This was posted 1 year 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen (Charcoal) $29, Echo Show 5 (Charcoal, Blue or White) $29 + Shipping / Pickup @ Noel Leeming


Bit of a site error. Your order may get cancelled.

Noel Leeming has four deals attached to the Echo Show 5. Two deals attached to the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen).

Supposed to be a buy this and get this at this price, but instead, the price adjusts to $29 ea. when you go to checkout.

Credit: pdevonporf

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  • Also, the echo Show 5 in your cart, comes out as $69 Plus postage

    • Which one are you referring to specifically? I just bought two Amazon Echo Show 5 2nd Gen Glacier White for $29 ea.

      • same $29. Are you planning to resell?

      • Sorry got mixed up with the pricing just brought 2 White and charcoal for $58 Plus postage or pick up free

  • I don't get why people have these, they seem pretty useless. Seems like all the things it can do can also be done on a phone. I get it's a speaker, but I need it to be with me when I travel around the house. I can talk to google assistant as well.

    • They're for the bedside, they are modern alarm clocks. I have a Nest Hub and like it, I never touch it but use the voice stuff all the time.

      • You can program Google assistant to do stuff as well. I don't how well Alexa will integrate with google

  • Legend.

  • Got it mainly to see who's at the front gate.

  • I’m sure my order will be cancelled but worth a go.
    Thanks OP

  • Theres also a similar deal at JB HIFI. Pay to see which is better for you based on pricing. *havent looked yet.

  • Cheers, have one ordered. Worth a shot

    • Blind me thought it was just another black echo show 5. Title updated.

  • Comes up as $169

    • No it doesn't, just bought an Echo Show 5 for $29

    • Check the cart at checkout. Should have a discount bringing it down to $29

    • Discount applied at checkout

  • +2

    Did I need this? No
    Did I get this? Of course!

    Thanks Wakarak, will update if pick up is successful

    • Pick up confirmation just came through

  • Cheers, tried the ol' luck for delivery on a charcoal

  • +1

    Absolutely don't need this but work close by so ordered and see if can pick up at 9am. Might give it to a workmate, spread the love.

  • Ordered too, will be trying to pickup at 9am so will report back.

    • +1

      Just got "Your order is ready for collection!"

      • +2

        Collected with no issues from the store

  • Thank you once again Wakrak!!

  • Mine is ready to collect. Hope they don't cancel it before the store opens at 9am

    • 🏃💨

      • +1

        Got it!

  • Good service so far.
    Fifty four minutes from ordering until ready to collect.
    Problem is I can’t get in until the end of the day 🤞

    • Same here. Meetings meetings meetings. Afternoon dash to NL. Meetings.

  • Works!! Legend.. let's see if I get the delivery at all

    • Collected my Dots, Shows were not in stock hope - will get them too

  • after my exam im rushing off to pick up my one lol

  • +1

    Wakrak, you’re such a legend!

  • +1

    The echo show 5 is now $69 in the cart.

  • I've expired the deal.

    Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen (Charcoal) is still available for $29, but as etcode mentioned above, the echo show 5 is now $69.

    Available at this price (in cart) from both JB Hi-Fi and Noel Leeming (at time of comment).

  • Just ordered and picked mine up. Thanks!

    • Good job my man, great to see it worked. Did you get a confirmation email ready for pick up?

      • I did yeah, was all pretty quick Featherston Street, Wellington.

  • doesnt work now

    • They have fixed the price error and the deal is expired.

  • Hopefully we can pickup the order later in the day. Got ready for pickup email sometime back.

  • Bugger..missed it..

  • Just ordered the Dot for $29, local collection, order confirmed but await email, dunno why I bought it really 😂

  • Confirmation email received so deal still live, if anyone still wants one 😂

  • $29 deal still live, just received confirmation email

    • You mean for echo dot. Not working for show 5

      • Yes, the $29 deal for the dot is still live - just mentioning as the post now says expired

  • +1

    Just picked mine up

    Thank you Wakarak

    The staff at the store were aware of the pricing error, haha!

  • Just picked up mine as well, there was someone else picking at least 5.

    • +1

      Pretty reasonable if you would use it in 3 bedrooms + dining / lounge + garage / workshop setting
      Probably you would need 5 or 6 to cover all (1 in bathroom so you can enjoy video call during your bath or dumping "somethings" lol)

      • +2

        Echo show and tell in the bathroom you reckon.

  • still picked up an echo show 5 charcoal for $69 worth the deal!

  • +1

    Picked up an Echo Show 5 for $29. Cheers guys

  • Just picked mine up at Moorhouse, Chch (Echo Show 5 for 29). Thank you Wakarak!

  • +2

    Looks like they corrected pricing on both now!

  • Echo Dot 3rd Gen back to $69
    Missed the boat…

  • I've got confirmation that 2 out of 3 items are ready. Fingers crossed it still goes through

  • +1

    Still waiting for Echo Show 5 (ready to collect) confirmation 😢

    Was out of stock at Hamilton NL when I ordered. So I bought one from Te Rapa as well but no updates as of yet.

    Both orders were for the white version though, which is now out of stock online…

    • My order confirmation says pickup in 3-7 days

  • +1

    Picked up.. saw plenty more waiting for pickup too haha

  • Picked up my $29 Show 5 :)

  • Just collected 1x Dot & 2x Show 5s for $87!! Bargain of the day :)

    • It's an absolute steal at that price.
      Please make sure you vote for the post as recognition for the deal.

  • +1

    If people are willing to pay $69 for the show 5, I definitely should have bought more when it was $29

  • Ah dammit, missed out :(

  • +2

    Sweet! Ordered one this morning and it's just been sent with the courier. I'm glad they're honouring it

  • +2

    Clicked and collected. I could see in the sale assistants eye that this was a very good deal haha. Thanks Wakrak and pdevonporf.

  • Just picked up my 2 Show 5s, thanks heaps!

  • +1

    My order hasn't moved past processing

  • Picked up mine. Thanks

  • Picked up mine. Thanks

  • Picked-up this morning one of each in Charcoal. Thank you.

  • Ordered 4 this morning and picked up just after 9am easy peasy. Thanks OP!

  • +2

    Ordered none. I am so proud of myself. Good deal.

  • Dammit, I bought one of these yesterday! At least it was for work so I'm getting reimbursed…

  • Cant whait to do some glockenspiel tutorial video with our new echo show :) !!

  • @Wakrak At it again with the steals.
    Picked up my Echo show 5 with no worries from staff, well aware what had happened.
    Felt good, Shoutout Oamaru NL

  • +2

    I’m still waiting for my order to be ready and getting anxiety hoping it’s not cancelled.

    I initially ordered 3 grey ones to use as home, but it did say click and collect was 3-5 days and after my order went through I saw the blue ones which said click and collect 1hr and bought 3 of those but I guess I was too late and just missed out on their current stock.

    I’ll probably end up returning 3 of them if they did go through eventually so if anyone missed out and does want one, hit me up.

    • Interested! Let me know how I can reach you. Thanks

      • +1

        I’ll give you a direct message once I get a click and collect notification. I’m in Auckland.

        • Perfect, me too. Thanks

    • Can i have 1 if you still have a spare. Thanks

    • Hey ya if you want to return happy to please purchase one as the one we ordered got canceled :( can collect also in auckland please

  • Got an order sent notification about half an hour ago, so good on them for honouring the mistake - pretty chuffed!

  • Wakrak you are AMAZING! I bought 7 this morning & picked them up all good. Just wsiting on 1 to arrive at the shop, fingers crossed they still will give it to me. So thats Xmas sorted!

  • +1

    NZ Post here. We expect to deliver your parcel from Noel Leeming between 07:15am-03:15pm today. Yas!

  • No issues collecting my Show 5 last night.
    Impressed they have honoured this.

  • Echo Show 5 ready for collection at Te Rapa 🤓

  • Aaaaand mine just got delivered! Thanks man! Xmas is also sorted for me!

  • Anyone had their order cancelled?

    • I have two ready for collection and one still in progress (store is out of stock). Yours get cancelled?

  • +1

    JB Hi-Fi have put both items back on their website but have yet to fix the cart error.

    Echo Dot 3rd Gen = $29 in cart
    Echo Show 5 = $69 in cart

    JB Hi-Fi

    • They've fixed it now.

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