50% off for New Accounts at My Food Bag, Bargain Box, Get Made, and Fresh Start


I received a code today for 30% off new users and tried changing it to 50% off which worked.
The code is: SAVE50 and works on all the My Food Bag sites.


Not sure if this works on existing acounts.

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$50 off 1st order for referee. $50 account credit for referrer.

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  • Just checked, did not work for my existing account that was inactive.

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    I'm going to try SAVE100. Wish me luck…

    • did it work?

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        SAVE200 and they will be paying YOU to eat their food!

  • What does it mean by 'New Accounts'? Say that I have already ordered and had an account though these websites, couldn't I just create a NEW account and get 50% off even though it would be the same delivery address?…

    • You can try and it sometimes works but I have heard they do monitor the address that the meal kits get sent to.
      What you may find is they end up cancelling your order.
      Worth a go - you will get refunded if it is cancelled.

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    https://www.cheapies.nz/node/29122 - 50off is still active to my knowledge even though the deal has been marked expired

    As was discussed in this:
    If you account is new of hasn't been used in ~3 months or longer try 50off and save50
    Generally one of the other will work :)

  • Thanks for this OP, big pressure in my household atm and this is a really helpful pressure reliever

  • Worked for deactivated account that I have not used in months