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$10 Discount Voucher ($10 Minimum Spend - Excluding Shipping) @ 1-Day NZ


I received this code due to my order (from the Labour Weekend promotion) being delayed.


Apparently not targeted.

$10 minimum spend - shipping additional (if applicable - not sure if there are any items with free shipping still.

Text from the email:

Due to the increase in volume and current safety restrictions in place at our warehouses this has caused a backlog of orders which has affected delivery times.

Currently we are expecting a delay of 8-10 days to Auckland with 5-7 for rest of country.

This delay is also factoring in the courier delays we are experiencing due to the high volume especially in Auckland.

We apologise for this delay and any inconvenience it may cause.

Due to this failure to meet the advertised delivery time frames we would like to off a voucher of $10 that is valid for 1 time use per account.

Voucher code: SHIPPING21

Valid until 3/11/2022.

Below is a little information on how to redeem your voucher

  1.  Place the item/s you wish to purchase in your cart. Once finished shopping
  2.  Go back into your cart and ensure your correct shipping details are entered, then
  3.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can choose the payment method
  4.  Enter your voucher code under ‘Redeem Gift Card or Coupon’ and select ‘Redeem’. You will see the grand total payable has now reduced by the voucher amount.

We have since updated our websites delivery time frames to be clearer. Our dispatch team is working hard to clear the backlog and get your items to your door.


$10 minimum spend
Expiry is 12 months or so

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  • I got the same email - note that it says 2022 so it's actually got a year left on it. 😊

    • Apologies - I have updated the expiry date.

  • Cheers Alan

  • I got the same email with same code

  • Got the same deal, There is a $10 minimum spend, one coupon per account, and it's valid for a whole year until November 2022 😎

    • Apologies - I have amended to show a $10 minimum spend and to update the expiry date.

  • Also works on my other accounts so not targeted.

  • Thanks Alan this should come in very handy.

  • any free shipping?

    • Not sure how to search for 'free shipping' items on 1-Day.

      Maybe there aren't any?

  • +3

    Awesome, cheers Alan. There is some irony in the fact that next time there is a 'free shipping' deal, the use of this code will no doubt result in a subsequent "increase in volume" and "backlog of orders". They might then issue another $10 voucher code. The circle of 1-day!

  • +1

    $10 minimum spend. Doesn't include shipping. Can only be used once.

    • Apologies - I have updated the details.

  • https://1-day.co.nz/products/pringles-new-york-cheeseburger-...

    Pringles New York Cheeseburger 134g x 12PK
    $14.98 shipped after discount
    No idea what they taste like or if malaysian produced(different formulation to the USA ones)

    • +2

      Honestly worst flavour i’ve ever had, paknsav was selling awhile back for like a $1.50, particularly bad in comparison to the Snax Crunches All American Burger Crispy Crackers which is very nice :)

  • There is a spend limit I just tryed 9.99socks but it didn't work untill x2pairs

    • Yes mimimum $10

    • +1

      Apologies - I have updated.

      • Great find thankyou

  • Not working.
    For Auckland only?

    • I'm in Hamilton. Worked all good. Napisan Vanish Oxiaction Gold - 900g $5.98 delivered

      • Sweet, working now (after minimum $10)

  • +1

    Nice, grabbed a couple of cables I needed, was happy to pay $10 each but just got 2 for that delivered. In Christchurch as well so not just an Auckland code.

  • How many accounts does everyone's house.hold have ??is there a max guys

    • +1

      Just one :-(

      {Alan offers his CC card for confiscation}

      • It's hard to hard back 😂I would like(the family )to have more accounts so I'm really wanting to know at what point they day too many accounts

      • haha CC wouldn't be the same without you Alan!

  • Works for me! Hopefully they don't shut this bad boy down.

  • Don’t know what to buy though 🤔
    With two items shipping is already $7.48.

    • No rush. If there's nothing you desperately need, perhaps wait until the next free shipping deal. I only used mine to test whether it was a one-off or could be used multiple times.

  • Has anyone found any items that are still 'free shipping' or have they all been put back to 'shipping additional' after the Labour Weekend sale?

    • Don’t think there’s any free shipping deals around this time.

      • +2

        Yeah - I came to the same conclusion :-(

        The voucher code is valid for 12 months though, so no rush, and as Wakrak advised - we can wait for 1-Day to do a 'free shipping' promotion (hopefully).



  • Nice find.

  • +6

    Found a way to donate to RMHC.
    With this you’re only saving shipping though.
    Not sure if it’s an ethical donation with cheat code.

    • +2

      I really like this.we need more people like you In this world.We need a group of us to commit a account if we have more than one to give back with this

    • +3

      Had no idea that you can donate through 1day. Thank you for the heads up!

    • There's a shipping cost for a donation item?

    • Good find. Presume there's no option for a tax receipt that would make the donation tax deductible as well?

  • Can we register another account to use this? Did they check & trace you for having more than. 1 account?

    • That's why I'm curious how many accounts people have …I don't think there would be problems if it was multiple people in a house hold holding accounts but they will be saved all at that address so it's not like go wild 10+more

    • A year or 2 ago they offered every1 a $10 voucher similar to this 1 and then a week or 2 later they had a FREE SHIPPING category so as we all do we took advantage of it and ended up getting Frisbees, drink bottles, few other items all free with discount code then after about the 10th email address they rung me up saying any further items awaiting shipment that i paid $0.00 for wont be shipped as it goes against there terms and conditions relating to accounts per household or something like that. but ended up with a few freebees which i gave away to the kids next door and family.

      im hoping the same thing doesnt happen again so i may need to send to few different physical addresses like family etc.

  • Does anyone know if you can use 2 codes for the same purchase?

    • you can only use 1 code per account so if you want to use that same code again create a new email with different name and same address and you should be all good.

    • I don't see any way at all to use two codes for the same purchase.

      if you do work out a way, please do post it back here!



  • +1

    1-day have their singles day $11 products on special, if you find something that interests you, you can get the product with this code and only pay 5.99.

  • They must have expired the code now as i lkeep getting This coupon is not valid.

    tried few different accounts still the same even tho its not suppose to expire till 3/11/2022

    • really damn

      • yeap just been in live chat with them and they gave me a new $10 discount code but looks to be unique for my account only so if you want to get a free $10 discount code just live chat with them and say the current SHIPPING21 code is invalid and but doesnt expire till 3/11/2022 and they will generate 1 for you but has to be used within 7 days

  • Code still works. Created a new account.

    Coupon: Shipping delays

  • +1

    FWIW - I just used this code on my existing account (the one I used to get the code in the first place), and it worked fine.

    Not sure why it was different for me. Maybe they re-instated it for everyone due to the efforts of Jamie12345.


    • Did you expire the deal OP? I removed it yesterday. Deal is still active. (I just removed it again).

      • No - As far as I know it is valid until 3 Nov 2022, so I didn't expire it.

        Given that it 'just worked' for me, I have no reason to think it is not still working for everyone, subject to the posts above, and my guess as to what might have happened.



  • Still working. Used it this morning on a new account. February 1.

  • Oral-B 2x Brush Heads Precision Clean Refill
    $7.98 delivered

  • I've changed the expiry date to February 14, in line with the closing of the 1-Day website

  • Thank you. Three orders.

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