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NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 4K 2019 AU$270 Delivered, NVIDIA Shield TV 2019 AU$173 Delivered (Approximations) @ Amazon AU


Spotted over on OzBargain

Nvidia Shield TV Pro 4K

  • Comes with the new Shield remote
  • The ultimate cinematic TV experience
  • Enjoy the most 4K HDR entertainment
  • The most advanced Android TV streaming media player
  • Feature-rich setup, and convenient design
  • Cheaper than the current Retravision Deal, and in stock

Shield TV

  • The most advanced Android TV streaming media player
  • Feature-rich setup, and convenient design
  • Easily enjoy immersive entertainment when watching your favourite multimedia content
  • Dual-band AC WiFi
  • Comes with the new Shield remote

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  • Good deal. I wonder why it's exempt from free shipping.

    • Yeah that part is a bit of a bummer.

    • If you haven't ordered yet, you can offset the shipping partially through amazon au's current promotion which will get you $5 credit when you purchase $100 or more worth of giftcard.

  • What do people usually use this for?

    • +1

      I have an older version of the Sheild TV pro.

      Pretty much just use it for media streaming with Kodi (from my network storage). It is one of the most powerful android TV boxes around, and does a good job. Has ethernet too, which is usefull to me, and getting rare on streaming sticks.

      Noticeably better then the Fire TV 4k I have on my other tv.

      I do have the game controller for the Sheild TV too, but don't really use that.

    • Syncler+ with real debrid

      • +2

        That's exactly what I do with my tube edition. Works primo.

    • As my plex client with tvnz/threenow/YouTube/video game streaming from my pc as well.
      Tried other android top boxes and they all suffer some kind of issue here and there and I just got (profanity) off constantly trouble shooting.
      With plex I run sonarr+Radarr to automatically download TV shows and movies for me and sync to the plex server

      • Is it a lot of effort to set up sonarr and radarr for plex? Any guides you can recommend?

        • +1

          I used atomic toolkit guide atleast 7-8 years ago. Installed it on a linux ubuntu virtual box and has been running since. I take backup of the vm every couple of months just in case. Sometimes the ubuntu updates break somethings so easier to restore. But, it has been rock solid since the install. I have been using sonarr, radarr, jacket on one VM and another VM is running behind a VPN for downloads.

          Initial setup is not easy if you are not familiar with technical knowledge, but not that difficult if you follow the guide.



          • @ace310: Hi there,

            Sorry not massively related to the post but I was keen to create a Plex sever to stream my media.

            I have an old all in one desk top and a standard desk top. Would either work as a server or would minimum specs be required?

      • Have you thought about running the plex server on shield? any advantages/disadvantages you can think of?

        I have plex server on my windows server (basic i5 cpu, 24gb ram, intel graphics) and client is mostly Samsung qled, chromecast or apple devices. It has been working fine, just wondering if adding shield would have any added benefits in terms of video/audio quality?

        Can shield use shared drive from the server as storage for plex media?

        • +1

          I use the shield as my plex server and I use shared drives from my server perfectly fine.

          • @Jizah: Thanks that's good to know. Any benefits you can think of in terms of quality/reliability?

            Just want to justify the cost of shield if it is worth while or not?

            • @ace310: It seems to handle whatever I throw at it, but I don't really have anything to compare it too. It has crashed once or twice but that is it, and that is in a 2 year period.
              Not being able to remote restart was annoying, so I added a cheap wifi power plug but I have yet to have needed it.

  • What's the main difference between the pro and non-pro?

    • +1

      Good place to start

      Also OzBargain comments

      It has problems with how it manages its memory and some apps. High bitrate local 4K is especially problematic. If your just using lower bitrate and streaming online its mostly OK. I own both.


      Just random links I came across.

      • Cheers mate

    • +2

      Non pro also doesn't have a USB port which is a major no thanks for me.

      • Haven't read the links posted by wakrak yet but this itself seems to be a dealbreaker for me.

    • +1

      Avoid the tube version. Lots of people have issues with high bitrate files

  • What's the main advantages of this over my 2017 Sony Smart TV? My tv still plays Netflix etc smoothly.

    • Depending on if you Sony has Android TV or not, this does so a bigger ecosystem of apps and games compared to most smart TVs.
      Also maybe gaming, the Shield TV can play 3D games. It's a lightweight compared to real game consoles though.

    • I have an old Sony Android TV and the interface is so laggy it's unusable now.
      The newer models have more rams and more CPU cores so they are buttery smooth, but I'm not gonna she'll out 2k for that. So adding an Android TV box (that does 4k HDR) would be a good alternative.

  • Does anyone know if you can use the in conjuction with Sky Go at all? I'm currently using a chromecast but was wanting to get something that can handle 4k content so was looking at getting the new chromecast with Google TV but have always been tempted to get one of these.. Thanks for any help :)
    edit I stopped being lazy and looked up and said it has chromecast built in :)

    • Can't answer the sky question but I've had a ccwgtv for about 6 months and it feels like a beta device, constantly trouble shooting issues with WiFi and audio, I gave up and bought a shield Pro and never had 1 issue since.

    • I use the kodi sky go add on with my shield

  • You can further reduce $5 from the price by taking advantage of amazon au's current promotion which will get you $5 credit when you purchase $100 or more worth of giftcard.

    Credits to OzBargain post.


    • Surprised it's still available considering the 2000 person limit. Did work for me yesterday though. Obviously bear in mind that the $5 Amazon credit will appear in your account a couple of days after your purchase.

      • You can contact their support to get it immediately. That's what I did. Worst case scenario is you don't get $5 credit but you can still use your $100 gift card for this purchase.

  • Bit the bullet.
    Pro version on its way - Cheers Wakrak

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