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Kogan Rapid Pro RGB Laptop Cooling Stand $0.20 with Free Shipping (Normally $69.99) @ Kogan


Technically the free shipping code expired at 11:59pm, but the offer is still advertised and still seems to work as at 12:30am. Probably won't last much longer.

Alternative stands from 18c to 24c:


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  • Great find.

  • big up! ive always wanted a laptop cooler

  • +2

    As at 12:57AM

    Kogan NZ
    RGB version - 34 remaining
    Cushioned stand - 41
    Cushioned stand with pad - 81

    • brought one of each… didnt want to be gready..

      • I can't even use my card because it got stolen (and therefore cancelled) 😄. Bad timing.

        • can send you the requires 62c of paypal balance? Pm me

          • +2

            @wearnes: All good! Sorted it. My partner will be waking up to a couple of receipts.

  • Thanks!

  • Must be a pricing error. They're still $30-$46 over at Kogan AU.

    Night owls unite.

  • +2

    for reference with previous kogan price errors:

    In our Website Terms and Conditions, it is noted that where an item's correct price is higher than our stated price, we may, at our discretion, cancel the order. In the current instance -

    Where a customer made a purchase during the affected period, and the goods or services had not yet been dispatched, orders have been cancelled and a full refund issued.

    Where a customer made a purchase during the affected period, and the goods had already been dispatched, the orders have been honoured at the incorrectly advertised price.

    • +1

      yeah i wont be shocked if it gets cancled… but ill keep my fingers crossed

  • +1

    What a legend, great deal.
    Now I just wait for the notification to say they stuffed up and will now refund my 62 cents and sorry for any inconvenience.

  • Expecting a cancellation, but worth a shot

  • Bought a couple, let's see if it gets cancelled. Good find!

  • Excellent find but I'm sure it's gonna get cancelled😭😭

  • Still going at 02:57 with code POSTIE for free shipping. Let’s see if they process… (definitely not holding my breath for this one…)

  • Too good to be true, it's simply waste of time

  • RGB one reports out of stock when you try to add to cart now. The other two are still working

  • +1

    Most likely just going to be a waste of time but I still ordered the 2 available ones because it would kill me if everyone surprisingly got their orders, also just want to join in on the fun.

  • Gutted RGB version one soldout thanks tho op 😊

  • +8

    damn that'll teach me for sleeping

    • +3

      People talking about bots that buy up all the PS5s… I just want one to buy one of every cheapies deal under $1

      • +8

        If I knew you had this bot I'd start posting random $1 deals for a laugh: Tampax $0.99, Stuart Little PC mouse $0.46, lamp eyebrows $0.29, fake hair for over-ear headphones $0.77…

        • fake hair for over-ear headphones

          Tell me more….

          • +2

            @Antidamage: Does a quick Google search expecting to see plenty of results. Finds nothing…

            "Hello Yellow Pages? Find me the NZ version of the Shark Tank show"

        • I had a feeling someone was gonna reply like this 😂

          What's this about a Stuart Little computer Mouse?? 🤔

          • @NeM2k2: Checks Google images again.

            '* * bling bling * * ……………. * * bling bling * *

            Yes hello, Yellow Pages? I'm going to need that number again.

  • +1

    Image of the three stands for anyone curious as to what it is you missed out on.


    • 😭missed the RGB one even tho I woke up and checked cheapies early 🤣🤣🤣Hope everyone's turn up 😊

    • +1

      I'm sure the 30+ units of each SKU will be available at the correct price in the coming days for those who missed out :P

  • Anyone get cancellation emails yet?

    • Nope

    • Not yet. Still says “processing in warehouse”.

  • no email but just tried viewing the order and there's no trace left

    • I don't know why but when I log in I can't see the order, but in the same account in incognito, I can.

    • Same here

  • Bought 3 rgb in separate orders /email address hoping they at lease send me one lol. One order and some mask in it. Just waiting the cancellation order like everyone else. But still says processing. 🤞

  • +3

    Good God the spam emails from Kogan and Dick Smith! They reset all my email preferences on my accounts so I started getting bombarded with their marketing emails again, quickly unsubscribed again but not before I'd received about a dozen emails from them reminding that things I'd looked at on their site months ago were still available for purchase.

    • Yep, happens every time after buying something…haha

  • +2

    Cancelled :) ffs

    • +1

      Yep all three orders cancelled.

      • +2

        Have contacted them to bitch about it but won't expect anything 😂

  • All cancelled lol worth a try at least but kinda suck

  • Got a refund email from Paypal - KOGAN AUSTRALIA PTY LTD issued a $0.20 NZD refund
    No email from Kogan though.

  • I've been refunded my 62 cents 😉. No comms yet though.

  • Refunded.. I'm so disappointed

  • +2

    guess it's dirty trick to reach people's emails and advertise

  • Received refund notice with no reason given. Pretty shit service

  • same here. refunded

  • Mine still shows processing, perhaps I will get refund email very soon.

  • What's the bet they don't send any apology or explanation email. I just got a refund email and nothing else. The refund email was sent from a 'noreply' email so you can't even reply to it.

  • refunded +1

  • Refunded in full and a sorry email

  • Just as I was waiting to get a refund I got an email saying MY ORDER IS SHIPPED!!! As of now don't want to say too much as I don't want them to identify me.

    • It's good that it's not just me, I ordered one 24c and one 18c as I missed out on the RGB. The 24c has been shipped and the other one has not. I don't think it has actually been picked up the tracking shows Allocate/Ready.

  • Mine is also shipped but it’s the one with cushion as I didn’t get the chance to order the one with fans.

  • Half my order with Dick Smith has shipped, guessing the other half will get cancelled.

  • Dear Cheapie,

    We wish to advise you that, unfortunately, the price for the following item was displayed incorrectly when you placed your order:
    Kogan Adjustable Cushioned Laptop Stand

    Despite our best efforts, with the thousands of items available on our website, pricing errors can occasionally occur. As a result, we've cancelled and fully refunded your order. The correct price for your product has now been updated on the listing here.

    Your refund will be processed within 2 business days. Depending on your payment method, funds may take up to 7 days to reach your account.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your understanding.

    Kindest Regards,

  • Haha just received the RGB one in the mail today - must’ve got lucky and had it shipped before they caught the pricing error

    • I'm still eagerly waiting, cleared customs on Thursday, should receive today if I'm lucky.

      • I just received the cushioned one with mousepad and phone holder, the other 2 got cancelled. Weird how we are getting different ones shipped and cancelled.

  • Congratulations those that got there's very jealous seems luck if the draw here

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