Sites for Bargain Searching

As requested, the sites I use for bargain hunting. Probably a couple missing but I'd say this is 97% of it.

First off, an Amazon classic Camelcamelcamel. Main setup: categories: Electronics, Drop Type: Biggest relative (%)

Of course OzBargain for the odd deal that can be sent over to New Zealand

For the latest sale catalogues, I use Sale Finder, & My Catalogue

Every 12pm I check Mighty Ape daily deals. Nothing too crazy but now and then they have something decent that disappears fast.

These next three are my favourites
  • PriceSpy Daily Deals organised by 'Price Drop'. A great site in general for checking price history.

  • PriceMe Deals for different items and stores not covered by PriceSpy. Sometimes their prices are out but combined with Price Spy it's a good combo.

  • Amazon Today's Deals checked at 7pm. Deals are mostly on items that aren't worth the shipping hassle, but now and then they have a goody

EB Games organised by price. Now and then a good game or cup pops up at $1.

TopBargains AU which I mainly use for clothing deals. Surfstich is decent.

N3 Facebook Page for any random promo codes they might throw up.
Same with CSC Buying Group. I have these two bookmarked just for the heck of it. Forget they're there.

Hot UK Deals for things that might slip through the cracks on other websites. Deals posted quite often like OzBargain.

Reddit Games Deals. Instead of checking 3 or 4 sites I just use this one page.

My newest bookmark, Slick Deals just to see what deals are going on in U.S.A.

Outside of that, I check certain websites when I get bored. SmithCity, Computer Lounge, Extreme PC, Play Tech, and The Market (sales). If I'm really flat out with procrastination, I'll start searching for 'staff codes NZ' and every now and then (Torpedo 7) something good pops up.

Feel free to comment below with sites you use that I haven't listed here.


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    GOAT bargain hunter Wakrak.

    Haha cheers for this!

    • seconded. really good list here fellas.

  • You're awesome - thanks!!

  • Another one for the list, been going on for a while and sometimes there are some good things occasionally

  • Use code NZOIA @ Earth Sea Sky for 25% off including gift cards.

  • This site 'Fashion Lane' for clothing deals is real good

    • Hi Wakrak. Do you know of an updated hospitality code for Torpedo7? Thanks

      • They updated their website with a new code, but it's invalid. Tried using it last night but it kept coming up with 'expired'.
        I'll keep an eye on it though to see if they update their website anytime soon.

        • That's what I thought too. I'll do the same. Cheers mate

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            @wowbigdeal: Hey I just try the code HNZ20101112 and it actually working

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              @Geoffgo: Hi Geoffgo, this code was expired. Do you have the new code please? Thanks

              • @mike29:…

                Seems as though the code has expired at the end of 2020 but is still present on the hospitality website. Hopefully someone from hospitalityNZ will chase T7 about it.

                • +1

                  @Volks: HNZ2021123

                  Looks like they just updated

                  • @Volks: New code saying "sorry this coupon is unavailble"
                    this was for a T7 Branded bike rack, couldn't be bothered trying anything else

                    • @manual0103: I think it doesn't work if you're logged into your account.

                    • @manual0103: Yeah Stoic seems to be correct. Have to use logged out. I tested it on the Volt Towball rack; $559 as a club member, $364.63 shipped with the code (logged out).

                      • +1

                        @Wakrak: Yeah the annoying thing is that you can no longer get free shipping with the code as you can't be logged into your account. I'm hesitant to use pick up haha.

                        • +1

                          @Stoic: I have been using it for the last couple of weeks on small items. No need to prove you are a Hospitality member. In fact when I wanted to change the size of gloves I ordered they simply gave me a refund and asked me what I code I used (the staff at the store couldn't tell what code I had used). I just told them Hospitality NZ and they said sweet and gave me the same glove but different size.

                          The discount you get typically gives you a drastically lower price so even if you pay $7 for shipping i'd say it's worth it.

                          • @Volks: I really want to use it for some new ski boots & Torpedo 7 offer free boot fitting if you purchase boots from them. Do you think I’d need to prove anything other than an invoice when I go in for the fitting? Random question, just gauging thoughts.

                            • @NZSkiBum: I really don't think you will be asked for ID mate.

        • If anyone is wondering about click and collect. I used the code and collected from the store. The receipt has no code written on it. Just says online order. The prices for the items were just the total divided by the items. Hopefully this helps for those wondering about delivery.

      • For Torpedo7..Family and Friends Sale Up to 50% off.

        Code: FAMILYFEB21

    • Why is it nz site with aud price

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        Depends on store location.

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    For the latest sale catalogues; I've switched My Catalogue out for Tiendeo

  • Investor discount codes for Nothing amazing

  • Does anyone have an online discount code for Macpac? I know DOC workers get 44% of all items in store but unsure if there is a simple online code for this.

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    In Noel Leeming, go to your account, go to Membership Details, Type in CSC Group & then CSCBD Premium & then select any organization to get good discount there.

    • Does this get you store discount or selected items only? TIA

      • Selected items only but most products will have some form of discount exl Apple.

        • Found the T&Cs. Pretty standard by the look of things.

          Offer does not apply to any Noel Leeming Gift Card purchases, Tech Solutions Service Fees, extended warranties, laybys,
          delivery fees, all Apple products (including iPhone), Gaming consoles and bundles, iTunes cards, mobile phone top up cards, bonus, free or half price items. Standard Fly Buys points consists of 1 standard point for every $50 you spend at Noel Leeming. You must present your CSC Membership to be eligible for the discount.

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            @Wakrak: I have been using it for online purchases both delivered & click/collect never been prompted for an ID. i think that only applies for instore purchases. πŸ‘

            • @wellydeal: same here. I bought my home appliances that way… they even threw in some freebies instore on top of it after negotiating with them.

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      πŸ‘ Nice one. Some decent discounts on TVs

    • +2

      I have 2 accounts one with premium, and one with CSCBD Main, and I have found the main one tending to give slightly better discounts over the premium one.
      TLDR: activated premium from your post, but then looked into CSC and signed the company I work for up for it (its free) and they gave the same steps except to use the CSC Main, and on another Noels account I did their method but I was getting better prices on Tvs and a few other items, Obviously I couldnt be bothered Looking at everything via 2 accounts.

      I just thought this was worth a mention, and b3ecause the CSC main one is legit, I can claim instore without any worries.

      • When you signed your company up do they get notified? I worked for one of the DHBs and they're not on there but would like to sign them up

        • Not that I am aware of, when you sign up they just asked for a company email, so i provided mine

        • I have my own company - I signed it up, and nothing was sent to the company other than the email to me.

          I did get offered some 'cards' that list out offers (I think - can't find them right now), but I'm pretty sure that was offered, and I could have said thanks, but no thanks.

          Can't guarantee anything of course :-)


  • I clicked on the torpedo7 hospitality link above, and it now asks you to sign in :( this one

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    Another site I've been using lately is:

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    Torpedo7 code is now: HNZ2021321

    • Thanks. Just noticed the old one stopped working.

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    Thought I'd highlight a couple of deals associated with the hospitality code above.

    Torpedo7 lantern, $83.99 down to $24
    - thanks to felixfurtak

    Mens short sleeve graphic tee $39.99 down to $13 approx.

    • Got that Lantern about a year ago, excellent

  • If you happen to be in Queenstown this last week of May:

    Canyon Swing / code: IBUILDSTUFF
    Solo - $150pp including photos video - save $179
    Tandem - $280 ($140pp) including photos & video - save $258

    Ice Bar / code: CCG2021
    $25 entry + cocktail

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    Found some great sites for finding PS / XBOX deals.



  • Athletics NZ discount codes.

    15% off the base rate for car hire Hertz
    20% discount on accommodation at Millennium Hotels and Resorts
    15% off Sports Distributors Ltd
    20% off Salming footwear and others.

    Haven't tested. I can post up more codes like this if people want em.

  • CSC link for cheaper accommodation @

    2 night stay Kingsgate hotel + breakfast + $20 food/drink voucher = $219

    20% off Millennium daily room rate at Millennium hotels

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    For you NL CSC members out there, just figured out that the NL app is a great way to find CSC deals such as this Endeavour Hard shell 11.6” bag for $12.09

    Customisable frame for Samsung Frame TV now $1.33.

    • How do you normally use the app to search for deals? Just under 'hot deals' and filter via 'lowest price' first? Cheers

      • Go through each category and sort by lowest to highest price.

        • Which csc group have you selected please?

          • @offroad: I have two accounts - 1x premium, x1 main. Easiest way to go about it I reckon.

            I tend to use Cscbg Main the most.

  • Nintendo switch NZ deals

  • +7

    My #1 tip for deal hunting - use wildcards, spaces and NULLs when searching. Primarily:

    What is a wildcard? A wildcard character is a kind of placeholder represented by a single character, such as an asterisk, which can be interpreted as a number of literal characters or an empty string. It is often used in file searches so the full name need not be typed.

    How can this be used? Some examples below.
    1) Head over to, put a space in the search bar and click search. You've now got all products returned in the search results. Now you can order their entire catalogue by lowest to highest price. Link here.
    2) Give * a try at You'll notice that a single * doesn't return anything, but try two together ** and you've got results. This is likely because of a minimum character validation check. The same applies applies with the use of percent signs. When % doesn't work, try %%. Link here
    3) Thirdly go to and search without typing anything in the search bar. You've now got the entire Catch NZ catalogue. * yields the same result too. Link here

    Now, you might not get everything returned in the search as this is dependent on how the search functionality has been coded/implemented (examples - Torpedo7 seems to cap at 2000, MightyApe at 10000, for their entire catalogues). But regardless it is still a massive help when sorting through large individual categories.

    Happy hunting :)

    • +1

      Great tip. Thanks TheDealMan

    • tip doesnt work for noelleeming anymore

  • Is there any new Torpedo 7 HNZ codes? Old one is no longer working?

    • +1


      Tested it on this sleeping bag. Down to $24

      • Thanks heaps Wakrak!

      • Looks like HNZ2021593 definitely not working anymore, any updated one yet?

        • Been updated to HNZ2021594

          • @kumarafries: awesome, many thanks!

            • @monolith: Coupon doesn’t exist? Is there a new T7 code?

              • @NZSkiBum: You now have to email HNZ for the code. HNZ2021**** ?

                • @Wakrak: I have the new code but don't want to share this on here in case they're cracking down. DM if you'd like it.

                  • @NZSkiBum: Has been posted now. See what happens.

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    Website I've been using for a while now to get a leg up on game deals. Covers a couple of different websites

  • +1

    Finding random deals:

    10% off Coffee Club Gift Cards.
    Use code CSC777

    • How did you find that? You don't see it if you go via the 'front door' and click on Coffee Club, or did I just miss it?

      • +2

        Short story long, was mucking around last night before going to bed.

        Tried to find codes similar to the shareholder and that other code @ The Warehouse - no luck
        Tried to find new codes @ The Market - no luck
        Tried to find new CSC codes @ 1-Day - no luck
        Saw that Repco and CSC work together - no luck
        Randomly stumbled upon that Coffee Club link - a bit of luck

        Along the way, realised that NL has special pricing for Farmland card holders. Managed to crack the membership details. Surprisingly, it offers a cheaper price on MicroSD cards and certain electronic accessories vs. Main & Premium. Nothing mind-blowing, but cheaper nonetheless.

        • Legend - as always!

        • Great work everyday g. Do you know any deals on coffee club membership. They used to give 50% off

          • +1

            @Splashyminion: Try 2021MINOR1250

            • @Wakrak: mAh man πŸ’ͺ how did you get this I been searching everywhere. Is there a site g

              • +1

                @Splashyminion: 😎 I just went over to OzBargain and tested every code I came across (expired or otherwise) until I found one that works.

  • +1

    We are offering all SuperGold members 20% off all InkPost Brand Ink & Toner, plus 10% off all Original HP, Brother, Canon & Epson Ink & Toner. Also on offer is Free nationwide delivery on all Ink & Toner orders and a free 2022 Diary with all orders over $50

    code: SUPERGOLD

    • thanks, must use this one next time

  • ShaverShop three items reduced to $0.99 ea. Available in-store only however.…

  • There are also a lot of Discord servers for Amazon coupons, etc.

    I also recommend using Keepa for Amazon, it's similar to CamelCamelCamel but has slightly different features.

    There are also extension for Aliexpress on price history trend, etc.

    Also, some coupon browser extensions like Honey can actually find coupon codes that aren't posted on Cheapies or elsewhere. Honey actually found a few coupon codes for The Warehouse and for Aliexpress while I was at checkout. There are other similar extensions too and recommend using them to get maximum saving.

    • Speaking of extensions, I'm enjoying the CashRewards extension. I completely forget about cashback until a little CR popup appears at the top right of my screen.

  • Just stumbled across this awaytogo website. Hotel deals for CSC members.…

    Elite Energy deals

    • hi Wakrak for Awaytogo is that price show already CSC member price? I tried guest check out but couldn't find anything I can insert code etc, or do I have to register and login?

      • Good point. I didn't even check. I get the same price if I open up in a private browser, so either they no longer give special pricing for CSC or I've perhaps missed a step.

        • I have a quick search and it's only available thru CSC Buying Group APP, I download the APP and it need me to be a CSC Member to access the discount. Do you think we can register for CSC member account while they do not allow individual sign up now?

      • Awaytogo already shows the price CSC members get. The difference is CSC members can get that price by booking directly at the Millennium hotel website rather than having to go through awayto go.

        • Thanks Wakrak & Bigcheese!

          • @Geoffgo: No problem.
            What did I do again? πŸ˜‚

            • +1

              @bigcheese: Lol I mean sunshinez, I always mistaken you two

              • @Geoffgo: Wow - Hard to see how?

                The 4'6" height difference makes that very difficult to imagine.

                Not to mention the 48kg weight difference.

                And the near-fifty year age difference.


                • @Alan6984: Message from Stanley - β€˜Hi Alan. Sorry about your browser issues previously.Must be a bug.’ πŸ˜‰

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    This comment is for reference purposes.

    Pricematching at The Warehouse:

    1. Log in to your TWH account, add item to your cart and start live chat.
    2. Give account email, The Warehouse link, and competitor link.
    3. Once successful, checkout.

    Livechat hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 9pm
    Saturday and Sunday 8am - 6pm

    • +3

      Also, If unsuccessful, end chat and repeat process ensuring you get a different operator.

    • +1

      Updated live chat hours:

      Monday - Friday 8am - 7pm
      Saturday and Sunday 9am - 5:30pm

      • Sounds good.

        I tried at 4:50pm today, and no answer after 20 mins, at which point I gave up.

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