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Soda Stream Syrups $5, Strip Light 5m $24, Weedkill and Lawn Feed 2L $8, Tomato Frame $8 @ Mitre10


Mitre10 Cheap as deals for the Weekend!

Bloom Braced Tomato Frame

Number 8 Weedkill and Lawn Feed Hose On 2 Litre Capacity

Orbit Lighting Strip Light 5m Colour Changing

sodastream x pepsi syrups

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  • Quick

    • Thanks to Fibre Max! Lol

      • 😂
        The Sodastream looks well priced for those into Sodastream.

  • The reviews on that weed n feed aren't great. Wonder if the bunnings match will be any better

    • I think weed n feed's aren't effective. I would go with a broad spectrum, target spray glyphosate, and then work on conditioning. Plus, weeds stem from a different underlining issue so they will reappear.

      • This isn’t good advice.

        Glyphosate will nuke everything. You’d then need to go through the entire process of reseeding your lawn. Surely you mean a selective herbicide that won’t kill grasses, then you can just oversow depending on how many weeds there were, then maintain from there

        • Turfclean Ultra is a really good selective herbicide and you can walk over your entire lawn spraying it. In the end, it’ll be more effective than spot spraying with glyphosate

        • +1

          If you are target spraying then you won't be killing off the entire lawn. You will end up with brown patches that then will then naturally be repaired by the surrounding turf or you can overseed over it. I don't know if you understand this as in your first comment you claim the lawn will have to be resown yet in the second comment you understand spot spraying which does not require a resow.

          Your Turfclean Ultra does not cover the most common noxious weeds such as crabgrass, Johnson grass, thistles, wild onion as they don't fall under the category of broadleaf. These weeds can only be dealt with by something that kills Kikuyu as well.

          If you are regularly needing to purge your lawn of weeds, then the problem stems from something else, especially with broadleafs, as they are normally the result of poor lawn quality from too low of a cut and lack of sunlight.

          • +1

            @Bill: Yeah I realised you were talking about spot spraying after the fact, apologies.

            I’d personally still recommend a selective herbicide which has the benefit of not killing grasses as well as targeting emerging weeds that may not be visible to the eye from afar, then hitting anything stubborn with glyphosate. Turfclean Ultra does control some of the weeds you’ve mentioned such as thistle, it is not purely a broadleaf weed killer.

            Would then recommend applications of lawn fertiliser and Seasol to maintain. If seeding, you can make use of pre-emergent weed killers.

            Weeds will still pop up even on the most well maintained lawns, but just have to keep on top of them along with conditioning your grass and soil

            • +1

              @ThatKiwiFella: I'm sure a selective herbicide can work well in many scenarios but not always. I find broad leafs are typically the result a systemic problem and less likely to be of random occurrence. They are a symptom of too low cut, not enough sunlight, too much moisture and poor soil, so when people use it, they might not be the right choice as the weeds will just come back again.

        • Anyone know an effective ant solution? The kiwicare products are useless. The ants are enjoying my cakes and coffee every summer.

    • Has the same ingredients as Yates Weed 'n' Feed (2.3g/L Dicamba and 15g/L MCPA) so should perform the same? Though some of the reviews were complaining the bottle doesn't connect nor spray well, perhaps that's the difference.

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