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TP-Link AC1300 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System [Deco M5] - 2-Pack $165, 3-Pack $225 (OOS) @ EB Games


Link to the 3-Pack here. (Sold out)

You could try your luck on a price match for the 2-Pack at MightyApe and use the 'HELLOMIGHTYAPE' code to get it for $150. Note that their price matching can take a day or two.

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  • 3 pack out of stock, I debated the purchase too long :(

  • Is this a good product? Is the price good? Asking for my dad.

  • Looks like the people who got the 3 pack can get a bonus camera (KC115 valued at $129 on pricespy) by redemption.

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      Wow, even better. What a bargain!

    • Just looked through T&C's, I am wrong NZ wont get the camera, it says "Promotion is open to Australian residents only". Sorry i should of checked before posting.

  • I bought this from a previous chepies deal couple of months back. I thought I was upgrading from my spark single mesh system. I had some mich nightmares setting this up. The previous spark single mesh unit worked perfect for 230m2 house but this with 3 nodes the wifi was going up and down. The isp now broadband weren't knowledgeable. I had to finally set it up back hauled ie connecting the other nodes through Ethernet ports in the house which meant the node's weren't able to be placed in a more central location. And had to turn of 2.4 band and only use 5ghz for wifi. Still with dead spots in the house. So would suggest getting a wifi 6 unit rather than this. Just my experience so others don't run into issues in the middle of working from home

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      There's definitely an art to setting these up well, too far and they won't talk to each other and you'll get slow speeds. Too close and they'll conflict over the top of each other. I have my mesh network set up with wired backhaul regardless, the less central locations is offset by how much faster each node operates with dedicated backhaul at gigabit speeds. The issue you'll face is the nodes need to talk to each other, and on these cheaper units it uses the same WiFi channel as your devices effectively meaning the node needs to send and receive everything twice using up the bandwidth, the more expensive ones have a dedicated WiFi channel to offload that extra data on to. If you can wire them in the cheaper units can perform really well.

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    I've got two Fritzbox 7490's in a two story 5bdrm house pretty much covers most of it without having to goto commercial systems.
    Bonus is having Ethernet ports to keep devices things like tv's media devices connected at high speed so you're not congesting your wifi

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