip.

    • +3

      WELCOME10 for 10% off, and spend over $46 for free shipping

  • +2

    Have added links to Warehouse Stationery products in stock.
    Have also added a new deal for Scorched Almonds 400g which is showing as $10 each or 2 for $9 at Warehouse Stationery

    • Legend, Xmas sorted!

    • yo I need to save some room for the xmas ham 😁

    • +6

      Haven’t bought any but upvote for spelling ‘Stationery’ correctly.

      • +2

        Upvoted for not spelling "bought" as "brought" :D

        • Just upvoted.

  • Nice one. Thanks.

  • Went to checkout, appears the deals have been removed on Warehouse Stationary

    • It looks like it. Just checked and only the Maltesers, M&M’s and Mars deals are still active. Have updated post

  • Thanks, OP! Just picked up my orders from Warehouse Stationery! Didn't realise how much chocolate I had bought until it was in front of me haha.

    • Picked up all my orders too. I was expecting them to be cancelled, but I suspect they chose to honour such orders as it would be a hassle to cancel and refund payments.

      • Did you receive a text or email when they were ready @The Hound?

    • X (Χριστός) has been used for a very long time by Christian scholars as shorthand for Christ.

      Its worth thinking about things, even for just a few seconds.

  • +2

    I think this should either be expired or have its title edited, because its a bit disingenuous listing deals that aren't available

    • Have updated it now

  • Thanks OP!!!! XMAS SORTED haha gonna fatten everyone up on chocolatays!

  • Maltesers 400g are $6.99 ea. in New World at the moment.

    M&M Milk are $10 ea. on Amazon AU… or $11.99 ea. at New World.

  • +1

    Looks like they've almost got themselves sorted now. M&M Peanut Bucked is now 2 for $24 (although the little 'sign' beside the offer still shows 2 for $14)

  • Anyone have any luck with their pickups? I keep getting emails saying they are working on it

    • yeh i picked up mine

      • Maybe there is hope!

    • They cancelled and refunded my m&ms order overnight sadly.

      • I wonder if WHS will give out a free shipping code, and if that code will work at TWH too hmm

        • No free code in my refund email at least.

    • I received my pickup email yesterday.

    • Picked up today - took a long time but at least it's honoured

  • Ive recieved 2 emails stating they are still working on my order dated one 3/12 and 7/12.

    I couldn't remember my password when ordering and checked out as a guest.

    Still hopeful it will come through. I ordered 6 m&ms for the kids.

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