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Weetbix 1.2kg $5.49 @ PAK'n SAVE, Mt Albert ($4.94 via Price Promise at The Warehouse)


This is a great purchase considering Weet Bix prices have been steadily going up (The Warehouse used to be $5 now $6)

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    I've still been regularly buying the 1.2kg packs for $4.99 on special at PNS.

    Last time was maybe a month or so ago (honestly not sure exactly, but not that far back).

    Maybe we won't ever see that price again, but I would not be too sure just yet.

    If I do see it at $4.99, I'll be buying plenty though, just in case!


    • Whenever it is $4.99 I stock up because it is a great price but I used the grocer app and $5.49 was the lowest price it could find across all supermarkets in NZ. With price beat, it makes up the increased price as it puts it back down to >$5!

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        I agree its better than 'standard price', but whoever pays that - I certainly never do, I can't afford to gift cash to the supermarkets :-)

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      PnS Mill St had a one day sale on Monday that included 1.2kg Weetbix - was $3.50, cheapest I've seen in a long while. Last time was probably around Christmas time (PnS Wairau was selling 1kg for $2.99).

      Personally can't stand the stuff but stock up on it for the kids and partner. Not a fan of soggy Weetbix but will occasionally eat it dry haha

      • Heathen! - Has to be lovely and moist, and preferably warm :-)

        However, I am envious of the $3.50!

        I am going to wait for $4.99 again, no point in paying $5.49 for something that will last indefinitely.

      • That's an insane price. Are they losing money or are we just being robbed by the supermarkets? Next time post it here and we can pricebeat it all across the country

        • I kind of agree - if I saw it at $3.50, I'd be tempted to fill a trolley with nothing else.

          As long as you keep it dry, I reckon it would last years :-)

    • $4.99 Hastings / $5.00 Taupo

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    If you're going to mention a price promise OP, good practice to provide a link to the other store.

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