River Pebbles Mini 800kg Build Bag $159.50 (50% off) @ Cubag (Auckland & Hamilton Only)


Got this in my email. 50% discounted.

Size: Approx 6mm

Free delivery within Auckland / Hamilton regions.

A very small grade of naturally sourced river pebbles, they provide an ideal base for outdoor courtyards, patios, driveways and paths. Perfect stone to compliment formed hexagonal paving that provides underfoot support on paths, parking areas and driveways. These stones are predominantly grey in colour but have is light brown and rusty red tones throughtou as you can see in the photos.

Size: Approx 6mm

Source: Middle of the North Island of New Zealand


Naturally formed
Very strong, perfect for walking and driving on
Natural colours that will fit within any landscape or garden

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  • +1

    Needs dead flat concrete/asphalt for free delivery…my driveway is on a little bit of an incline don't think i'd be able to qualify for free shipping. Great deal though for Scoria and GAP20

    • Was this in the terms and conditions? Cant seem to find it

      • +1

        It's at the end when you select shipping option before you put in card details. Oh also states need to have at least 3m wide access otherwise choose hiab/other shipping option which is couple hundy bucks for me

  • Kannayiram!

  • Order this to your enemies >:)

    • +4

      Your mum smells.

      Now that i'm on you list, I can forward you my address if you want to send a couple of bags my way 😉

      • +1

        HEHEHE >>:))

  • Doesnt deliver to all auckland bit great price ..thats alot of stone

  • How many cubic meters is 800kg? Does anyone know how big of an area this would cover?

    • Half a cube maybe?

    • their bags are standard 1m3 bags.

  • Thanks guys!

  • Has anyone taken delivery yet? I've ordered 2 and it's been over a week now and still nothing. Tried calling them a few times, doesn't even go to voicemail as line is busy. Tried emailing them and no response.

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