Sites for Bargain Searching

As requested, the sites I use for bargain hunting. Probably a couple missing but I'd say this is 97% of it.

First off, an Amazon classic Camelcamelcamel. Main setup: categories: Electronics, Drop Type: Biggest relative (%)

Of course OzBargain for the odd deal that can be sent over to New Zealand

For the latest sale catalogues, I use Sale Finder, & My Catalogue

Every 12pm I check Mighty Ape daily deals. Nothing too crazy but now and then they have something decent that disappears fast.

These next three are my favourites
  • PriceSpy Daily Deals organised by 'Price Drop'. A great site in general for checking price history.

  • PriceMe Deals for different items and stores not covered by PriceSpy. Sometimes their prices are out but combined with Price Spy it's a good combo.

  • Amazon Today's Deals checked at 7pm. Deals are mostly on items that aren't worth the shipping hassle, but now and then they have a goody

EB Games organised by price. Now and then a good game or cup pops up at $1.

TopBargains AU which I mainly use for clothing deals. Surfstich is decent.

N3 Facebook Page for any random promo codes they might throw up.
Same with CSC Buying Group. I have these two bookmarked just for the heck of it. Forget they're there.

Hot UK Deals for things that might slip through the cracks on other websites. Deals posted quite often like OzBargain.

Reddit Games Deals. Instead of checking 3 or 4 sites I just use this one page.

My newest bookmark, Slick Deals just to see what deals are going on in U.S.A.

Outside of that, I check certain websites when I get bored. SmithCity, Computer Lounge, Extreme PC, Play Tech, and The Market (sales). If I'm really flat out with procrastination, I'll start searching for 'staff codes NZ' and every now and then (Torpedo 7) something good pops up.

Feel free to comment below with sites you use that I haven't listed here.