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HP Spectre X360 - 13.3" FHD Touch, Intel i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD $1040 (or $790.50 After $250 Cashback) @ Warehouse Stationery


These were retailing for between $2-3K at The Warehouse and Warehouse Stationery. They reduced price a few days ago to $1299 to clear them.

However with Warehouse Stationery singles discount automatically applied to card of 11% you can also use WELCOME10 code to get another 10% off, bringing price down to $1040. HP also have a $250 cashback on Spectre models so after cashback it is effectively $790.50 which is very cheap for a high end notebook like this.

I did buy this myself a couple days ago online, but it was out of stock after I bought so didnt post, however it has come back online, so might have to be quick.

Processor: Intel Core i5-1035G4 1.10GHz Quad-Core
Memory: 8GB LPDDR4-3200 SDRAM (onboard)
Storage: 256 GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD
Graphics: Intel Iris Plus Graphics
Screen: 13.3" diagonal FHD IPS BrightView micro-edge WLED-backlit (1920 x 1080)
Webcam: HP TrueVision HD IR Camera with integrated dual array digital microphone
Ports: 2x USB 3.1 Type-C, 1x USB 3.1 Type-A, 1x Headphone/Microphone Combo
Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64
Optical Drive: N/A

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  • Thanks. Ordered.

  • Out of stock again (per comment in other thread)

  • Yeah it's out of stock :( I wanted one too.

  • Thats a really good product. I checked Manukau and Wairau has it in stock, gave them a call and they wouldnt offer the 11% off sale (As Online ONLY).

    • +1

      The Market have it available via The Warehouse now and you can use the Market 11% off instead. But won't be able to stack with additional 10% off like this deal.

      • Thank you so much for posting this deal! Have been checking and checking these last few days with it always being out of stock every time, but just managed to order one now as it currently is back in stock at Warehouse Stationery! :D Edit - Looks to be out of stock again, bummer :( Looks like they are trickling stock in from the amount of times it has gone in and out of stock.

        • +1

          No worries, glad you managed to finally get one. Yeah stock status is often changing with Warehouse Stationery and Warehouse online products, so pays to look out. Can't wait for mine to be ready for pick up haha.

      • The market has one but its $1599

        • When I replied to your comment earlier they did the have $1299 one as well, but looks like it's gone. Might come back

  • +1

    I think I've worked out what they are doing stock wise as I've had some funkyness with my order for something else.

    Seems like online orders take from online stock instantly to ensure you get your item and they ship it to store. But if you select store pick up they move your order over to reserve the stores stock instead later and relinquish your reservation of the online stock.

    I ordered a desk this morning, it went out of stock and was quoted 9-10 day to collect. They've now emailed saying it's ready for collection and it's suddenly available online again.

    Hopefully those orders are all at stores that have stock and will slowly move over to put a few more back on sale.

  • Anyone bought one they don't need and want to make a quick $100? 👀

  • +1

    It came back in stock and I bought one!!!! Its oos again though.. Thank you for posting the deal hamster!

  • God damn it, how long do I have to sit around refreshing for ahah

  • What's the HP Part Number?

    • +1

      Do you mean Model Number? I'm pretty sure it's is 13-AW0008TU when I researched it before

      • Thanks for that. HP Part Number 8TJ09PA#ABG.

  • Released in 2019… It's pretty out of date.

    Even for a few hundred more you can get the 2020 version with a better processor.

    • -1

      Also good to add that the 2019 model got scathing reviews from most of the big techies and then was later revised in the 2020 model which is the superior in build and quality.

    • +2

      This model was a new model and design that was released late 2019. It is identical design to the 2020 model that you mentioned with the better processor. From the looks of it the only difference between this deal and the $1599 one you mention is 10th gen Vs 11th gen i5. Not worth the extra $300 in my opinion considering I'm only paying $790 after cashback and difference wouldn't be noticeable for me.

  • +1

    21% overall performance boost and 28% single core boost.

    Iris Xe VS Iris Plus Graphics performed 48% worse on most tests means more stress on system for graphical tasks on the older model.
    The newer model has USB4/Thunderbolt with fast charge.

    Few hundred dollars for performance and longevity especially with moving to Windows 11…

    I also seem to get an extra $100 back from Gem for spending over $1000 over this period so would make better sense for me.

    • So would make better sense for FH5?

    • +1

      Yeah vaild point with the performance, although the considering that even if you were to get the 1135G7 model for the $1030 after discount and cash back when it was is stock possibly 3 or 4 days ago (Or $1074 through the market after your suggested $100 back and 11% discount option), that extra $240 is still 30% more than the 1035G4 model which is roughly in line with the performance increase. As someone who has no intentions of doing video editing or gaming (Either model are not really designed for these use cases) I think I would rather take the cheaper price for having the same design and core functionality with a few less features. Not really expecting much future proofing with the performance of either 10th or 11th gen with AMD Ryzen and Apple M1 based CPUs being far better competitors.

      • Do you work for Facebook or Google? Stop reading my mind and publishing my thoughts!

      • +1

        It is all relative to the user. A 20+% boost in CPU and 40+% iGPU performance is well worth it for $240 more if you can maximize those gains. Thunderbolt 4.0 also allows more high resolution external monitors to be connected to a laptop which I like to do when at home.

        • +1

          Yes, definitely.

          These laptops are not designed for gaming or video editing but incremental boosts in performance on laptops can sometimes jump the price drastically.
          USB4/Thunderbolt means that you can connect to high res monitors which is a huge advantage for an ultra portable that doesn't have HDMI.

          These are Quad core processors, not octo or hexa so whatever performance boost you can get out these 4 cores is going to benefit you in the long-term when it comes to New OS etc.

  • WOW! That was fast! Next business day. North to south. No delay here! Thank you Hamster!

    • Nice. I should have opted for delivery, but I chose click and collect and still waiting even though I bought first day of the singles sale haha

      • Just arrived today! Thanks again Hamster! Came with a good quality leather laptop sleeve in the box which was a nice bonus I wasn't expecting. Hope the cashback process goes well for everyone who purchased :)

        • +1

          Nice, yeah I got my yesterday for pick up. I also didn't realise it came with the battery stylus as well and leather case when I opened, so was a nice surprise. Definitely a nice premium device for less than $800. I submitted my cashback last night so fingers crossed haha.

          • @Hamster: Just submitted my cashback now! Not sure if it is possible to claim two different cash backs, but there is also a 10% cashback program for students and teachers https://h41201.www4.hp.com/WMCF.Web/nz/en/promotion/6390/Sta... (not sure if the condition 10 in the Terms and Conditions "This Promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other offer or promotional product bundle outside of this offer." invalidates it after claiming the Spectre $250 cash back or is referring to something else) Obviously would want to wait until the $250 cash back is processed incase they invalidate the better cashback, but if possible to also claim the 10% cashback that would either bring the price down to $686.00 or $711.00 (Depending if the 10% is off the $1040 or $790) which would be mind blowing! Haha

            • @dww13126: Yeah might be invalidated because of that, but yeah if you can another 10% that's crazy haha. Although I'm not a student or teacher so might be a problem to get it if you have to provide proof.

              I actually just got email an hour ago saying my cashback was approved (only submitted last night) and will get the $250 within 20 working days.

              • @Hamster: Wow that was reasonably quick for them to approve your cashback! Still have my uni email address so might give that 10% cashback a shot after the $250 cashback has been approved and paid, not really expecting anything to come from it but will be sure to post here if I have any luck :)

              • @Hamster: Just got a email from them saying currently they will not approve it as the Order Confirmation provided by Warehouse Stationary is not count as a proper Invoice :( No idea what to do as the packaging slip sent out with the order does not feature any of the required information for the purchase price

                • @dww13126: That's weird because I used the order confirmation email and got accepted. I just turned the whole email into a PDF document to upload to HP. And inside the email it clearly says 'Tax Invoice' in mine, so don't know why they rejected it.

                  • @Hamster: Ah ok, Thanks for the suggestion! I only used a screenshot from online order confirmation which didn't say "Tax Invoice" on it, I'll try sending that email through to them as a PDF and hopefully they accept that. Many Thanks!

                    • @dww13126: Got confirmation email now to say that it had been approved through using the Tax Invoice email PDF :) Thanks a ton for that suggestion!

                      • +1

                        @dww13126: No worries, hope you are enjoying your Spectre. Im finding it quite nice to use and for only $790 I'm very happy with it.

                        • @Hamster: Yeah definitely am super happy getting such a compact and well built machine brand new for not much more than you would expect to pay for something comparable second hand! :) Managed to pickup a Mi Power Bank Pro 3 during the PB Black Friday Sale and charges if quite well with 45W USB Power Delivery. Hope your laptop serves you well also!

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