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Save 50% off on Your First Delivery @ BargainBox / MyFoodBag (New Users or Inactive Users)


And it continues:

50% off your first BargainBox/MyFoodBag with code save50
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    Worked for me (inactive Myfoodbag), thanks. I didn't use the JULY code from last week.


      cool thanks - updated


    Existing inactive customer. Worked for me. Thank you


    New customer, worked for me, thank you for sharing.


    Just in case anyone is interested in MFB fruit nox. The box I received today includes:
    * 1 pineapple
    * 500g Jazz apples
    * 500g
    * 350g oranges
    * 350g green kiwifruit
    * 150g mandarins

    I got this box for half price this week, but the regular price is $22. The fruits are not organic. The pears, kiwifruit and mandarins are very small and some have been squashed in transit.

    My food box has 3 bags of chicken (I'm on a 5-dinner plan). Their best before date is this coming Wednesday. The baby spinach looks quite sad.