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Warehouse Mobile SIM Card $0.72c (Normally $1) @Warehouse Stationery or $0.80c @ The Warehouse


These SIM cards are usually pretty cheap anyway ($1 each) but you can get them 20% Off using the code: SASDEC21 from this post - https://www.cheapies.nz/node/31049
Free shipping codes can't be used for these on their own but will work if combined with something else on your order.
Note: The SIM comes with $5 of Warehouse Mobile credit (not a $16 combo like their picture shows!)

These SIMS are great even if you are not a Warehouse Mobile customer.
I use them for things like the Waitomo Spin to Win promotions where for for the cost of an $0.80c SIM you are guaranteed at least $2 back.

What's more you don't have to activate the SIM straight away. For Waitomo spins you just need to enter the mobile number to collect the free fuel.
This can be done over a number of different Waitomo promos and you only need to activate the SIM at the point where you want to redeem the value on it, as long as you use it inside 12 months as this is how long the Waitomo Moolah lasts for.

Update: You can get it even cheaper - for 0.72c from Warehouse Stationery
Use the code SASDEC21 but also stack with the WELCOME10 code for another 10% off
Proof here: Warehouse Mobile SIM for $0.72c

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  • +1

    Haha, a good hack for at least a $1.20 profit

    • It ends up being more than that though as you can keep reusing the SIM every time the Waitomo promo comes up.
      - And now at least $1.28 profit from the get go if you get it from Warehouse Stationery!

    • +4

      The only cost is your time

  • What network does the Warehouse mobile use? Is it Spark?

    • +1

      2 Degrees

  • Makes for great burner numbers, thanks OP!

    • +3

      Yep - I'm now up to 30 SIM cards (accumulated over time) purely for Waitomo!
      By getting at least $2 per spin it means I end up with at least $60 worth of fuel every promo.
      I then let it accumulate until it gets to at least $10 when I can redeem it.

      • You just redeem using the same ip/browser? Surprised waitomo doesn't ban your numbers

        • Same browser (Chrome), although I do use Incognito tab.
          It's not such a problem now - used to block your number under the old system where you could keep spinning until you got the $$ you wanted but no issues now

      • Don't the SIM cards expire after 12 months from activation without top-up?

        • +2

          It doesn’t matter as long as it has been activated then you no longer need the SIM card.
          All Waitomo moolah goes straight to the app.
          Your mobile number becomes more of a login ID.

      • Sorry what's a waitomo promo

  • $16 combo included?

    • No - it comes with $5 of credit.
      The Warehouse have used two pictures - the $5 credit and the $16 combo for this SIM card so it's a little misleading.

      The $5 credit can be useful for some extra data if you need it but I don't generally bother.

    • $12.16 from $16

  • Is there a way to use 20% discount and free ship at the same time?

    • +1

      You need to include something else with your order and then it will work.

  • +2

    Not activating the SIM and setting up the account until you're going to redeem … next level.

    • +2

      Also remember,
      You only need to activate the SIM for Waitomo purposes once - you don't even need to activate it on the network.

      Simply put the SIM in a phone (I use an old phone purely for this purpose)
      * Go into the Waitomo app on your current phone
      * Log out your current profile
      * Sign up using the new mobile SIM
      * Enter the activation code that is sent to the new SIM
      * Create a 4 digit pin (I use the same for all my SIMs)

      From that point onwards you don;t need the SIM (but I keep it just in case!).
      Just log in with the mobile number and PIN on your current phone.
      I keep a spreadsheet now with all my SIM numbers and current balances so that I can just log out/in with each number as required.

      • Just log in with the mobile number and PIN on your current phone.

        This is game-changing advice, thanks!! Never knew you could do this lol. I was wondering how you'd get around needing data (i.e. credit) on all these SIMs to use the Waitomo App. Up till now I've been swapping phones with my wife for the day to use the credit on her account. Perhaps today will be the day that I ascend my cheapie ways to the level of owning a stack of SIM cards…

        • It's so much easier just carrying the one phone!
          The most I've done is 4 x SIM cards for fuel stop but would do more if I had more SIMS.

          • @bigcheese: Just got an old phone out the drawer with an active (but no credit) SIM card on it and won $10! Set up a waitomo account for it and now know I can log in on my current phone to use it - many thanks to you!

      • Do you have to enter different email and verified the account? I have 2 sim card that I didn't do so and I was unable to login now with that 2 numbers, just want to know what did you guys do.

        • The first thing is to make sure you do the Spin for Moolah today before it ends using your two SIM numbers.
          You only need to login if you want to redeem the Moolah, otherwise don’t bother now.

          To access the Moolah you need to have put the sim into a phone as it requires verification txt first use.
          You will also need an email - any address will do as you only need it if you want receipts.
          Once it’s verified you can setup a pin and login from any phone.

          • @bigcheese: Thanks Bigcheese, did you use the same email for all sims or it have to be different one?

            • @Geoffgo: Same email (I think).
              Put whatever you like though as it’s not required unless you want a receipt.

      • So you put the SIM in a phone, but never activate it (e.g. by not calling 800 or 801 to activate), and since technically the SIM is never activated, it will never expire?

        I assume that Waitomo can send you texts even if you don't call 800/801 to activate the SIM?

        • +3

          The new SIM can receive txts it just can't make them.
          That's fine because you only need it to receive the activation txt which is required to redeem Waitomo Moolah.

          Technically the SIM is never activated so it should have an indefinite shelf-life (although I presume it would be deactivated at some point by the network but no idea when).
          I don't care which network I get a SIM from for this reason so always buy the cheapest which is usually Warehouse Mobile, but I know some places like PB Tech do have others for $1 too.

          I have a spreadsheet that shows mobile number, Moolah balance, Mobil Smiles (date), Others (like Ben & Jerry's icecream offer) etc.
          Just keep a copy in the glovebox and a photo on my phone in case I need it while out and about.

          Maximum Cheapieness!!

          • @bigcheese: Do you have any idea if the sim expired can we still use that number to spin and use it at the pump?

            • @Geoffgo: In order to redeem Moolah you will need to have received the activation txt once and created a pin number.
              If the SIM can still receive a txt you will probably be OK, otherwise it might be a no.
              Give it a try?

              Put the number into the Spin Wheel anyway - nothing to lose (except Moolah!) as the promo will likely expire at midnight tonight.

          • +1

            @bigcheese: Wow! Very impressive. I wish I could give you 100 up votes. Thanks for all the tips.

  • +2

    I've already used 8 sims today, still in their packaging for waitomo spins lol…

    Best I got was $10. Lots of $5s though.

    Step 1: Sign up to the M club for $5 off your first order.
    Step 2: Buy more SIMs with it.
    Step 3: Become Emporer of Earth with all the profit you make.

    • So you don't even need to put the SIM card into the phone?

      You just do the spins by entering the number on the packaging?

      • I think you need to receive the verification text to sign up for the app to claim the voucher? Not sure whether activating the SIM card is required to receive text.

        • Yeah you need to receive the verification text (with the code) to sign up on app.

          But I don't think you need to sign up for the app to claim the credit. Once you do the spin on the website, and then click 'claim now' at that point the credit is loaded to the number.

          So was wondering if you even need to put the sim into the phone to do the spins

      • You can get the Moolah just by entering the phone number - you don't need to touch the SIM to receive it.
        In order to claim it though you need to have received the activation txt from Waitomo once and this will require the SIM to be put into a phone.
        There is no need to activate the SIM as such by registering it with the network provider as the phone can still receive a txt.

        Once you have the registration txt from Waitomo you can create a pin number and from that point you don't require the SIM.
        Essentially, the mobile phone number is your user name which can be accessed with PIN from any device with the app installed.

        • yup gotcha, thanks for that! :)

          • @genesis133: Yea, he's correct.

            You just have the stack in front of you still sealed. Enter in the first number, spin, send yourself the txt (not the verification txt). Enter in the second, spin. Etc.

            When you want to use it, you'll need to then put the sim into your phone and then set up your account, enter in the verification txt, and you're done. For this, I'm using bluestacks on my computer as it's faster for me. After that, put the sim back into the packing for future use with things that need a verification txt (Ben and jerry's, mobil, The Warehouse, etc).

  • Can we use this sim for MOBIL Fuel APP Registration…

    • +6

      Yep - I've had many coffees, and car washes there too!

      Just make sure you clear the cache/reinstall the Mobil app first.

  • Does anyone know what the birthday moola is? I have the option to add a birthday in my account to receive it. Will it give it to me if I set is as today?

    • On another phone/sim card I set a birthday of tomorrow - will update

      • thanks, was just curious and didn't want to risk irreversible action.

      • Anything yet?

        • Nothing

  • if you have a warehouse card you can stack it to 0.722c at the warehouse. but yes the warehouse stationary is still 2c cheaper :)

  • +1

    These are great for single use burner phones when you're on the lam.

  • +1

    Just went and collected me 20 sim cards. Dude gave me a weird look lol

    • 20 SIMS that's excessive - I only got 14! 🤣

      • Last night I turned over my bedroom and scraped together seventeen.

    • ROFL! 🤣

      • +1

        uhh, my waitomo accounts suddenly have $0 - "an error occurred" 😂😂

  • I just tried using the code SASDEC21 and it's no longer working.

  • Anyone know a new code?

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