This was posted 1 year 4 months 26 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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B1G1F Ferrero Rocher: 2x 30 Pack $15, 2x 24 Pack $15, 2x 16 Pack $9 @ The Warehouse (Online Only)


Sorry If I miss anything as don't really post.
The Warehouse has buy one get one free on Ferrero Rocher on top of their specials on it.

Ferrero 30 pack x2 $15…

Ferrero 16 pack x2 for $9…

Ferrero collection 24 pack x2 for $15…

Can also be combined with the spend $100 take $10 off that has already been listed

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The Warehouse
The Warehouse

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  • Damn it, I just got this last week

    • Same. The cheapies curse

    • Same, it was me posting the deal last week. I bought 3 and haven't opened them yet. Can't believe that they can do BOGOF for this…

      • The market allows a return in 30 days if someone is interested.…

        • That exclude foods per T&C:
          - Consumables (food, drink, supplements)

          • @zajnic: Hmmm, I had a chat with the market agent. They asked me to go for a return&refund…

          • @zajnic: Submitted a return request and received the return ticket instantly.

            • @xsolider: Received a follow-up email…


              Change of mind returns are not accepted for food (i.e. you will not be refunded). I'm really sorry for this oversight when I was talking to you before.

              Noho ora mai,
              Customer service team

              • @xsolider: Thanks for the update.
                That's kinda expected as per their T&C… :(

  • Good deal OP, put the Warehouse in the title would be good.

    • +1

      Haha that would help 😂 thank you. Have edited it 🙂

  • Bugger. I still haven't received my order from the last deal yet.

    Can you return the chocolates or a chance you can get the difference back?

    • When did you buy them? worth giving them a call and cancelling the order if you still havent got it and not shipped yet? If it has, give the store call and advise would like the difference once i get the items back, or just purchase this one and once you get the items, take it in and return it.

    • was it pickup? if yes you can wait until the order returns to warehouse

      • Bought on friday. It's shipped, but not ready for pickup from marketplace location. Aargh

        • You can email them to cancel the order.

          • @Matrixx: Done. Hope I get a response before this goes out of stock lol. Else I will be without chocolates haha.

  • +1

    I know if you purchased it within 2 weeks and the price changes, you are more than happy to take your invoice and request a difference. Most of the stores does this, I got a difference refunded last time via the warehouse and noel Leeming but that was within a week of purchase. Best to give them a call before going in to see if it can be done? So in your case, high chance @Chaoscreater

    • Was it a food item?

      I just contacted The Warehouse live chat and they said they can't do a refund on food item and recommend that I take it in-store and ask them. I've tried to argue some points but yeah, looks like a hard no lol. Oh well.

  • Thanks OP. Bought 6 for xmas presents!

    • +1

      hahah yeah same, purchased 8.

  • Can someone please check the expiry date if you're buying in store? Have a feeling that these could be short-dated.

    • I would doubt it, because stores don't carry the same amount of stock that they do during Christmas

    • TWH is cheaper because these are parallel imported

    • I bought 2 pack over the weekend from TWH and they were dated around 4/2023. Maybe most of the stores might have similar dates assuming not much of old stock left.

    • Some dated 05/23, some dated 11/22 and already expired — Rangiora store

  • +1

    Great score for Christmas Day - thanks OP

  • Can someone pls confirm the B1G1 Free?

    • yup! If you add two to your cart it'll be $15 when you checkout

    • You can test it yourself as mikenz has pointed out. Add two to your cart.

        • lol. Guess you could always ask but don't be surprised if they give you a weird look.

          • @Wakrak: Oh my hahahahahahah! So online it is then 🤣 thanks for always replying to my query Wakrak!

        • What’s with the (-) I was just asking? I don’t get it

      • Cheapies Fam,
        To those that had their order come through, were all yours past best before date? I find it hard to comprehend nearly 75% of my order is out of date

        • BB March 2023 for me

        • Hillcrest, Hamilton expiry: 14/04/23 - 09/06/23

        • The Warehouse and Warehouse Stationery online but picked up in Albany. BB May to July 2023.

  • Might want to get in quick on these in case they go out of stock online

  • Too much sugar haha, too much

  • +1

    30 Pack already out of stock online

    • +1

      24 pack out of stock online now as well

    • +1

      I managed to refresh and got 2x of the 30 packs.
      It's back in stock again.

  • Ferrero Rocher 30 Pack 2 for $15 Offer ends 13/12/2022

    Do they end offers before the date, does anyone know?

    • Not often, but it does happen.

      • Cool, I better go buy in-store then. Thanks

  • Heaps of stock in Te Rapa!

  • Thanks OP. Bought a couple of the 24 packs instore. The 2 for 1 didn't work automatically (for the 24 pack) at the checkout, but the checkout operator adjusted the price manually to match. The instore pricing only had 2 for 1 deal promoted for the 30 packs.

  • Hillcrest, Hamilton expiry: 14/04/23 - 09/06/23

    • +1

      Not working in-store. Staff member had to manually adjust the price, and staff had no idea about this 2for1 offer.

      Used gift-card from that other deal 😁

  • +25
    Ferrero Rocher Chocolates 30 Pack
    Ferrero Rocher Collection 24 Pack

    Can also apply code WELCOME10 for 10% off and click and collect free

    • +1


    • Bought 10 x 24 pack for $67.50. Had to check out as a guest using a new email address though. Thanks heaps!

    • +1

      Genius! Just found out that WS also gives free delivery after $46 spend.. perfect

      • I wouldn't use delivery in case it gets rejected.

    • +1

      Thats even better deal than a warehouse with free shipping. Bought 8 for $54 and free delivery. Thanks a lot.

    • +1

      Worthy of its own post if you can be bothered.

    • +1

      Thank you! I ordered a few things - fingers crossed the order gets processed.

    • Thanks! Managed to grab a few from WHS.

  • -1

    I managed to cart and complete an online order for 1x24 pk, but I couldn’t add a 2nd one to see if it deducted the cost. I ordered for pickup so I guess I may have to speak to CS in store to have them provide me with the second box. I’ve taken screenshots of the 2f1?offers for reference.

  • Staff @ Warehouse Te Rapa are being argumentative about this lol. Just showed them the deal and they can’t believe it

    • Same with Barrington. Had 4 staff members all around a till saying its online only. They finally acknowledged it, but straight on the phone to head office.

    • Auckland CBD also said no initially, but gave in eventually. They said it's an advertising error.

  • thanx i got ordered 6 of the 30 packs from warehouse stationary pick up,so i think thats 12 packs of 30 i'm picking up if my maths are correct and with 10 percent discount thats 40 dollars for 12 packs of 30 Ferrero Rochers, wow

    • If you ordered 6 you will only get 6…

      • oh yeh yo right, so i would of gotten a pack of 30 for about 7 bucks well under 7 bucks ,6.75 for pack of 30

  • +2

    Also note that Toblerone, Roses, and Scorched Almonds also have buy 2 for less than the price of 1 deals going.

    • good spotting

    • 2 boxes of roses for $5 is a great deal.

    • they also had the caramel almonds 2 for 5 dollars, its been removed though back to normal price

  • +1

    Albany Warehouse wouldn't honour it .Say its a advertising error!!. So ordered online at Albany Warehouse stationary click and collect,lol

    • That’s annoying, gonna try my luck with Silverdale in a bit.

    • I was also at Albany TWH at first they didn’t want to honour it and also said it was an error. So I just explained it is not my mistake and they eventually called the manager and he instructed them to adjust the price until they “fix the error”.

  • The 30pack is out of stock online, damn. Too slow.

    Do these bundle deals work instore as well, or just online?

    • Go to store and show them the deal

      • Tried that, staff said head office said no

        • That’s unfair. I went to the store and they accepted it

          • +1

            @cambridge: Then your store hasn't received the call yet lol

            • @The Hound: Online and Physical should be the same regardless of the promo. Lucky I bought mine

  • Only the 16packs available online now

    • No longer on special

  • Looks like it has been corrected online

    • +3

      They haven't fixed it on warehousestationery. Be quick.

      • Thanks mate!

      • Thanks! I got it from WS

  • Will they honor the online orders?

    • +2

      That's the $15 question. But I can't see them making money on this

    • +17

      My go to speal if they don't honour the price (I've used this with other retailers before with good success):

      I am writing regarding the email you sent to me about the order you are cancelling due to what you describe as a pricing error.

      As you provided me an invoice, and I have paid for the goods, this constitutes a contract. The price listed for the items I bought was at a good discount, but not so much as to raise suspicion that it was an error (if this was obviously the case then I would not have purchased them). The Contractual Mistakes Act 1977 states that in cases such as this, the seller does not have the right to cancel the order without my agreement. I do not give my agreement to cancel the contract.

      I look forward to hearing from you on this matter, and I would hope that you will honor the initial contracts we entered into so as to avoid both losing me as a regular customer, and the hassle for both of us in resolving this issue legally.

      • +1

        Thanks, will save that for future reference.

      • +12

        I am very excited to see the warehouse support email receive 500 copied and pasted emails of this if they cancel orders

  • +2

    Warehouse IT team be scramblin’ today

  • +13

    It's the Christmas Hacker!

    First with Countdown $30 off $100 spend.

    Second with The Warehouse and Warehouse Stationery 2 for 1 confectionery pricing.

    Where will they strike next? How will they strike next?

    • +3

      I like that the hacker makes the deals good, but not too good so as to be super obvious. Very cunning!

      • +2

        Yes! They don't want the deals gazumped with automatic red flags like sale price below cost price.

  • +1

    Sweet order ready to collect

  • Order picked up.

  • Chur!

  • Was able to get 2x of the 16 pack one for $9 today. just picked it up.

    Figured itd be a great xmas prezzy so pulled the trigger on 10 more on the WS website. Hope it gets delivered 🤣

    Such a great deal. Thanks OP!

  • Bought 20 from WS, great post!

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