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NVIDIA Shield TV Pro AU$302.14 Delivered (Was AU$349) @ Amazon AU


Cross post from OzBargain.

The gold standard of streaming devices. One of the best tech purchases I've made. I have both the 2017 and 2019 models and they still feel brand new. Nvidia are still pushing out regular updates too.

Retailers in NZ are selling these for ~$450. Noel Leeming currently sells them for $459.99.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Does this stream freeview channels live?

    • One way or another, yes. Might be able to download/sideload the Freeview apk or just download Kodi and add the Slyguy repository.

      If you're wanting it just for Freeview, there are cheaper options out there.

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        Matt's links also work with IPTV apps you'd find in the Play store.

      • Looking to replace Vodafone tv

        So far smartvu seems the best option

        • Same here, I can't seem to find any other similar alternative really.

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          Same here, Vodafone TV has some good features (3 day rewind, cloud recording, Sky on/off as required etc) still not happy they getting rid of it

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    $302.14 is Australian dollars, converts to around $330nzd. Someone might want to update the title.

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    I have the non pro version and lemme tell you its a beast! Streams 20gb movie rips with ease. AI scaling is good and i see a difference for sure. Hands down the best Android streaming device.

  • Is it worth the upgrade from a Chromecast with Google TV if I just use it for Plex, Youtube & Netflix streaming?

    • I've got both the CCWGT and the Shield (both 2017 and 2019 models). You will notice the difference in speed immediately with the Shield. I think that the Chromecast will be obsolete pretty quickly as they are already quite sluggish. The Shield will work a dream for the next 5 years at least.

      If my Shield broke would immediately buy another one, despite the Chromecast being 200$ cheaper.

      Saying that, I think most consumers would be satisfied with the Chromecast.

      • Thanks, I do find the Chromecast a bit sluggish at times, think I'll upgrade to the Shield and relegate the Chromecast to the bedroom TV.

        • Its terrible out of the box you have to remove all the crap and just run bare minimum, its not bad after that.

          • @coffeee: Do you mean the shield or Chromecast is terrible out of the box?

    • No more transcoding plex when using the shield. 4k Dolby Vision, Atmos all works perfectly and skips and rewinds and fast forwards like it SHOULD.

  • Excellent thanks - had just been looking at these a couple of days ago to replace my 2015 Shield TV.

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