This was posted 1 year 4 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$30 off $100 Spend (Online Only, Exclusions Apply) @ Countdown


$30 off $100 Spend @ Countdown
Code Cybermonday30
1 per account not targeted
offer ends 4/12, the original post was from another social network.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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Woolworths (Formerly Countdown)

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  • Nice - Thanks!

  • Hmm. I've got a boost where if I spend $150 I'll get 600 bonus one card points. Wonder if I have to spend $150 before or after using this code to qualify.

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    Your title is correct, description wrong not $10 but a massive $30. That is not at all bad.

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    Sorry is this $10 or $30 off? The countdown website doesn't say anything…

    Title: Countdown $30 off when you spend $100 online only
    Content: $10 off $100 Spend @ Countdown

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  • can someone find out wen the code expires, hate to miss out on this

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      Unknown. Basically if you're going to do it… Do it now!

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      I waited last time and missed out. Get in now or miss out

  • Thanks OP. Stocked up on some summer essentials πŸ˜‰

  • Ordered, thanks OP!

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    A lot of beer available for $20 per box of 12 (or $40 for 2x 12 boxes)

    With the discount here, that ends up being $70 for 5 dozen - great way to stock up for your next few family gatherings, christmas parties etc

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      My guy, exactly what I did!

    • 24x Summit cans for $36.00

  • Nice one. Thanks!

  • Thanks Op. Appreciate it

    Order placed

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    Auntie Dai dumplings 2 for $16 online only. I need a larger freezer.

    • Those dumplings are surprisingly moreish!

    • the only dumplings my kids eat

  • Killer deal, thanks OP!

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    Thanks OP. Ill be picking my own order at work tomorrow but at least i save money πŸ˜‰

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thank you OP

  • Ordered. Thanks OP

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    Hard to resist, but there's nothing I need…

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      Has that stopped you before though? πŸ˜‚

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      Long shelf life items that are already on a discount are worth a go. Things you'd buy anyway in a few weeks or a few months.

  • Ordered. Thanks OP. Legend

  • Ordered some drinks and chocolates for Christmas parties. Nice.

  • Thanks OP!

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    Thanks OP, just ordered 10 Bottles of wine and some baby wipes. I feel a messy night coming up mwahaha!

  • Killer deal! Thanks OP

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    Was going to buy a heap of tinned diced tomatos for the soup kitchen, before I hit checkout I thought I'd go see how much they were at Pak'n'Save, $1.30 at Countdown, 85c at Pak'n'Save, if I'd have bought 100 cans (I wasn't going to buy 100 I was buying 30), but if I did even with the $30 discount I'd still be worse off. Removed them and then went back and compared prices of everything in my cart against Pak'n'Save and ended up removing quite a few other items as well. Still got some good deals but it took forever, longest shop I've ever done!

  • How come it's never working for me I wonder :(

  • $100 worth of Christmas drinks for $70. Cheers OP

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP! Got beer and coffee beans!

  • Thanks OP! Just got rice and laundry liquid.

  • Thanks op! Spent $75 and got a free leg of lamb!

  • Thanks OP. Kinda brings it just in front of paknsave prices!

  • Thanks OP.
    Got some wine, more wine and a few more wines.

  • Thanks OP. Stock up on beers

  • Wow…

  • My wife says thanks OP!

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      Up doot!

  • Thanks OP! Just finished my shopping. : )

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      Up doot!

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    Thank you. 14 bottles of nice wine for the daycare teachers to say thank you at $11 a bottle.

    Also combined nicely with their online only 2 for $xx. Saved about $110 on that order. Awesome πŸ˜€

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    FYI. Third triple digit deal post this month.

    • And by far definitely the fastest to get there!

    • Might have to start thinking about merch. Pair of Cheapglasses that shows you the latest discount code for whatever store you're in.

      • this offer ends 4/12/22, please update my post.

        • Will it not let you do it?

        • Any chance they will end it before then?

    • There’s a couple of other deals not far off triple digits too this month.
      Great to see so many people voting now.
      November leaderboard up to the 28th Nov.

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    Does anyone know what happens if some items are unavailable? I don't trust them to sub things accurately after seeing some bizarre swap outs in the past
    It says this

    If we cannot supply some items, they will be refunded automatically.
    Payment will be finalised on the day you receive your order. You will only be charged for what you have been supplied. Find out more

    the terms then say

    When you place your Order, we authorise your credit card for the amount of the estimated order total. This amount is on hold until your Order is complete, at which time we will remove the pending charge for the estimated order value, and charge you the final total.

    If it drops below $100 of value, does the coupon code become invalid and you're charged full rate? Never used countdown coupons before, so wondering if it's worth having a few items buffer in there. But if it doesn't, then it works out in your favour as say $90 would still see a $30 discount. Wondering if anyone knows their logic here?

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      You're safe. The $30 discount still counts.

    • I've ticked no substitutions before and had items that they couldn't supply cause the total to fall below the threshold for free delivery with delivery saver, yet they still honoured the free delivery. I would assume that based on that logic they would still honour the coupon, but haven't run into that situation yet.

    • +1

      Add notes on what subs you do want for items generally they sub to those for me.
      I think you get refunded at the normal rate, but generally they've always credit me more than the items worth (especially on delivery)

      if there still issues when you received the products just hit up olive and you normally get a refund after its been reviewed

      One time i ordered $100 of items only ~$70 worth was available they still delivered and charged only ~$70

      Pro Tip: Order on Saturday/Sunday for the following week and you're more likely to get the items due too the specials changing.for the new week. but they still have to honor the price you got it for

    • Thanks for reminding me to go back and untick the allow substitutions box.

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    Stock up on bin tags.

    • I've done this in the past. Good way to get cheap tags as they never go on sale or down in price or expire. Think I have enough to last a year in my kitchen drawer at the moment haha.

    • Excuse my ignorance but what are bin tags? Does Auckland charge per bin on rubbish collection days or something?

      • +2

        Parts of Auckland do - Papakura for sure.

        Lower rates (for rubbish collection) in those areas.

        It doesn't work though (as everyone said before it started) - instead of one person driving a truck, you now have two people, one to drive, and one to grab the tags, so it costs significantly more. If the bins were RFID tagged it might make more sense, then you'd only need one person.

        The different ways that things are done in different parts of Auckland is all going away soon, when the SuperCity amalgamation is implemented…. any day now…. honest.

      • West Auckland as well has bin tags for rubbish.

    • Wish I'd known this was an option. It would have saved me half an hour trying to make up the last $15 I needed to hit $100. 😐

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    when you get more excited with these grocery deals than sale on electronics..adulting is real. thanks OP!

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      my cart is full of beer

      • +1

        That's the most beautiful thing I've heard so far today - brings tears to my eyes.

      • You're not the only one judging by the waiting trolleys at my local Countdown. Guy there said they are flat out loading trolleys. Cheapied!

  • Thank you. Beer sorted.

  • thanks op

  • Just used the code! Great saving many thanks

  • +3

    Pro Tip: If you order this week for the following week and you're more likely to get the items due too the specials changing for the new week but they still have to honor the price you got it for.
    So I usually do a shop Fri/Sat/Sun early in the morning (since they've restocked over night generally) for pickup or delivery the following week.

    • @Huntakillaz

      Don’t quite understand what the benefits are of ordering fri/sat/Sun?

      • You get the prices as of Saturday (e.g. the 'specials' for that week), but have less risk of them being out of stock on those items on the Monday, since by then the same items are (potentially) no longer on 'special'.

        • Thanks for clarifying Alan, I get it now!

          I guess in this instance (using the $30 code) ideally you want items to be out of stock!!

          • +1

            @RSTH: Well, I guess that depends a bit. If the item was a really good price, and they couldn't supply, then you might lose out on the great price, and have to pay more later.

            However, in general, I agree with what you are saying.

            For example, if I ordered 2 x $20 boxes of beer ($40) plus $60 of XXX with the coupon above, it would come to $40 + $60 - $30 = $70.

            If the XXX was out of stock, they would actually charge me $40 - $30 = $10 :-)

        • +1

          Yea so like this item kept going out of stock last week: 2x 18 Pack Coca-Cola/Sprite/L&P 330ml Cans $27

          No you could order online but if the store runs out when they go to pick your grocery you'll just get a refund if no sub is available
          but say you really wanted coke and both coke and no sugar coke were sold out then you kinda lose out

          However if you put the order in for the follow week. They still have to honor the pricing but it 'll less likely be out of stock due to its value this week. 1x 18 Pack Coca-Cola/Sprite/L&P 330ml Cans $24

          Now I usually do weekend shops since i don't exactly know what fresh food (fruit/veges/meats etc) I'll need till late in week
          but if you're getting non fresh foods then putting and order as early as you can while stuff is in stock is better

  • This has paid off all of the lacklustre black friday/cyber monday deals so far! Thanks OP glad i didn't do any grocery shopping last weekend

  • Thanks for sharing. Just did my usual shop, but it was good to squeeze in a few extra luxuries

  • can u use this offer more then once if u sign up again with another email address

    • Does the code still for for you?

  • Welp, It expired at midnight. I just missed out on it again. :(

    • It still works.

      • but it says it does not exist, why does it not work for me?

        • it was something wrong with my account. I just made a new account

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks for the 30 bucks. Bought more diapers.

    • +2

      how much were the adult diapers?

      • +2

        Dunno, these are for children, but they probably do stock them, you will need to order asap as this code won't last long.

  • Killer deal man, 2 of my CC is having error in payment. Must be the midnight update. Will try again a bit later hopefully code not yet sold out.

  • Hmm having a problem with my card as well. Did they stop taking online orders?

    • +1

      Probably been cheapied too much!

  • Working this morning for me, just put through an order of nappies, coffee and soy milk. Cheers OP!

  • Saying code has expired for me

  • +1

    Saying expired

  • Anyone successfully made multiple orders? If so, what under what restrictions (one order per onecard?) I tried making a new account and code saying expired on that - might not work on fresh accounts though.

    • +1

      Linked to credit cards. You can make accounts with same details and one cards, but if you pay with a credit card that's been used on another account they'll cancel the order and you won't be able to use the voucher again on that account as it'll still be redeemed.

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