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SanDisk Ultra 256GB MicroSD Card - $44 @ Warehouse Stationery


Decent price for 256gb of storage.

Looks to be the SDSQUA4-256G-GN6MN which is selling for $129.99 at Noel Leeming

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Warehouse Stationery
Warehouse Stationery


  • Looks to still be $129.99 from WS thru the Market, so discount not flowing thru to use Market codes. Thanks OP.

  • no warehouse agents too so i cant pricebeat.

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      most of chat agents dont even have price match approvals, they say we will email within a day but they never do!

      • I know, such a dick move.

        • Price promise can’t be done on the phone.
        • Chat agents mostly unavailable.
        • When they’re, what you said.

        If you don’t want to price promise, just stop advertising you do price promise!

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    $49.20 at Noel Leeming too (via CSC, available whenever you want).

    128gb is $23 @ WS

    • Nice. Ooooo 128 sold out online.

      • $26 @ Noel Leeming (CSC). Alternatively, Sandisk Extreme for around $30 delivered

  • Sold out online, I had it in my cart :(

    edit - stock is available again

  • anyone else have crap experiences with the sandisk ultra? used them and the samsung evo plus ones on my phones and they all seem to die out within a year or 2.
    the A2 U3 sandisk extreme ones seem much better for me so far

  • Thanks, they had heaps in stock at my local

  • Technically still available in the stores. I picked one up from central wellington store and the main difference is the $129 version is the card and adapter, $44 for just the card.

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    Cheers got the 128GB in store today for $23…Vita2sd here I come!

    • Love it, that's what I'm getting one for too

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