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Earn 300 Flybuys Points for Signing up to Disney Plus for $1.99 via FlyBuys


This is $112.5 worth of value for $1.99. 300*0.75 = $2.25 off per litre of fuel * 50 litre = $112.5
Otherwise, new world dollars would be 300/28 * $5 = $53.57 for each time done
Not sure yet how many times it can be done on each account but could be once for every card.

Remember to sign up through the Flybuys link.
The Disney plus website advertises $1.99 but you will not get the 300 bonus flybuys points!

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  • how is the fuel discount done, can you explain that thanks :)

    Get bigger savings at Z or Caltex when you choose Fuel Discounts.
    Every 4 Flybuys = 3c off per litre


    • yes, do you have a question about how to switch or how my calculations were done?

      • We have to switch to that reward before the points are credited I guess to get that discount mentioned in your post

        • +1

          Yes absolutely, flybuys has changed the way they reward by having three different options for you to choose from. Changing your reward type will turn all new points gained into the new type of reward instantly.

          They have a really in-depth page about how this works that probably will explain this better than I can.
          Here: https://www.flybuys.co.nz/tips-and-tricks

          In general your points are worth more as fuel discounts but if you don't accumulate enough or cant fill 50 litres at once it may not be worth it for you.

          hope this helps you
          let me know if you have anymore questions

          • @Bill: Hey thanks a ton Submitted my request reply in 5 days let's see

            • @Splashyminion: No problem, happy to help.

              Wasn't aware it was a "request" and not just an instant change. I only did it once but I remember it as being pretty seamless (or rather don't remember).

              Make sure to get this deal ASAP.
              Don't wait for your transfer to go through, there are only 6 days of this promotion.
              Your points won't show up instantly, they get converted to what your reward is are the point they show up, not when they were earned!

              • @Bill: Got this deal too with another new email account. Thank you. Hope points will show up soon in fly buys. Thanks

  • I just signed up via Disney plus original this morning 😭

    • not sure what you mean by original but I would assume you can easily sign up again with a different email

      • Think the offer is for one sign only

  • Great deal, flybuys laying out these last few months

    • I had to read through the terms and conditions to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. truly unbelievable

      • Ha yeah, you normally have to sign up for a credit card At least for this

        • +1

          Disney plus is going to be very reputable with any billing information you give them. Signing up as a cheapie, they will treat you no differently. Alternatively use a prezzy card with low balance or a debit card with low balance.

          They cannot accumulate charges against you unlike power companies for example, your service will just be stopped until you pay again.

          thanks for your comment

          • +1

            @Bill: Just subscribe and then immediately cancel. You'll get the full month for $1.99

  • How to add my new world card to fly buys it's not adding

    • +1

      Make sure your new world card has "flybuys" on it and not "airpoints". They're different rewards cards so you'll need to contact the new world card tean to get it changed to flybuys if it's airpoints.

      • Yeah I have Air points card. I'd there a way to change it or order a new one? Support ain't answering

        • I'm not sure if there's another way, sorry. When I changed it over a couple months ago I did it via calling them.

        • +1

          Hi there, I may have the answer you are looking for. You have to register on the new world club card website which is different to the flybuys website

          Link to clubcard website: https://www.clubcard.co.nz/newworld/en/

          There you can change from airpoints to flybuys.

          Note that you can still get this deal without a clubcard, just choose a different reward option.


  • +3

    Top tier cheapie deal. Nice find!

    • Thanks mate!

  • I wonder how some of the cheapies are going to find ways to abuse take the most advantage of this. I assume you can do this to as many cards on your account as you want. That seems like either a recipe for disaster or massive savings for cheapies. But I know everyone on here is willing to play with fire at least a little bit to get some extra savings.

  • Does it take time for the flybuy points to show up on your account?

    • Yep, with flybuys everything takes time in my experience.

    • They say upto ~25 days

  • +1

    Bonus Flybuys offer valid for new, first time Disney+ subscribers only. Cancelled or renewed subscriptions will not be eligible to earn bonus Flybuys. One-off allocation of points will be credited to your Flybuys account by Flybuys within 25 business days of your Disney+ subscription purchase.

    25 business days is about 5 weeks. Does this mean we need to run through another month's cycle? Or can we cancel before then and still get the rewards.

    • +1

      Hey there,

      Obviously, I'm not 100% certain about anything, I'm just trying to interpret what is being told, but I believe what they mean by "cancelled" subscriptions are ones that were active in the past and had a pre-existing subscription that has been cancelled. This makes sense as they say an "eligible" subscription will be credited. Meaning the requirement is only that this is a brand new subscription and has nothing to do with whether you choose to keep the subscription or not. I may be wrong but that's what I see this as. Either way it is probably a good idea to not cancel until you get the points

  • +1

    I did the previous promotion with flybuys and disney+ through the flybuys portal link and never got credited any flybuys points and it's been 2 months since I signed up.

    Wonder if this will be the same.

    • did you click the right link and enter the fly buys number beforehand etc

      • Yeah went through the whole process.

    • I don't believe there has been a promotion similar to this. Perhaps it was for 1 year subscriptions only?

      • +1

        There was one 2 months ago for 40 flybuys for 1 month or 150 for 3 months :


        • That is very strange, I did take a read through and you should have been credited.

          I would follow up with flybuys customer support to try and get this solved.

          Either this is a problem with their end or you might have had a problem with entering your flybuys info

          Sorry I can't be of much help.


          • @Bill: Thanks Bill,

            I did send off an e-mail today because I saw this promotion pop up and then remembered I had never been credited.

            Hopefully I don't have the same issue with this promotion too.

            • @subculturenz: Quite important to use a different email address with a different flybuys number. Otherwise, it will not be eligible. If you don't have a different number it is very easy to create a new member in your account (not a new account altogether). This will give you a new number to use that has the points sent to the one account.

    • I did get mine but it took a while to show up on my flybuys account

      • Oh ok… How long would you say?

        It's been 2 months since for me and still nothing.

  • If I want the fuel discount do I need to change the reward type before joining Disney plus?
    Also can I cancel the subscription before it rolls over?

    • Thanks for the question.

      You need to have the fuel discount as your reward type set before your points show up in your account (credited to your account).

      From what someone else has said, changing your reward type will take up to 5 days.

      The points from this promotion are going to likely take far longer to show up.

      This means you are probably safe with joining before your reward type is changed.

      I would assume you can cancel the subscription without having to pay for an extra month but this is not certain so maybe try to wait until the credit shows up, at which point it is extremely unlikely they will be revoked.

      My bet is it doesn't matter if you cancel in 2 minutes after signing up because the subscription ends after 1 month, not from the point you cancel.

      Hope this helps


  • If I change my reward type in the fly buys app to fuel rewards then sign up to the Disney plus, will that work?

    I’ve never used fuel rewards before so I’m not sure on the process. I have 32 flybuys points currently but I’m guessing it’s not showing as a fuel reward because it was accrued while my account was set to flybuys points, is this all correct?

    • +1

      Yup sounds about right, I'm in the same situation with 29 points and 0 points for fuel.
      I've switched to fuel discount for this deal hope the points come through!

    • +1

      yes, you are right that the 32 points will stay as points as they cannot be changed/converted into another reward currency.

      As for changing your reward type before signing up, you posted this 29 seconds before my last comment which covers this.

      Please have a look at the comment I made directly above, but yes, I am pretty sure it will work for you.

      Let me know if you have anymore questions.


  • +19

    Hey all, I work with Flybuys. For those thinking about gaming the offer and signing up multiple time, please don't. Not surprisingly we have multiple checks and balances in place to detect fraud activity and it makes it more challenging to bring people great offers in the future when partner brands have to be concerned about unethical behaviour.

    For those looking to sign-up to Flybuys and Disney+ as a result of the offer we hope you enjoy it. There's some amazing content coming out for Disney+ Day so a great opportunity to enjoy it.

    Also to the person above that didn't receive there Flybuys from the previous offer please reach out to Customer Care. As with anything digital, some fall through the cracks, however we have the capability to verify purchase and ensure you get your reward if the conditions were met.

    • -1

      Of course, we are all very ethical here. No need to worry about anything fraudulent.

      Perhaps you should address some of the questions here as you are probably better versed in the details than I am.

      PS. Is this a business account or personal? Has flybuys employed you to catch people at the source or are you merely informing for our best interests?

      If this is business then they must be paying you crazy for overtime. lol

    • +4

      This is strange. The account was created 19 minutes ago. This is definitely corporate sweating their balls off.

      • +4

        No sweating- loving seeing the engagement with this offer.

        After years of using cheapies it's the first time I've felt the need to set up a login- And it's a personal account that I've set up however I work for Flybuys. And no, I don't get paid overtime haha

        To the questions above;

        Flybuys are earned on sign-up however they can take up to 25 days to process (obviously we hope you enjoy the content and stay on board longer)
        If you want the Fuel discount you need to set your currency choice as fuel before the Flybuys process

        Were there any other specific questions? Sorry I had a scan through.

        • +2

          All goods then,

          But in my opinion, I DEFINATLY feel as though you should be paid for this unless you own a share of the company.

          Thanks for the clarification


          • +2

            @Bill: I'll be printing this off and bringing your suggestion into the office if we're ever out of lockdown haha. Enjoy- I'll try to get someone to keep an eye on here for any questions but in the meantime we do have a support team that are fully briefed and happy to help with questions, particularly around currency choice. Quietly I'm also quite impressed with the depth of understanding of the new Flybuys programme within this thread.

            Enjoy the streaming :)

            • @ScottyH: Most people would probably say my understanding is excessive, at least my family does but they don't complain when it's their money I save. It's kind of a poisoned chalice.

              Let's hope we do eventually get out of this lockdown. But not like the UK where they just accept the situation and ignore it. Preferably it will just go away by itself and pack its bags. lol

          • @CableStreet: wow, the whole team's going to be joining in on the action. :)

        • @scottyh: Just wondering if we have to stay signed up until we receive the fly buys points?

          • +1

            @Is2u: They covered that above :) When they said 'Flybuys are earned on sign-up however they can take up to 25 days to process (obviously we hope you enjoy the content and stay on board longer)'

            • @curiousb: So I can cancel Disney+ immediately and that will be fine?

    • +1

      If me and my partner have separate flybuys accounts but are linked together, are we each able to have separate subscriptions under this deal?

  • +1

    Is it just me or is the math wrong on the value of the fuel discount? 300/4 (4 points = 3 cents off per litre) = $0.75 off per litre of fuel * 50L = $37.50 off?

    • +1

      Hi saucy, maybe double-check your math, unless I am oblivious.

      you divided by 4 but didn't multiply but 3 because 4 points is 3 cents not 1

      • +1

        Okay nevermind! haha thanks for the clarification.

        • Sure thing!

          Glad you asked!

  • Nice. Thanks OP.

    • Thanks mate.

      Sorry I stole your flair with my post.
      Was debating to myself whether this would count as different.

      • +1

        This is the goat Disney Plus deals. Definitely different enough. This may even be top billing for the month. Good luck πŸ‘

        • +1

          I predict it may challenge the record, which was also flybuys related.

          • @nevergofullretail: Hmmm, interesting. You may be right. The most popular deal of all time has 184 up votes. I wonder if anyone will see fit to neg this deal.

            • @wowbigdeal: If anyone does, they will be banished to the dark side.

              β€œDo. Or do not. There is no try.” β€” Yoda

              The only thing is it runs for just 6 days, leaving a smaller window for people to see it

          • @nevergofullretail: Martz5. The big fish that got away 🎣

            • @Wakrak: ouch, i saw the $1.99 deal on ozbargain earlier today when dealbot posted but forgot about the flybuys!

            • @Wakrak: I should have started a new thread :'(

              • @Martz5: your time will come Martz5! just never leave your computer or phone ever and you will get there eventually!

              • +3

                @Martz5: They'll be plenty more 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟. I have a $5 Mighty Ape voucher you can have as a consolation prize. I signed up to this (Disney+) deal because of your comment and I have this $5 credit just sitting there. Options are:

                • $5 Mighty Ape
                • $5 App store & iTunes
                • $5 donation (ChildFund or World Animal)

                Send me a PM if interested.

              • +1

                @Martz5: Sorry mate, I got the email from flybuys for this and jumped on it without seeing your comment.

                Maybe the 300 points will make you feel better.

                I hear the Mandalorian is good.

  • Awesome deal. Just noticed the flybuys fuel discounts expire at the end of the following month after receiving them, so use it quick once it comes in.

    • definatly, but with the eye-watering fuel prices, chances are it'll be spent in one fill.
      It's a blessing and a curse ;)

  • @Huntakillaz I pressed reply but it was unpublished.

    I know you are asking for a friend, in theory, possibly, but we are being monitored so only in theory.

    For legal reasons I disclose I do not condone or encourage any fraudulent or unethical behaviour

    • +1

      Well I didn't read all when posting that and then saw that you can share with upto 7 people.

      Sometimes have issues with Netflix where my sister and her kids take up 3 of the 4 allocated devices, so if my brother wants to watch like squid games I have to not use my netflix profile/acc
      hence why signing up more than once, just makes it easier not to deal with logistics of sharing while being able to binge all you want for a month especially.

      so not fraudulent or anything just device limit frustrations lol

      • Understandable, I didn't even know it was up to 7 people which makes it a pretty good deal compared to Netflix for a standard subscription.

        The thing is about steaming is it's getting worse and worse value for money.
        All the Disney shows and movies used to be on Netflix but everyone wants a slice of the cake so Disney choose to take them all off so they can charge consumers an extra 10 bucks a month.

        • Yeah exactly and with device limitations it makes it hard coz otherwise could do things like between 3-4 people

          Each sign up to 1-2 streaming platforms and add a profile of the others, between the 3-4 of you, you could have most of the big ones covered while only paying of 1-2 of them

          7-8 devices(profiles) makes it more possible to do as most people would have 2 devices they'd use

  • +1

    Shang Chi coming on the 12th makes the deal even better

    The movie was great, the entire bus scene was me munching popcorn on the edge of my seat, while lots of back story, cannot wait to see Shang Chi (Simu liu) flex their abilities in the MCU.

  • Can I cancel my current subs and join again using this?

    • +1

      I'm keeping my original subscription (just so the other family members attached don't have to logout then back in again). I created a new account for the $1.99 fee just to get the flybuys. I also cancelled the new subscription straight away too.

      • +1

        Yea, you'll have to do it this way. It won't work for a pre-existing account.

        But you know, this is you asking for a friend.

        For legal reasons I disclose I do not condone or encourage any fraudulent or unethical behaviour

      • When you cancel does it still give you access the rest of the month?

        • +2

          Yes, it still gives you the month.

  • what's the limitation of using the same account across multiple household? (2)

    • +1

      seems to be 7 online at one time

      • Correction: actually it's 4 online at once, 7 different profiles

  • I signed up using the flybuys link and it said payment failed but still I right away received the email confirmation of the subscription and the money was deducted as well. No activity showing on my flybuys account. What do I do? Thank you..

    • Yeah read the terms of the deal

  • +1

    A side topic, when I shop at new world, cashier often asking me to swipe both clubcard and airports card. What does it give me? Points accumulated on both systems besides special clubcard price on items?

    • not to sure, a question for the Clubcard help centre.

      I know your Airpoints account is able to be linked to clubcard instead of flybuys

      But if its linked you don't need swipe both.

      And I don't believe you're able to get both rewards at once

    • I seem to vaguely remember, last year I registered airpoints with NW club card. But accidentally swiped Flybuys club card, it gave me the Flybuys but not the club card discount? I think that is what happened but can't be 100 % sure, too long ago. So if you do swipe both, make sure you check.

      • Hi there,

        I think I understand.

        Flybuys do not have a "club" card, that is the NW Clubcard only.

        Clubcard discounts are only with swiping the NW Clubcard

        Flybuys when swiped will earn points

        Clubcard when swiped will earn the currency of your choice, either flybuys points or airpoints

        Hope this clears things up for you.


  • Fantastic deal! Thanks!

  • Thanks for this, gives the kids stuck at home something to watch.

  • Finally a deal for Disney+ worth trying out for. Good for kiddos at home having something else to enjoy other than youtube.

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