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D-Link DIR-X1560 AX1500 Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Smart Router $97 + Shipping / Pickup @ Harvey Norman


This seems to be cheapest ever price. Next cheapest that I can find is $140 from kogan/dicksmith. This can be used as a mesh as well if you have other d-link mesh products. Wi-fi 6 capable. Compatible with google assistant and amazon alexa.

More specs here.

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Harvey Norman NZ
Harvey Norman NZ

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    High recommend against buying any D-LINK hardware. Outdated, insecure software, silly bugs and generally poor engineering.

    Made the mistake of buying one once, never again. I now have a Google Nest Wifi and couldn't be happier with it.

    • I also have Google nest wifi from ISP but it only has very limited functions and only 1 other Lan port, it's also outdated doesn't even support wifi 6, it's alright for the basic fibre plan.

    • I personally can't comment about this router as I don't have it but I've got a D-LINK smart plug and haven't had any issues with it.

      • I have D Link Dsp W118 Smart Plug and its a hit and miss, I bought like 4, where I had to change 2 of them, once was constantly making a noise and the other one would drop wifi connection for 5 minutes a few times a day. I kept swapping them til I got some with now issues.

        • That's the same smart plug that I have. I bought 2 or 3 and I haven't had any problems with them. I guess I just got lucky.

      • I have a couple of D-Link Smart Plugs and they are hit and miss also. D-Link was and often is bringing out cheap and early tech, but long term they don't have any commitment to updates and the hardware is substandard.
        They have been this way for 30 years.

  • I signed up with Vodafone and got the Tplink mesh system for free on a 24 month contract. Very happy.

  • Does anybody kno if it supports wired backhaul for mesh?

  • I have had one but the 2.4ghz performance with a lot of my older equipment was poor and parental controls are almost nil.

    a review I got after I purchase one last year….


  • Generally avoid any router that looks like a stealth fighter or purports to be for gaming.

    I use the fritzbox 7590, or, ISP supplied routers.

    • I used to love the FritzBoxes and sing their praises, but they did a firmware upgrade on mine a while back that meant you could only forward ports in blocks of 255 - made quite a few scenarios a real pain in the ass.

      Not sure if the same upgrade would have impacted on all FritzBoxes or not?

      • I've never encountered this. With 7490s in the past and now with a 7590. Happily running select port forwards on mine.

        • I guess not that many people would need to forward that many ports all together, but if you need to send a few thousand all at once, then it is a royal pain.

          I recommend clients don't purchase FritzBoxes anymore, or if they do, I make it clear they may be getting higher fees from me!

      • You're right , my 7590 on latest firmware only allows blocks of 255.

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