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US$7 off US$50, US$12 off US$100, US$18 off US$150, US$23 off US$190, US$30 off US$250 Spend @ AliExpress


Incase you missed their last "Black Friday". 1 coupon per order and spent value doesn't include GST/shipping. Prices in USD.

Credit to Clear @ OzBargain

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Referee gets USD $24 in coupons. Referrer gets USD $5 coupon per referral.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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    Very helpful, thank you. For those who are not familiar and have no issue installing a browser extension, Alicoupons is quite good, it saved me a lot during the 11/11 sale, it runs pretty much on autopilot.

    • Picked up anything good in the 11/11 sale?

      • Yeah, I got some accessories for my electric scooter, a couple of analogue watches for Christmas gifts and a few smart watches for the same.

        • I saw some of those watches on aliexpress and got tempted as they're $30, just wish they didnt have the branding and was quite minimalist. Let me know if you find some good ones!

      • Baby car seat protectors. toddler socks. rc car. baby clothes.

        I think it was coupon for $9 USD off $60 USD spend, plus an additional trivial discount on the items

  • What's shipping times like on AliExpress?

    • i ordered stuff on the 11th, & its currently in auckland.

      • It's a bit random at the moment, one of my 11.11 orders have arrived, but another hasn't even been sent yet.

    • I've been having good success with Aliexpress standard shipping lately - typically 10-14 days

    • Really depends. Some things took about 2 months, some arrive after 2 weeks. I wouldn't recommend ordering something you need urgently.

    • If I ordered ten things today, I'd expect 3 or 4 of them to show up by Xmas Day.

    • Iv got stuff from August that is only just leaving China now, have others that have arrived within a week.
      Think part of it depends on where in China it ships from.

    • They give you an ETA on shipping and you can usually choose a few different methods.

      Some stores have a shipping guarantee (usually if >75 days then full refund). Make note of the terms so you can claim refunds.

  • Has anyone successfully used cashrewards with Aliexpress?

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      • Sidenote; just got my cashback from the NordVPN deal. $111.49 back.

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      frequently use cashrewards.com.au, payout via paypal.

  • Sweet. Thank you.

  • Is it possible to set a reminder for this?

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