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Nutribullet 600 Watt 5 Piece Kit $50 + Shipping / $0 CC @ Noel Leeming


Nutribullet 600 Watt 5 Piece Kit - $50 @ Noel Leeming

5 piece set - includes 600 watt motor base, extractor blade, 700ml tall cup, care instruction booklet & pocket nutritionist.

Could Price Promise at Briscoes and get it for $45

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Noel Leeming
Noel Leeming


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    Can get it price matched at Briscoes:

    Save $5

    • Thanks, have updated OP!

  • I've seen these listed for years but never bought one. Is this sort of thing worth getting, or is spending a bit extra in the future on a specced up model worth it instead?

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      Have heard they're a bit underpowered. Probably better with the 900W version.

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      bought a 1000W blender

      never use it if it helps

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      We had the 900W version, which was powerful enough, but very loud.

      We had a problem that the plastic tabs at the bottom of the cup would break off after 1/2 to 1 year of daily use, which means the cup is essentially useless as it's those tabs that turn on the motor. New cups aren't too expensive, $15 or so, but it's not really what you want and seems wasteful having to buy new ones so often.

      I tried to complain to Briscoes about it to get a replacement cup, but on a call they said it was a "consumable" item and so wouldn't replace it and I couldn't be bothered stuffing around any more for that little money.

      • you can get replacement cups from Aliexpress

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      I would recommend buying a decent blender if you plan on using something like this daily. Nutribullets aren't built to last

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      I’ve got a Nutri Ninja Auto IQ 1000W blender.

      It’s really good, it smashes daily smoothies with ease. It’s quite robust in its build quality. It’s kind of loud I guess? (Doesn’t wake me up in the mornings but seems loud when I’m using it. Nothing to compare it to)

      Currently at HN for $169. You can price beat at Mitre 10 for $143.65

      • Glad I'm reading these reviews, i bought the nutribullet today, planning to return it tomorrow and go grab a Ninja Auto IQ afterwards!
        thanks for the recommendation

  • I have this model and it's fine for my needs. I use it daily to make a green smoothie and it handles it fine (frozen mango chunks is probably the toughest thing I throw in there)

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