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$30 off $100 Spend (Online Only, Exclusions Apply) @ Countdown


$30 off $100 Spend @ Countdown
Code Cybermonday30
1 per account not targeted
offer ends 4/12, the original post was from another social network.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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      • Made 2 orders last night using the same CC, picked up both an hour ago no issues

        • Last time I did that they instantly cancelled my second order and I talked to chat and that's what I was told.

          Good to know you didn't have that issue though!

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            @Vish: I created a second account last night and have bene charged for 2 orders. Picked uo first one this morning and booked to collect second orser on Thursday. Used same cc so hoping it doesn't get cancelled.

            • @Hartaru: Fingers crossed! Maybe I just got unlucky last time =[

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    Sorry, your Coupon: "Cybermonday30" has expired. Please call our Customer Care Team on 0800 40 40 40 if you need assistance.

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    Sorry, your Coupon: "Cybermonday30" has expired. Please call our Customer Care Team on 0800 40 40 40 if you need assistance.

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    Sorry, your Coupon: "Cybermonday30" has expired. Please call our Customer Care Team on 0800 40 40 40 if you need assistance. After all the time it took to get good deals in my trolly too :(

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    If there's one thing I learnt from the previous Cuntdown coupons - never trust the listed expiry date.

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    Darn, expired here too. That's $140 ($110) of sales Countdown just lost from me. I don't think they'll really miss it though somehow.

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    Yep I basically see all coupons these days as first come first served, limited time offer, closing soon, don't *%$$### wait just use it now.

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      I agree.
      You can't muck around or you miss out.
      Learnt the hard way too many times myself.

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    I spoke to countdown this morning and they confirmed that they’re having “issues with the promo code” so you need to place an order without it and then email their customer service team with your order number and proof of the promotion being linked to your account and they will credit the difference. Sounds like this has been cheapied 😢

    • Is anyone keen to try it? I think I'll wait and try again later

      • If I had a promotional email I would.

    • The code was found on another social network, likely advertising. That means it shouldn't be linked to accounts. If it was an ad or post online then everyone should be eligible.

      • Would need a screenshot or the like as proof. Then I'm willing to be the guinea pig and try.

        • Poor planning to advertise a discount and then be shocked when people use it.

          If it is a public ad anyone should be able to say they saw it posted on Facebook etc. And if they took it down, that's purposely hiding the evidence.

          Just need some more clarification on where the code was specifically found on "another social network".

  • SHOP1910 is working again and gives you $10 off $100

    • Not for me. Used maximum times sorry haha :/

  • Darn. Missed this one. Not working this morning. What a goodie!

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      I was about to put it through last night then checked expiry and thought I'll check if anyone else needs anything. My mistake haha

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        Rookie error! I did that last time so was onto it in a flash this time round

        • Being thoughtful and lazy by putting it off at the same time haha. Was annoyed, but is what it is.

  • Thank you so much op

  • Goes without saying, but make sure you check your orders.
    I was missing a $4 item. Everything looked fine on their end but was definitely not in my bags.

    • You might find that the packing list you (should have) got by email will show that item missing too - means they were out of stock. The should charge you the correct amount.

      Or it might just be an error of course :-(

      • Went straight to the shelf at instruction from the staff member and got one.
        If there was no stock on shelf it would have explained itself.

    • And if that $4 item was out of stock, but happened to be the difference between a $96 spend, and a $100 spend, youll find that theyve removed the $30 discount code, and charged you the $96…..

      • Full amount charged. She checked the order on their end and it was scanned "into bag". Perhaps the bagger missed the bag and it fell down the side of the bag into the trolley, who knows, but initial point still stands. Be sure to check your order.

        While I was there a guy was VERY frantically shuffling click and collect sheets. I would say they got a few orders with the $30 off.

      • +2


        Pretty sure it doesn't work that way.

        See my post above with a numerical fantasy example of getting $40 of beer for $10.

        • Ill keep my fingers crossed youre right. Bought $100 worth of items, one of the $20 items wasnt in stock (thus $80) spent - if it comes down to $50 thats even better for me :).

          • @Elvino: Let us know how it goes - would be good to know if they have changed the way it works.

            • @Alan6984: you were right! Invoice came through today. $80 less the $30, final payment $50. Makes my per unit purchase even better. Cheers

              • @Elvino: Yep - I had the same thing, with $16 of stuff out of stock, so I got $30 off of about $85 - much bigger percentage and happily for me, the things that were out of stock I only added to get to the $100 in the first place, and would have gone in the freezer.

                • +1

                  @Alan6984: This also works for chemist warehouse.
                  Add an item you know is very short stock to get free shipping. Lemsip in covid times was a sure bet to be refunded.

                  Just have to make sure you dont mind getting the item.

                  • @Foodie: Excellent tip - Hadn't thought of doing that before :-)

                    Probably works a lot of places.

  • +3

    60 orders at st lukes today. wow

    • we usually have 7-10 on a tuesday

  • i did my order last night picked up today, lots of my items were out of stock and i didnt put down any replacements,so my order came to about 69 dollars and i paid the normal price didnt get the 30 bucks off,is this my fault for not putting replacements in?

    • Your credit card transaction should be showing pending. The discount will apply once the pending tag is gone.

      • Im with ASB, the amount shown as pending includes the discount.

    • Are you looking at the packing slip or invoice? They usually send out the invoice a day later and that will have the discount included in the final price.

      Also when you first place an order the amount showing on the credit card is the amount that you see on the payment page. But once the invoice is issued (taking into account items not available etc). The charge on the credit card will adjust accordingly. The invoice should show the final total (and any discounts) and this is the actual amount that will be charged. Even if you go below the threshold of $100 due to items not being available etc the discount should still apply.

      • yeh like i said i used the coupon last night total $72.60 which includes 30 discount ,picked up my order like 10hrs ago now,i got my invoice slip it says 5 items were out of stock,no replacements,total on the slip says 69.20, i'm assuming i'll be refunded for the unfufilled items though it doesnt say that on the pay slip,and under the amount for the unfufilled items it says $0.00 so maybe im not being charged for these items, i see on my anz credit card its been charged 72.60 and on my countdown account it says total 72.60 order processing

        • Yeah, I’m with ANZ as well. You should receive the invoice tomorrow. I picked up my order today as well. When you check the payment again (after you’ve received the invoice) it should be updated to reflect the invoice total. Invoice should show $69.20 less discount of $30.

          • @Eureka: yeh i see it just now i just logged into my countdown account it said 69.20 earlier but right now it says 39.20 collected, so according to the updated invoice i was charged 39.20, but on my anz credit card online it says 72.60 lol so i'm still confused how much i wascharged for my order

    • I've contacted support and they assured me that the discount should still apply even though the order isn't 100$ worth.

  • @kiwiicheapies Howdy do you know what happens here: A customer spends $101 and an item can’t be filled or substituted so now the total is $99. The customer used this discount code for $30 off a $100 spend. What happens now? Do they just get charged full price?

    • +1

      I had that happen to me on 2 of my orders. I contacted support and they told me that my order should still have the discount. I just made sure to contact them twice with screen capture for each of the order just to act as evidence in case they charge me full.

      • Thanks @OmgItsHeaven I hope so or this is a terrible first ever online countdown experience :/

    • +1

      sorry im not entirely sure how the refund / coupon process works. ive only picked up a job at cd 6 months ago for some extra cash while im at school.
      Yesterday was also my first online order I had placed.

      Also, rumors from the staff are saying that the online shopping was hacked which led to the coupon? I dont believe that is true, however, especially if @OmgItsHeaven had contacted support regarding their order, and gotten a response that the coupon would still work.

      • Damm. Hacked as it was created by hackers or leaked?

        • I dunno, I was told that that was the word spreading around.

          I believe it was misinterpreted however, as I had told someone that the reason why today was hell was because of a coupon, who then went around saying it was a leaked coupon, which then may have been interpreted as 'hacked'.

          I highly doubt a hacker would create a cyber monday coupon with $30 off $100 spend.

          • @kiwiicheapies: Yeah, that's more probable. Especially because a whole terms and condition for it was prepared. I feel like it was meant to be a targeted coupon but it was created wrongly or something, and it didn't whitelist people.

          • @kiwiicheapies: Chinese whispers.

      • Thanks @kiwiicheapies

        • It worked I got the discount :)

  • "Sorry, this code did not work, please check you have entered the correct code or check the promotional terms and conditions." HELP

    • It's over. Some are saying that you can get the code honoured if you place the order and then contact customer support for it. But there is a chance they don't honour it and your left with the bag.

  • $70 for $100 worth of beer, just in time for crate day, good deal, looked like an alcoholic picking up my order though

    • Probably costs Countdown more than grocery as doesn't alcohol have lower margins?

  • Picked up my order last night.
    Thanks OP.

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