This was posted 9 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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300 Bonus Flybuys on a New Monthly Disney+ Subscription ($1.99 First Month Then $12.99 Per Month after) @ Disney+ via Flybuys


Offer starts 7pm tonight 8/9 and ends 2:59pm on 20/9

Get your first month of Disney+ for only $1.99 and collect 300 bonus Flybuys, when you sign up for a new monthly Disney+ subscription via Flybuys before 2:59PM (NZST) on 20 September 2022.*

After the first month, your Disney+ subscription auto-renews on a monthly basis at the then monthly price (currently $12.99 per month), unless cancelled prior. Eligibility criteria and T&Cs apply.*

How to sign up via Flybuys

  • Click the ‘Sign up now’ button below to access the Flybuys Disney+ Day offer site.
  • Enter your Flybuys member number and click ‘Continue’. (Your 16-digit Flybuys member number starts with 6014 and is on the back of your Flybuys card).
  • From here, you will be directed to the Disney+ site to sign up for a new monthly Disney+ subscription.
  • If eligible, you'll be allocated your 300 bonus Flybuys to your account within 25 days of offer end date.
  • Flybuys bonus points offer valid for eligible new or returning monthly Disney+ subscribers only who sign up to a new monthly subscription via Flybuys before 2:59 PM (NZST) on Tues 20 Sep 2022. Eligibility criteria and T&Cs apply.*

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  • Better to signup on the last day then cancel after 25 days? Any catches?

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      Not that i know of. I signed up last time this deal was offered and cancelled before the next month was charged. Received my points no issues and was only charged $1.99 for the first month. Note some users were experiencing issues receiving their points and had to follow up with Flybuys

      • Hi, do you receive an email from flybuys with confirmation? How do you know it has worked? I signed up via the link but have only received an email from Disney+ confirming my subscription. I used the same email as my flybuys account. Thank you!

        • You won’t get an email from Flybuys as your details haven’t been confirmed with them yet from Disney.
          That’s why it takes so long to get the points credited.
          As long as you entered your Flybuys number when you clicked the link and signed up to Disney with the same email details as your Flybuys account then you will get the points.

    • Did so last year! Got like a tank of free petrol!

    • +1

      Will be fine if you cancel straight away

  • +5

    Awesome offer.
    The fact that it also applies to returning subscribers means I can re-use my Disney+ account that is no-longer subscribed.
    Gives a good return if set to Z fuel.

  • +1

    Anyone else getting a "This deal is not current" popup at the very top despite it clearly saying ends 20 Sept ?

    • +3

      Starts 7pm as per op

      • +16

        Ah yep - will take "Attention to detail" off my CV :D

  • +3

    "Valid for eligible new or returning monthly Disney+ subscribers" does it mean i could use my existing flybuys number to sign up to this deal? I had signed up to the previous flybuy Disneyplus promotion previously

    • +2

      Yes you can.

      • thanks

      • Bonus Flybuys under this offer may only be earned once per eligible Flybuys member and you acknowledge and agree that any attempts to redeem bonus Flybuys under this offer more than once, will be ineligible and the offer will not be applied to any subsequent attempts to redeem such bonus Flybuys.

        Do you think “offer” means each time they offer it or could it apply to any promotion of the same offering?

        • I think people should note the quoted T&C above. You can use an old Disney+ account but if that account has claimed the Flybuys promotion before I don't think you'll get the Flybuys again.

          • @sunshinenz: I’m hoping that ‘this offer’ specifically relates to the promo that started this month.
            I signed up using an old Disney+ account and a Flybuys account that did claim the 300 bonus points last year.
            Will see what happens.

            • +2

              @bigcheese: I actually messaged flybuys and was told the following, so they should come through.

              As per stated on the offer, members who are new or returning may be eligible for the points as long as you subscribe with the promotion dates and follow the email instructions. We hope this has helped.

              • @thats mum life: I had an active subscription last week. I cancelled and the subscription expired a few days later too. Will I be eligible if I sign up using that Disney+ account? (I've been using that account for 90% in the last few years, paying full fee. That account has never claimed a Flybuys promo.)

                • @sunshinenz: I would guess so but maybe message them to be sure as it’s a different situation to mine! Mine had been cancelled for several months.

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    Just a heads up, make sure you use the same email address for Disney+ and Flybuys, otherwise the points won't come through. I had the issue last time and eventually got it sorted with extra time and effort.

    • +1

      Shot @xsolider - the real tips in the comments!

    • Does this include adding +phrase to ur email account? Eg. Email+fb vs email+dsn

      • +1

        Have to be exactly the same.

        • I updated flybuys email then resigned to disney with it, worked fine

    • grr i used a different email… did you email/contact flybuys to help?

      • +1

        Go into your Flybuys account and change the email to match your Disney+ account.
        As it hasn't been processed yet you should be fine if you do this now.
        Otherwise you will be chasing them to get the points.

        • Yes that's the advice I was given by cheapies last time and it worked. But I did it a month after signing up Disney so had to chase them up and waited another two weeks.

  • +2

    What's 300 points converted to fuel discount?

    • +7

      If you have fuel rewards chosen, then 4 Fly Buys = 3c off per litre up to 50l at Caltex and Z, therefore 300 Fly Buys will give 225c off per litre up to 50l (effectively up to $112.50 off).

      If you have New World Dollars chosen then 28 Fly Buys = $5 New World Dollars, therefore 300 Fly Buys will give $50 New World Dollars with 20 fly buys left over till you earn 8 more fly buys to convert to another $5 New World Dollars.

      • Definitely gonna go with the fuel discount! Amazing steal haha.

      • Stupid me I get flybys as flybys only. How to change into new world dollars

        • +1

          Just log in to your FlyBuys account and select 'Choose Currency'.
          Then the blue box 'Choose Your Currency Now'.
          From here you can select Z fuel and confirm.

        • You can either change it ongoing (login to their website), or they run 'specials' occasionally, where you can convert at the FB28 for NW$5.00 rate.

      • So arguably…

        $50 in New World Dollars and then if you convert the remaining 20 flybuys into fuel discount… You'll end up with 15cpl + Pumped… so either 21cpl or 25cpl if you use it on Wednesday…

        That's pretty tasty!

        • Unfortunately you have to choose your reward type before the points are earned rather than getting the points then converting them as you please.

          • -1

            @catchthelight: That's not actually true…

            As long as you don't convert to flybuys itself, it let's you do it.

            • @Sharetank Dude: Oh sorry, I must be mistaken! Would you mind sharing the process for being able to choose as you go?

              • @catchthelight: I mean TECHNICALLY you are correct.

                However… If you set it as New World Dollars for THIS offer…

                New World Dollars = $50…
                Flybuys to your next reward *would be 28 - 20 = 8 left…

                That means the reward is TECHNICALLY not redeemed, hence it allows you to move those to one of the others.

                I've tried many times and it always works. Try it with buying a Z coffee and it'll show you

                • @Sharetank Dude: True, but why would you want like 15c off? It should be smarter economically to not divide the points.

                  Also, I don't understand what you mean in your last line about the coffee

    • +1

      Somebody posted this on a deal before (was a lengthy post with comparisons etc, damn good reading), which eventually led me to convert the FB points I earned to the fuel discount since then. Worth searching for it.

  • Brilliant, thanks for posting. Did this deal last time to watch the Beatles Get Back series. Keen to see Pinocchio that's out today so even if I watch nothing else in the month $1.99 plus 300 Flybuys points is a great deal for a new release film.

  • I still hold 20 litres of fuel in a container and rest in my car from the last deal of 150 flybuy PTS. Confused between NW or Fuel discount as I already have fuel to last 2 MTHS based on my driving needs.

    • +4

      The Z fuel is the best option - but only if you are actually going to use the fuel.
      If you sign up then the fuel will still be valid at least until the end of October, assuming they process the points this month. The Z fuel will be good until the end of November if they don't get around to giving you the points until October.

      Otherwise, go with NW dollars or Flybuys points based on what works for you.
      Either way for $1.99 you are going to get more than it costs you.

      • Renew/start Disney plus subscription= 9 Sept
        PTS Credited to Flybuy account (Approx. 25 working days) = 11 Oct
        Fuel discount redemption expires = 30 Nov

        • +1

          The points are credited 'within 25 days of the offer end date'.
          Sometimes it takes them ages, other times it is done really quickly.
          What you have indicated for the fuel discount expiry is correct if they process it in October; but they could still credit in September (as it ends on the 20th) meaning the fuel will expire 31st October.

        • “within 25 days of offer end date” which means after 20/09?

          • @bilberry: Agree with you. If the flybuy PTS get credited in September then fuel discount PTS expire by end of October.

    • more fuel mate ;) always needed

  • Where did it say about starting at 7pm ? I never saw that. I was targeted on fb earlier and signed up , so charged the full amount and won’t be eligible for the points either I imagine. I should trust the website when it says ‘this deal isn’t current’ and just wait a bit! * face palm*. Hope flybuys can sort it out. Disney are refunding me supposedly but that can take days.

    • +1

      In the terms and conditions on the deal page if you scroll down.

      • +1

        Ahhh dammit. I did skim through it all! But right at the bottom must have just completely missed it. I feel stupid hahaha.

  • +1

    Can other Flybuys members, linked to the same account, get this promotion too? Or do the members need to have individual accounts?

    • i fthinkyou should but I feel i tried this on a previous account without success. Better your family member gets a new flybuys account. also ensure their email has not had a Disney plus account before.. a few of my family have and thus are not eligible for the flybuys

      • WHHOOPS — the Ts&Cs say for returning /reactivations for Disney email is ok.. that is good…

      • A large number of people had to get in touch with flybuys to ensure the points were credited. You should have done that as it was not due to your end.

    • +1

      Yes, they can

  • +4

    Can other members associated with your flybuys account also can take this offer? All members have different flybuys number & email but they share the points.

    Just wondering if wife & myself both can try this offer to get total of 600 flybuys.

    • I noted this.. my families emails were already used on Disney plus - as i understand it you need a fresh email to Disney plus (new user) and then may need to create a flybuys account if you did not have one….

      • WHHOOPS — the Ts&Cs say for returning /reactivations for Disney email is ok.. that is good…

    • Yes

  • +1

    Guess I’ll have to make a new Flybuys account because I already have Disney +. Can’t miss out on 300 Flybuys.

    • Can you make new flybys with same name & address I don't think so

      • +1

        Just use a different name and address?
        You only need the Flybuys number (don’t need the physical card).
        The key is to ensure the email address you create for Flybuys is exactly the same as what you use for Disney+

    • +4

      As much as I consider myself a tight arse I think that doing that is morally wrong and also risks Flybuys doing away with these promos

  • +1

    Just signed up. Thanks OP.

    • same here! hoping it comes early this time

  • I canceled the sub and deleted account. Seems like it takes some time to register on disney+'s end

    • I believe it will only cancel once the end of your paid month finishes. Deleting may not change that period.

      • As in, there may still be a ghost subscription.

      • Yeah, just got the email. 9th Sept, nice timing

  • all signed up, cheers OP, great find.

  • Just signed up let's see if it tracks automatically or I have to chase like last time

  • If I sign up today, when should I cancel it to avoid next month fee?

    • +2

      When you receive the flybuys i think

    • Strictly adhearing to the T&C's you should recieve the points regardless of when you cancel. But I haven't read the T&C's, only guessing it's the same as last time

  • Signed up. Does it matter if I had the account but no subscription?

    • Seems like this time it doesn't

  • Easy peasy, thanks for the heads up OP!

  • +2

    Thanks OP. I always take screenshots of the t&c and the page where I enter my Flybuys number. I had to sent Flybuys the screenshot as proof last time to get my 300 points.

  • +1

    Now I just need Bunnings to lower their price on the 20L fuel can, get the warehouse to price beat it.

    • Could try your luck with Repco

      • Great spotting! Will try it tomorrow, thank you!

        • TWH won't price match as it is marked as Clearance item

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