This was posted 8 months 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Standard Delivery ($20 Min Spend) @ PB Tech


Min spend $20
Free "Standard" Delivery
Oversize not included.
Rural requires extra ticket to be added
Excludes Urgent/Same Day delivery

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  • Can this be applied to existing orders which were ordered as pickup? Now with lockdown, I am not sure if I will be getting my keyboard soon?

    Edit: I guess you can't get non-essential items anyway in lvl4.

    Edit: Keyboards are marked as essential. Hmm.

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      contact pbtech, basically anything work related is essential.

      • I am after MX keyboard, which I ordered sometime back, but still not in stock. Was given a timeline of around 25th Aug.

        Pbtech said they can ship it if they get the stock, which might be more than a month.

        Looking for price below $165 as that's what I paid currently.

  • Any minimum spend? From memory, they normally do $10?

    • โ€œFree freight promo codes can only be used with orders above $20โ€

      • Thanks, a bit rich for my SIM card and battery loving self

  • Damn, wish I had this just yesterday ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Sigh I wish PBTech had some decent prices…had to buy from Aquilatech because PB was $200 more expensive (even with the AKL Council membership discount)

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      Used chat to ask for a price match on something yesterday which PB Tech wouldn't match. Ended up purchasing elsewhere and item arrived this morning, so awesome service elsewhere for cheaper.

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      Probably below cost.

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      i too find PB price not friendly, there are definitely better choice out there

      • Cant be the best everywhere. We try our best especially right now

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    anyone know of a decent aio for sale, with people saying pbtech is crap, where else is good to buy?

    • Never had issues with them.

    • Not saying they are crap, just if price is your deciding factor, then there are other options.

      AIO selection kinda depends on your CPU and case size/available options to mount the radiator etc.

    • Realistically every retailer is got its issues. none are perfect and loads of people believe they should be able to return an item with a box that's unsellable.

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        There's a lot of aggressive comments you are getting, there seems to be some sort of entitlement problem. I've bought lots of stuff over the years and some good deals from PB and never had a problem. If I'm looking for a part of product and it's too expensive at PB I just go and buy from somebody else, what's the problem?

        • Pb used to be alright, but nowadays not even their black friday or stocktake, or whatever sales they claim to be massive, are worth looking at. I get that they're a business and have to make a living, but so do we, the average poor-middle class NZer that's looking for the best deal possible.

        • Goto Harveys and you will pay $30 for an HDMI cable whereas we sell them for under $10 everyday price. Every retailer works differently the overall everyday value is better. Entitlement on cheapies is definitely there but I can't help everyone

          • @mdell95: how long is this code valid?

            • @quote: Not sure sorry we were given it and it was added to our livechat system as the welcome message.

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          The problem is the community of this website, it's not the first time I've noted it. If I ever get a business up and running this is the last place I'd want my deals posted, there's plenty here who expect something for nothing and feel entitled to it.
          A bit off topic I guess but there's some toxicity in this community and it's not surprising, the people who you don't need in this community will be attracted to free deals and anything dirt cheap.

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    When does the code expire?

    • Not sure might be the duration of the level 4 lockdown

  • They are pretty good at price matching, especially if you go in to the store. They are very good at replacing / fixing things which is why I will always get expensive items from them.

    Just brought an Alexa echo 4th gen. and with free shipping they were cheapest in NZ.

  • thanks

  • Expired back to normal fees and free C&C

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