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Deepcool Gammax 400 Pro CPU Cooler $38.17 @ PB Tech


Just bought a new computer and it's running an Intel stock cooler. Didn't think it would be so bad but it really is, I can't believe how noisy they are.

Coolers are the one thing the average person doesn't pay attention to when buying a computer but it's such a quality of life improvement.

Anyway I couldn't believe how cheap this was, big chunky coolers with 120mm fans usually start at $50-60. There's a couple other thinner coolers of the same brand that are slightly cheaper, but they're single fan only (400 XT) and the cheapest one (200T) is half the thickness.

This is a revision of the older 400 which reviews very well, but slaps a second ribbed fan on (the ribs reduce effectiveness slightly but significantly reduce noise).

Picking mine up tomorrow because Couriers are arse right now and I can't get over the constant drone of the Intel fan. It's only been on an hour or so.

The only thing worse than the constant drone is when it cranks up and down to remind you of the noise, just can't get used to it.

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    Reminds of the Hyper 212+ when it first came out, before it became wildly popular and exploded in price.

    Although now I think about it I think my first 212+ was $45 10 or so years ago.

    • My Hyper 212 Evo from 2013 is still going strong, it was about $50.

      • Pretty much the same as me. It was the best bang for buck cooler from what I remember

  • cheap for nz stock! $38.17

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    Don't forget they also have free shipping at the moment: https://www.cheapies.nz/node/29058

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    Just keep in mind that both Intel and AMD are releasing new CPUs/motherboards which won't be compatible with these coolers.

  • Hyper 212 is slightly more expensive but much better performance.

  • I also have hyper 212x. Bought it for $50 or so few years back. Running strong since then on my server which is on 24/7. I can barely hear it running.

  • Don't forget the Cryorig H7. Better than the Hyper 212

    • I have the H7 Plus (dual fan). At the time it was only a few more dollars than the 212. It's a real solid contender for one of the best tower coolers. Bonus is it looks decent in the case.

    • Does it have ram/heatsink issues? It seems quite squat

      • They do claim "zero interference" in the main configuration. No issues on my Micro ATX board.

  • Just putting it in now. Very impressed so far, the packaging is premium, the instructions are clear and the build quality is excellent. Only drama is I only have one CPU fan header so I have to use a system fan, which means rerouting another system fan to another header and it's all cable managed.

    Don't like the plastic backplate, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. Just seems like a lot of weight for a plastic backplate.

    • The noise! The noise is now completely gone.

      I can't hear my computer from my chair.

      Currently idling at 30'C. Will stress it and see what it maxes at.

      Yep, definitely impressed. Just hit test 2 of Prime95 on maximum torture and it hasn't gone above 58'C on package or cores and I can only JUST hear the fans. CPU fan is sitting on 1200rpm.

      Straight back down to 38'C after turning it off and 836rpm.

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